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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing the structure of
a conventional microphone attachment. FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of an essential part
showing one embodiment of a holding device of a microphone according to the present
invention, and FIG. 3 is a perspective view showing one example of an anti-vibration capsule used
in the present invention. 7 иииииии Protective panel of outer casing of electronic device, 8 иии иии Sound
collecting port, 9 иии Microphone и 10 и и и Vibration proof capsule ......
The present invention relates to a microphone holding device for use in an electronic device such
as a take recorder, for example, noise caused by a motor or the like generated inside a device
such as QC. In addition, it is designed to block radiation sound and the like so that the
microphone does not pick up the sound other than the desired sound. Recently, for example, in
portable type tape recorders, the portability of the tape recorder's main unit, t, n, q- '(/ ? ? 7 ()
or more) Do not make it convenient to do so, and from the end of the Q season, products within
the SI unit body Q (C microphone ? within 1 cut)-have a form of a sword that is used for v8 <1
history . By the way, how to attach a conventional microphone in the main unit of the device is as
follows. . ! ! V sword 1j "" thin, was not gold. Just like the microphone capsule 1 i's same item
'stored 2 f microphones, mainly mechanical / key /' 8 grooved mounting disease [Ц 3, ?, ?] ((4
4, ?, 4 things are done by one after another. And ? и, and this Qi District V] Roh ?? 3, in order
but ?? not one-to bi "We и 'j5 insect 5-Tsuchikin 1 participate,. J 1 ? ? ? ? 1? ? ? ? ? ?
lt lt lt lt & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?, ? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ?? j j
?? ?? j ?? ??. Therefore, when the motor 171 etc. starts ? и wet such as a motor, and the
motor movement generated by this motor cover 11 is transmitted to the above mounting base,
the vibration force и further via the microphone capsule 1 Then, the microphone 2 is transmitted
to the clam shell by itself. Therefore, since the microphone 2-microphone 2 picks up the noise as
this noise-in-motion noise, the recording height 'hunting ability is deteriorated. In addition, even
if it is zo = J to the correction line by the drive sound which is generated from the inside of the
motor Q and so on, it is + + + ? ? ? ? ?. Therefore, when the motor 4 is used for the old
woman f, this is why the Q51 is converted to the inside of the microphone 2 from the direction of
the arrow A51. The external force and the noise that enter from the east entrance 6 that is
formed by the sealing force, etc., which is formed on the outside of the main body of the device
with a large number of pores formed on the outside of the device 1 ? 5. ] When Q (, ? ? fi also
1 ?f) ? n n ? и IL IL / :). So O и и и и long, full, ambiguously 11 ? not ? ? и "I do not agree
with"). This second time t и this и Shi и Yamakaze r When the microphone (this is the seven-terrter
temple и) and the seven phantom '1' J L L (Taroroi, ?-J,-j, ?11th: 'Ci'ui' (,) Sword Tono ? Nasa!
It was not done, and it was not Chie Pre-Cota Q'm: '1-1' fl Main 5 rivers' /-LJ: L / not. In this
paper, we will Such a defect of I and X is completely eliminated), f +) microphone ? temple
equipment? It is also a casual r Q Teri J-. That is, the purpose of the present invention is to mount
all the microphones of the electronic equipment such as mounting substrates, etc.-1 1 1
transmitted through the mechanical vibration of the motor etc., the microphone 0 ::, VC
configured not to reach 'KLrz It is providing a microphone holding charge. Another object of the
dish of the present invention is to provide an inexpensive microphone holding device suitable for
mass production, which can easily realize one of the above objects with a simple configuration.
Hereinafter, the present invention is related to the microphone holding apparatus of the present
invention, the application of the apparatus 71j: ?, jil ? ? ? ? ?. 2. A fourteen embodiment of
a preferred microphone holding device according to FIG. 1, and FIG. Fig. 2 V shows: 'This, for
example, connects the inside and the outside of the main body of the device to the protection
panel I which constitutes a row for protecting the outside of a single-pole fS unit such as a tapen-coder. A large number of fistulas are arranged in a grid-like manner to form a nest poor mouth
d. In the lower part 4-1 of the protection panel 7, for example, a co7-tensa type electric
microphone 9 is incorporated. The microphone 9 is entirely made of an elastic material such as
rubber, and is housed inside the micro capsule 10. The vibration-proof capsule 10 is, for
example, as shown in FIG. 3 as shown in FIG. 3 with respect to the external shape of the
microphone 9 described above, a cabinet-like side wall portion 11 and this side wall 1 side. It is
formed from +4 part 12 and is doubled. Therefore, the microphone 9 housed inside the shell 10
is held by the capsule 10 in a solid state in which it can not be pulled out from the opening 13 of
the vibration-proof capsule 10 by the elastic force of the capsule 10 itself. . The outer peripheral
surface of the ill + wall portion 11 of the anti-vibration capsule 10 is integrally formed with a
pair of substantially ? ? shaped support arms 14 and 14.6 as shown in FIG. At the tips of the
support arms 14 and 14, a horizontal force i; Jk and an attachment formed by bending are
integrally provided with a portion 15.15. Microphone 9 ', r: no q part housing housed 77
shooting capsule 10 is an opening 11 of the mounting substrate 16 of the microphone 5-lophone
which constitutes a mechanism / yarn etc. provided inside the machine wood. It is inserted
inside, and a pair of attachment is supported by the part 15.15, and the attachment board 16V is
Therefore, as shown in FIG. 2 V, the anti-vibration cuff cell 10 is in the mounting / falling state
16 ? ? ? state (lc sentence holding 1). Here, the pair of support arms 14 and 14 functions to
absorb the transmission of the movement of the mounting substrate 16 so as not to directly
transmit the mechanical vibration of the mounting substrate 16 (r <b> 1). Therefore, in order to
achieve this function, the wall thickness V is, for example, about 0.2 to 0.4 in order to sufficiently
support the vibration isolation cell 10 having the microphone 9. In addition, as shown in FIG. 2
and FIG. 3 ??, the support arm 14.14 applied to the present invention absorbs mechanical
vibration from the mounting substrate 16 as described above, and has vibration isolation with
the microphone 9. In order to exert the best effect to sufficiently support the capsule 10, it is
formed in a ~ '-shape, but such a shape may be used in various shapes such as a U-shape. Is also
good. On the other hand, a monkey-like shield 818 which opens in the left-right direction as it
moves upward at the upper part of the anti-vibration capsule 1 u is formed into an impact force
1 ? ? integrally with the anti-vibration capsule 10. This shielding portion 18 functions to
absorb mechanical vibration from the protective panel 7 and not to transmit the vibration to the
microphone 9 when the radiation sound etc. generated inside the device body is large. It is. In
order to achieve the former purpose, the tip 18a is always lightly attached to the back surface 7a
of the protection panel 7 so that there is no gap between the tip 18a of the shielding portion 18
and the back surface 7a of the protection panel 7 I am working hard. Also, in order to achieve the
latter purpose ("the shielding portion 18 is formed to have a thickness of about 0.2 m + if it is N".
In addition, this week cover unit 18 is formed into a conspiracy form of one technique so as to be
able to pick up all the sound coming from the sound collection port 8 provided with the
protection panel TVc, 5yO. Next, a through hole 19 is formed in the bottom portion 12 of the
anti-vibration capsule 9, and a terminal 20 of the microphone 9 to be connected to a
predetermined input terminal inside the device body is inserted through the through hole 19 .
For example, in the Tableco 7-Da, a motor or the like is started to drive, and in the Tableco 7-da,
the take-out extraction plate 16 supporting the anti-vibration capsule 10 containing the
microphone 9 is vibrated. On the other hand, all foreign protection panels 7 will be used for
work. However, due to the microphone holding device according to the present invention
described above (in the case of mechanical vibration of the support substrate 16, the pair of
support arms 14.14 elastically supporting the vibration proof capsule 1o are Because the
vibration is absorbed, the vibration from the piercing board 16 is not transmitted to the
microphone 9.
Because of this fc, this handling base 16 C: (7) There is no possibility that the mechanical
vibration is pivoted to the microphone 9 by noise. In addition, the vibration of the panel 7 is kl-si,
the above-mentioned combination and batch, the anti-vibration capsule 1 (VUv opening & 13 Ki
? 54! The vibration from the protective panel 1 is not transmitted to the microphone 9 because
the vibration is absorbed by the fifth flange 18 having a force. Once, the microphone 9 to the
protective panel 1 from the h th! ! i71 is not picked up as noise. -Protecting the vibration-proof
capsule 10 and the outer casing against radiation noise generated inside the device main body by
using a force, motor, motor, or f-JL unit as a royal source. Since an annular shield s16 is provided
at the opening 13 of the anti-vibration capsule 10 so as to block it from the panel 7, radiation
noise is completely blocked by the shield 81B. In the past, only the target sound entering from
the nest opening 8 of the protection bay is picked up by the microphone 9, so only the target
sound of the eyebrows will be recorded and missed by the tape recorder as noise is removed. In
addition, since the shield city 18 is always a stock class panel 7Q agricultural 7a 1i + jK 9
publications, even if it moves slightly between the upper and lower ones of the shield cell by the
vibration of the sign board 1b temporarily, the protection panel A gap does not occur in the first
place between 7 and the shielding portion 18. Accordingly, the radiation noise does not occur as
it is collected by the microphone 9. By the way, the anti-vibration capsule 1o can be easily
housed inside the microphone 9 by the force of being formed of an elastic material such as allbar rubber, etc. 3) and the four days 813 of the anti-vibration cuff cell 1o. However, as shown in
the second section, the seaming th 21 is broken along the outer peripheral portion of the side
wall portion 11 of the vibration-proof capsule 10, and the upper and lower It may be broken so
that it can be divided into one. In this case, the storage of the microphone 9 in the inside of the
temporary capsule 1 u further becomes each station. As is apparent from the above description,
according to the present invention, the conventional microphone is constructed as a four-digit
structure, and the mechanical vibration NJ such as a motor is not directly transmitted to the
microphone and is generated at the inner ground Since the @ Sakuen-ji temple is also broken
down to the first key, it is possible to pick up only the desired sound entering from the sound
collection port to the microphone. The noise to the microphone can be removed, and a good #
juice can be performed. Moreover, since the present invention can be realized with astonishing
stealth to achieve these objects, it is possible to provide a microphone holding device through
mass production.
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