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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a central longitudinal cross-sectional view
showing an embodiment of a loudspeaker according to the present invention. Reference Signs
List 1 magnetic circuit 14 center hole 15 axial hole 3 diaphragm 4 coil bobbin 6 damper 7 center
camp 71 71 -Vents.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is intended for the
improvement of the speaker and the zero diaphragm, in particular a cone diaphragm, which is
supported by a frame and an edge and a damper VC. By the way, the above-mentioned damper
requires a certain degree of hardness for holding shape. Therefore, when an input is applied, a
divided vibration occurs in the damper itself, which acts on the diaphragm to deteriorate the
linearity of the diaphragm, and thus the die coil or coil bobbin contacts the magnetic circuit to
generate noise. The sound quality of the low frequency range was changed to f. In the prior art,
therefore, two dampers are used to maintain the center of the diaphragm as a countermeasure,
or the lead cord is moved in the direction of the storm 180 in order to balance the load of the
point line. In the case of the above-mentioned people, the dampers are arranged in two bonds, so
there is a drawback that the number of parts increases and the number of work processes also
increases. As a result, there is a disadvantage that the connection of the lead edge from the
amplifier is too far away. This device was made in view of the point of view, and the purpose of
the device is to improve the linearity of the diaphragm and improve the reliability of continuous
production by a simple improvement, and it is particularly low. It is in providing the speaker
which can aim at the improvement of the sound quality in a sound range. Next, an example of
this ridge line will be described with reference to the drawings. 1 is a magnetic circuit V, 11 is a
yaw, 12 is a magnet, 13 龜), 14ra center pole. 2 is a frame, 3 is a diaphragm, 4 is a coil hohino, 5voice coil, 6 is a damper, 7 is a center cap. Then, in% of this invention, the shaft hole 15 is drilled
from the yoke 11 to the center ball 11 and the vent hole 71 is drilled in the center cap l, and
further; A plurality of small holes 41 are formed on the side of the magnetic circuit 1 from the
place where it is brazed. The damper 6 is coated with a viscoelastic dump agent. Next, to explain
the production based on the above-mentioned customary practice, the internal loss of the
damper 6 is increased by the fact that the damper agent of the damper -6 Ku viscose is footed, so
that a high input is self-added. Even if the damper 6 does not develop the vibration i, therefore,
the diaphragm 3 has a good linearity, and the coil bobbin 4 and the coil 2 do not have to be
flattened 13 Kiili of the magnetic circuit 1. However, since the damper 6 is coated with the
dumping agent, the air permeability is lost and the space formed by the damper 6 and the
magnetic circuit 1 becomes airtight.
Therefore, in the present invention, a plurality of small holes 41 are bored in the coil bobbin 74
and a shaft hole 15 is bored in the magnetic circuit 1, and a center cap 7 & c air hole 71 is also
provided. Because the air inside the space is discharged to the outside through the small hole 41
of the coil bobbin 4 and the axial hole 15 through the vent hole 71, the peristaltic plate 3 tjL load
to prevent vibration-no air and air in the space will pass through the gear knob of the magnetic
path 1 or less, so can one another by cans provisional 3Q direct touch . In the above example,
although the magnetic channel 1 or the a center cap 7 is provided with the hole 15.71 in the
above example, the center cap 7 has an air-permeable-5 ′ ′ type. Of course, the holes for
ventilation are not required. As described above, in order to improve the linearity of the
diaphragm as described above, the dampers are coated with a dumping agent, and a hole is not
formed in the coil bobbin for furnace air. Since the shaft hole is drilled in the hole and the center
cap V retrograde air hole is drilled in the same way, the 7VC continuous closing operation U)
axial harmony moves if the 眞 ti1 nature of the lifting rod is the same, therefore the speaker 11-]
of the characteristics of the above can be achieved, in particular, thin-walled y-speakers, suitable
for use as manual speakers.
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