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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of a composite speaker with a part
omitted, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of FIG. 1 n-n, and FIG. 3 is a frequency characteristic
diagram. 8・・・・・・スペーサ。
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a composite
speaker with an improved assembly mechanism. The assembly of the composite speaker is
conventional, and an arm is attached to the frame opening of the bass speaker, and a highpitched speaker is attached to the arm to assemble an assembly 4 shock 4? In some cases, the
spacer is fixed to the center pole of the bass speaker from the front with a screw, and the treble
speaker is attached to the spacer with an adhesive. However, the former may have an adverse
effect on the sound quality due to the lower aperture ratio because the arm is the front shield of
the low frequency speaker, and the amplitude due to the distance between the low frequency
speaker front and the arm It can not be enlarged, it interferes with high output and sound quality
improvement, and the arm is always visible from the design side, so its freedom is limited, and
the high-pitched speaker becomes the back side of the arm. The connection work of the line was
not good. Also, the latter is not reliable because it uses an adhesive to fix the high-pitched
speaker, and it is very difficult to repair it if one of the ~ l speakers becomes defective and needs
repair. . The present invention has been made in view of the above points, and a spacer is
scattered from the back by 1 screw on the top of the center ball of the speaker for bass, and
another speaker for high-tone middle noise etc. is made in advance at the end of the spacer. It is
an object of the present invention to solve the above-mentioned problems by screwing.
Hereinafter, one embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the
drawings. Reference numeral 1 denotes a first magnetic circuit comprising a magnet 1, a yoke lb,
and a plate 10. A central portion of the low frequency diaphragm 3 is fixed to the bobbin 2 in
which the portion of the poison coil 21 is located in the magnetic gap. And the fixed portion and
the 17th frame 4). A first damper 5 is attached between the two, and an edge 7 is attached
between the outer peripheral end of the bass diaphragm 3 and the second frame 16. A spacer 8
is attached to the center ball center of the yoke 1b of the first magnetic circuit 1 by a screw 9,
and a second magnetic circuit 11 is screwed to the tip of the spacer 8 by a screw 10. Each of the
magnetic circuits 12 is sold. A second damper 13 is attached between the outer periphery of the
spacer 8 and the low-frequency diaphragm 3 so that the center direction is inclined. The second
magnetic circuit 11 絋, magnet 11 turtle. A central portion of the middle sound diaphragm 15 is
attached to a bobbin 14 composed of the yoke 11 b and the plate 110 and the coil 14 is located
in the O magnetic gap, and the outer periphery of the middle sound diaphragm 15 It is attached
to the 3rd frame 16 via a part company edge.
The third magnetic circuit 12 is formed by the magnet 12 and the yoke 12b, and the voice coil of
the dome-shaped high-tone diaphragm 1T is located in the magnetic gap. 18 is an edge damper,
19 is an equalizer, 20 is a horn, and 21 is a fourth frame. A cap 22 is fitted on the outer
peripheral portion of the second frame 6, and a plurality of stays 22 turtles are formed on the
cap 22. Further, a dustproof cloth 23 is attached to the cap 22 so as to cover the low frequency
diaphragm 3 when the cap 22 is fitted to the I2 frame 6, and a protective net 24 is further
attached. A nameplate 25 is attached to the center of the protective net 24. The tin powder 26 on
one pole is extracted from the first frame 4f element 2T and is suitable for the lead wire of the
voice coil placed on the bass diaphragm 3 in a suitable position for a speaker for mid-tone,
among which The three holes in each of the 11 sets are connected to the intermediate mass
transmission 28 and the voice coil of the voice coil of the diaphragm 15 for medium sound and
the voice coil of the diaphragm IT of the high sound. The diaphragm 3 for bass (the lead wire 2J
of the chair coil 2m is fixed by an adhesive over the surface of the first plate 3 and is fixed to a
part 261 of the wire 2ε by soldering. The above is true for the tinsel wire of the other pole) I). In
the above, at the time of assembly, first, the bass speaker including the first magnetic circuit 1
and the bass diaphragm 3 is assembled, and separately from the spacer 8, the second magnetic
circuit 11 and the middle sound diaphragm 15 are included. A mid-tone speaker and a high-tone
speaker including the third magnetic circuit 12 and the high-tone diaphragm 11 are attached in
advance. Then, the spacer 8 is fixed by means of a screw 9 at the top and the back of the center
ball of the yoke 1 b of the first magnetic circuit 1. The tinsel wire 26 from the terminal 21 is
wetted in the three holes of the diaphragm 3 at the time of the bass speaker assembly, and is
soldered to the lead wire 2 m and the entire portion 26 &. The connection to the intermediate
terminal 28 is made after the assembly of the spacer 8. : 1'-1 The first damper 5 is added during
the assembly of the bass speaker, but the second damper 13 is attached after the spacer 8 is
assembled. The second damper 13 not only functions as a damper, but also performs a dustproof
function on the magnetic gap of the bass speaker. The cap 22 is fitted last. As described above,
according to the present invention, the rear end of the spacer having the high-tone and / or midtone speaker attached at its tip and the top of the center ball of the low-pitch speaker It is fixed
by screwing from the back.
Therefore, according to the present invention, since the front of the lower end of the low
frequency speaker is wide open, a large input and large amplitude speaker can be realized, and
an arm covering the front of the nine low frequency speaker is not necessary. As the upper
degree of freedom is increased, the frequency characteristic is also improved as shown in FIG.
FIG. 3 shows a case where an arm is used and b is according to the present invention.
Furthermore, since the spacer is screwed to the back of the magnetic circuit of the low frequency
speaker, it is possible to disassemble the speaker that has been deposited on the spacer without
breaking it, and the number of repair steps is greatly reduced.
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