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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view showing a
conventional ho / speaker, FIG. 2 is a characteristic view showing the relationship between
frequency and sound pressure response, and FIG. 3 is a horn speaker according to another
conventional method. FIG. 4 is a view showing an embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 4 is
a longitudinal view, FIG. 5 is a perspective view showing a phase equalizer, FIG. 6 is a plan view
of the phase equalizer viewed from the diaphragm side, FIG. 7 is a plan view viewed from the
horn opening side, and FIGS. 8 to 10 are views showing other embodiments of the present
invention, FIG. 8 is a perspective view showing a phase equalizer, FIG. 9 is a plan view of the
phase equalizer as seen from the diaphragm side, and FIG. 10 is a plan view as seen from the side
of the horn opening. In the figure, 1 is a phase equalizer, 2 is a horn, 3 is a throat, 4 is a sound
path inside the horn, 5 is a diaphragm, 5t is an air gap at the front of the diaphragm, 101102
degrees 103.104, 105, 106, Reference numeral 107 denotes a partition wall, and I'll 112 113
114 115 is an opening. In the drawings, the same reference numerals indicate the same or
corresponding parts.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a horn speaker
having a phase equivalent function. FIG. 1 shows a conventional horn speaker having a phase
equalizer inside the horn. In this figure, Lll is a phase equalizer, (2) is a horn, and (3) is a throat.
(4) is the sound path inside the horn, (5) 蚕 * @, +51) to the town t [u plate t5 + wound endless
gear, t61tl voice coil, (7) to the center hole & (8) magnet, +9 ) Magnetic circuit? In the case of the
horn speaker which constitutes the peristaltic portion, which generally has a phase equalizer
inside the horn, the reproduction frequency band is expanded to have the structure shown in FIG.
In the first section, this working ring-shaped slit consists of a slow (3) position design where the
c is a throat (5 (4) relationship of the wavelength of the sound wave inside the air gear (5t). 3) Air
gap in position (5? Generally, it is designed from the central part of the radius of) to the outer
peripheral part. In the case where this processing phase equivalent group is provided, the sound
pressure distribution in the radial direction changes with the frequency in the air gap (5F) circle,
and the sound pressure in the vicinity of the throat I3) is As shown in the broken line (a) in FIG.
2, the sound pressure characteristic is degraded at a frequency near the upper limit of the
reproduction frequency, as shown by the broken line (a). As a method of solving the above
problems, the slit number of the throat portion is increased to form a slit structure of two cars or
triples, but the problems caused by the sound pressure distribution in the air gap are essentially
There is no improvement. A phase equalizer with an annular slit of 2 N 1 and 3 Emperors is
complicated by m, and difficult and expensive to manufacture. Furthermore, there is a phase
equivalent fund-biased horn speaker having a plurality of concentric annular slit structures
shown in FIG. 3. However, even with this processed speaker (5) (· tear power, air gap ( 5t) There
is a problem that a radius of 10,000 jol [is generated internally, and the sound pressure is the
same as in the case of FIG. 1 and the characteristic is degraded at a high frequency of 10,000 in
the reproduction frequency band. In order to ameliorate this problem, there is an attempt to
make the shape of the throat disturbance of the phase equalizer into a plurality of radial slits in
the structure of the secret house (9) as shown in FIG. 3 of VC. By using a price tag equalizer
having a plurality of radial slit structures in this process, it is possible to eliminate the
deterioration of the process 6 characteristics from the sound pressure distribution generated in
the radial direction in the air gap as described above.
However, the horn speaker of the system shown in FIG. 3 has a complicated structure (9)
compared to the horn speaker shown in FIG. 1 and can be integrally formed with the magnetic
circuit portion into one phase equalizer. In order to make it as a separate member and install it in
the drive part (9), a size weir layer is required, and we have a high wI in the work space (9) and
the phase equalizer. Furthermore, even when the horn (2) is attached to the above-mentioned
drive part と 同時 に, the size n degree is required and at the same time the number of parts is
large compared to the horn (6) speaker of the system of FIG. And there was a drawback that it
became an island price. In addition, there is a horn speaker with a structure in which the phase
equalizer extends to the horn opening 0 inside the price tag equivalent fund horn having a radial
opening 0 However, in such a horn speaker, the reproduction frequency as described above
Although the deterioration of the frequency characteristics in the lower frequency range of the
band is significantly improved, the inside of the horn near the horn opening is divided into a
radius of 10,000, so that the gap between the horns is divided into ten thousand. There is a
problem that the wave front of the sound barrier is plane wave compared to the case without the
partition, and the directional viscosity is deteriorated. The present invention is intended to
eliminate the above-mentioned drawback 1 and has a phase equalizing device in which the length
of the phase equalizer "# klliI force times is shorter than the length of the horn". An opening
consisting of several radial slits in the phase equalizer slow F 1cl jj is provided, and these 〇 ぞ s
are independent along the の 6 axis in the direction of the axis of the phase equalizer over the
entire length of the phase equalizer (7), ''. By extending K, the deterioration of the characteristic
due to the pressure accumulation distribution in the air gap S described above is eliminated, and
the deterioration of the sound pressure characteristic in the silent region of the horn speaker is
eliminated or suppressed, and The homology characteristics do not deteriorate because there is
no partition that divides the space completely, and the directivity is equivalent to that of the
conventional horn speaker in FIG. 1 or FIG. Is easy, with phase equivalent groups and horns? The
purpose is to provide a warp-type horn speaker, which is a single-piece release, and the drive
unit is also a front car. The details of this invention will be described below according to the
illustrated embodiment. FIGS. 4 to 7 show an embodiment of the present invention, and FIGS. 5
to 7 show an embodiment of phase equivalent Q · mi, wherein the sound axis 1 of the phase
temple value base (1) is shown. The same length is shorter than the length of the horn 12). Each
figure of n-t ′ ′ n is 1101 (102) (103) (104) (i05) (106) (1073) with seven partition walls. Eli
for cutting out from the material (91 if Rumi).
It is also possible to integrally form each partition (101) to (107) and the horn (21) on the lift
table of the mold which is integrally formed 1 each, and this horn can be integrally formed. It can
be made. (11 (112) T113) (114) (us) (us) (117) u above! Bulkhead IMIIC formed n7c [m mouth,
adjacent to (llla) (112a) (113a) (114a) (114a) (115a) fl16a (117a) at the entrance of the nkL
technique, caused by the moving plate (5) The length between the drains is set to 172 or less of
the wavelength of the upper frequency of the wavenumber (hereinafter referred to as "the
equation") to the outermost periphery vc. Some horns (inside diameter # of 2 sound wave
population 11III: larger than the diameter of the dome portion of the L & work board (3). The
radius of the throat opening inner diameter of the interconnecting portion of each partition wall
is r, and the radius perpendicular to the axis is not more than 174 Å. In addition, it is provided in
each opening (llla)-(n 7a) projection shape of Throat city. Independent openings (111 to (117))
along the center @ Vc in the sound axis direction are ground along the entire length of the phase
equivalent group (1). Furthermore, the area of the plane perpendicular to the sound axis at each
opening (11 to 117) is the sound wave arrival date of the phase equalizer (1) (9) Now from the
square 1111 (llla) to (117a) to the sound wave outlet ("4 n And exponentially increase by -1
arrow. In the blood at right angles to the shape of the whole sound axis of the mouth of the
gutter phase iso-contrast (1), the center portion and the outer circumference S are fully
processed, and the mold can be formed in a mold and made all possible @ The same applies to
the case of only the phase equalizer and the case of integral molding of the phase equalizer and
the horn. 形状 Furthermore, the shape of the opening constituted by each partition of the phase
equalizer is perpendicular to the sound axis [1 [l Vc In this case, integral molding is made easier
by generally forming the fan-like shape and increasing the opening angle of the fan shape-port
from the horn throat portion to the opening side of the horn portion by 10,000. The sound
pressure characteristics in the embodiment I shown in FIGS. 4 to 7 are as shown by the solid line
in FIG. 2 and, as can be seen from the comparison with the broken line a in FIG. As compared
with the conventional sound pressure characteristic a, it is clear that the deterioration of the
meeting sound pressure in the high frequency range is hardly visible as Q. As described above,
the shape of the throat group of one phase equalizer is a plurality of radial slits (apertures) as
described above, and this is done by (lO) X □. Furthermore, by making the phase equalizer with
a structure in which the independent iC extends over the entire length of the phase equalizer
111b along the central axis in the direction of the sound axis of the aperture all-phase equalizer.
The structure is simple and one-phase $ one-piece and one-piece molding of the horn is also a bihire, so the production is a cost-effective one at each station. For example, the degradation of the
squeaky sound pressure does not occur in the high tone range, but in the above embodiment, the
seven clasps of the opening are the pressure distortion total alteration that occurs twice in the
non-axisymmetric vibration of the plate wander (5). This can be improved by working on having
an odd number of openings, not limited to seven, to further improve this idea. Furthermore, in
this embodiment, the opening shape is extended in the sound radial direction Since the radial
sound pressure is not necessary considering the radial pressure distribution that occurs in the
gear tube (5t) at the front of the & L work (5). The lO figure shows the fullk of regret related to
the shape of the opening (tUa) to (117a) of the throat part, the fifth (l υ ". In FIG. 2 to FIG. 7, as
the opening (Threin) (llla) to (117a) of the throat portion is closer to the center of the phase
equivalent group, the uniform slit @ is narrower. This slit @ may be the same as in FIG.
Furthermore, the surface shape of each of the partition walls (101) to (107) of the phase
equalizer (1) in each of the above embodiments may be a flat surface or a curved surface. It is the
same. It is to be noted that although a sharp M is made in each partition of the horn opening 9Ill
termination pond of the one-phase monocycle (1), this t'L is the horn 12) inside [the horn 10 of
the phase equalizer is drawn out From the head to the horn for the purpose of avoiding a sharp
deterioration of the acoustic impedance in the middle of the propagation of the step, and the
deterioration of the viscosity due to the diffraction of the sound wave at the horn-ro end of the
phase equalizer? It is to avoid. 17'c i'ie each execution 1 + 1 lvc oite, each integrally formed on
each partition (101)-(1 o 7) by 1 type, and cut off from a single-metal base material Example 1
was not completed, but each partition (1013-(1073'ft) individually manufactured, these (12) are
also manufactured separately, or the partitions (101) to (107) may be assembled in the same
step of the temples which mutually connect the connecting members to each other. It produces
an effect. As described above, in the small interference force having a phase shifter and a curve
in this device Hy + =-n, the outer diameter in the direction of the sound axis and the face angle of
the phase equalizer is substantially the same as the inner diameter of the horn and the phase
equalizer Length ス リ ッ ト The length of the horn is shorter than the length of the horn, and
the number of easy-to-number 1-radiating slits for making a single bend is provided on the side
opposite to the diaphragm of the phase equalizer. In addition to the structure that is independent
and independent, it is possible to count the pressure station & cost characteristics in the high
range of the knee J ′ ′ c horn speaker, and the structure is simple. Because the integral
molding is easy, it is possible to provide all the transversal phase equalizers.
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