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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of an ultrasonic
emulsifying device equipped with a horn according to an embodiment of the present invention,
and FIGS. FIG. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view, FIG. 3 is a graph showing the speed of weight
loss due to wear of the horn of the present invention in comparison with the conventional horn,
and the reference a-C shows the horn of the present invention and the conventional horn for a
predetermined time It is a photograph of the action side after use. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии иии ииииииииии Substrate и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и emulsification chamber, 7 и и и pipe. Correction Akira 54.7. ?
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION (1)] / 416 g 7 This discussion # relates to an
ultrasonic horn for liquid insertion, which is%,% water when the working surface of the tip is
positioned at the liquid 1-F. In general, if you give it to the liquid, and do t fraction,
emulsification, deep, etc., the ultrasonic transducer will combine the horn t @ with the ultrasonic
transducer and insert the working surface of the tip of this horn into the stub body It is done n.
The ultrasonic horn 11 is different depending on each condition, but it is expanded to the
recommended value of the transducer, that is, the initial velocity to about 3 to 7 times #.
Therefore, the material of the horn is required to have good corrosion resistance, and further to
the characteristics against vibration, in particular, elastic hysteresis characteristics and fatigue
strength 1 (immediately n. In order to satisfy such an incident, Monel from stool rice, or titanium
alloy (& Toe & tTi-6AI-4V), etc. is used, but it is for the wear of the Jiv rubbed for the moon--that
is, the sinking of the erosion. Layer edge is short. In other words, depending on various
conditions, the tremor of the dumplings, ie, pregnancy or pregnancy? Expand about 3 to 7 times.
Therefore, the 1'-L weir in the liquid in the direction perpendicular to this T1 reciprocates in the
liquid at a high speed (2) L @@ ? The cavity and the elimination of the cavity generated by
moving VC 7 Phenomenon phenomenon, so-called erosion phenomenon during cavitation occurs.
Due to this erosion phenomenon, the lower surface of the horn 1 becomes rougher, and further,
if Tlc progresses, the total length of the horn becomes shorter. Focusing now on the total length
of the horn, the oscillatory arrest rate? In order to make the carpet larger on the ho / working
surface, the total length of the horn needs to be v2 or its integer multiple of the propagation of
the vibration of the photographing motion, and if this value changes even a little, the operation
The size of the thread ring in the plane, ie the body of the super vibration energy; the 44 J rate
drops to 1 ?. The amount of injection is remarkable in the case of the electrostrictive mover
which can move to a large motion energy r prefecture. Cavichy 7 Young's erosion resistance to
(1, (1) the tensile strength of the material, depending on the hardness of t 1 1 '' so, so if you add
a hard material 1 cavichy 7 y'on erosion Deterioration of the fall is prevented, but as a super fd
horn, it is inevitable to have a divinity kK like one in addition to the hardness, (9), 11! Material
with relatively low hardness at the expense of service life! In addition to using it, the current
situation is that we are working on replacement and maintenance work in 1 and 1 period
because we can not find a metal material that is sufficiently ic4 to the characteristics as a horn.
In addition, it is considered that only the tip surface of the normal horn is hardened, but if the
study of a certain life span and ? j4 are taken into consideration, the enjoyment of the hardened
layer needs about 5 pigeons. r. Therefore, it is recognized that the purpose of hardening is not
achieved by peeling of the plating 'or the like due to the cavitation V in principle in the surface
such as electroplating or nitriding. With this thought (1. The premons part is a vengeance voice 4
and a steepness of commerce, j ? ?, 01 by low speed, without deterioration of the
characteristics and corrosion resistance, cavitation / erosion by wear / wear by me t To provide a
td sonic horn for liquid dilation which has sufficient durability, and to subject it to + M
manufacturing method? The purpose is binding. In the following, an ultrasonic horn t according
to one embodiment of the four alternatives and a sound wave emulsifying device are used for 4+
9 + a will be described with reference to the drawing t #. (1) Two kinds of non-compatible liquid
(referred to as solution A and solution B) are introduced into the ultra-f wave emulsifier shown in
FIG. There is a container 2t-aj provided with one. A horn 4 connected to an arbitrary cedar-type
(in this example, magnetostrictive type) electronic wicking wave oscillator 3 rushes into this fourin-two rC, and its tip 4 a is at the bottom of the container 2. The vi body 5 is fixed in a cedar or in
the emulsification chamber 6. Liquids A and B join together in pieguo and then enter the
emulsifying chamber 6 in a circle, where they are received from the ho 74 and subjected to an
ultrasonic wave of a second harmonic wave to receive and emulsify, then a container 2 (To) k ?
Bank, ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? VC VC VC VC VC VC VC VC VC VC VC VC VC VC VC VC VC VC. The
horn 4 of the present invention is provided at the front end of the storage 41 and is at a point
that at least a part of the original end 4a is made of hard # 42 and is J1. That is, it may be an end
t4 that occupies a total of 1 r of the end 2 of FIG. The thickness may be such as to occupy only a
part of the portion 4a in the thickness direction. ???????? (2) A portion surrounded by
the annular portion formed by the horn 40 base 41 so as to be located only at the central portion
of the working surface f 'formed on the front surface of the tip portion 4a (5) as shown in FIG.
Such IIHE eliminates the defect that the hard part is spilled during cutting or grinding process of
the horn tip. The material to be used for the base 41 of the horn 4 is corrosion resistant A,
processed by cows, and physical and mechanical properties suitable for the horn material, such
as titanium, K monel, Ti-6AI-4V Such as titanium alloys, poor physical and mechanical properties
are inferior in corrosion resistance, but can be used for stainless steel etc.
In addition, it is composed of a material having good hardness VW, which has good weldability
with the base 41, and has a large hardness VW. For example, the base 41 is titanium or When it
is made of titanium alloy, it is made of titanium containing a content of hard layer 42 H 4 at a
content ratio of 1 and for a base 41 made of a vermilion stainless steel, Stellite, that is, a C0IICr @
W alloy Etc. In a meeting containing titanium nitride, (6) Vickers hardness has a hardness t of
HV40G to 500, so for example, a conventional horn with a 1-'c Ti-6AI-4V (HV370) compared to a
few tens times to nearly six times a sheet Extremely hard and highly resistant to cavitation /
erosion wear? Show. In the case where titanium nitride is a titanium base metal, TIG bath welding
or X4IG welding is applied, and gas welding is used for 41 pieces of stellite. In this way, the horn
r1 of the present invention shown in FIG. 1 / C attached to the ultrasonic emulsifying device of
this invention was used to measure the degree of wear of the ho 74 when the emulsification was
actually performed, and the result ? of failure was ? It is shown in 31A as specific soft 4h of
the horn consisting only of conventional Ti-6Al-4V. The degree of wear of the present invention
is a horn according to the present invention, in which the working surface r is formed on the
surface [[] 1 of the hardened layer in accordance with the degree of pow / storm and double losst0 this effect ?) et al. In the case of hard layer r not having a hardened layer r, the wire loss due
to cavitation erosion vc is remarkably small ? This means that the usage time to the same #
consumption e 4 rim is long t (7) The frequency of maintenance performed every time the horn
is replaced is reduced. Fig. 11 is a photograph of the working surface of the present invention
according to the present invention, which is the same as the one used in the above-mentioned
abrasion test and used for 2000 hours after being attached to an ultrasonic emulsifier vc. In
addition, it is a photograph of the working surface after being used for 20 hours and 200 hours,
respectively, under the conventional horn k1-ij- condition consisting only of a reference drawing,
e * and Ti-6AI-4V. . That is, while the working surface of the conventional horn wears
considerably in 20 hours and wears out after 200 hours, it is 1 ? i in this Akutara horn, even
when it is removed for 1 hour at 200 t 1 hour, (The more you wear, the more limp you see, the
20-hour post-historic Lilx of the horn of the wolf is mild. 4, between the IXI car explanation A1
Figure 11 is a Ho / 11-mounted chanting milk ratior according to a simple example of this snake!
M-view, 242 a-C is a longitudinal cross-sectional view of the tip of the horn according to this
invention 4; and FIG. 3 is a conventional horn with a speed of 1 base loss due to wear of the horn
of this invention Graphs for comparison, (8), J: Reference IBa-e are photographs of the horn of
this invention and the working surface after using a conventional horn for a predetermined time.
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... pipe 2, 2 ... container, 3 ... ultrasonic transducer, 4 ... horn, 4a ...
tip part, 41 ... base | substrate, 42 ... hard layer, 5 ... -Cylinder, 6 ... emulsification chamber, T ...
pipe. ? 1 1 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? jIi! Shidozawa Hiroshi l @ 0 4-Ishirin 1 (male, IN! I
Kawado Koei second part Hibiki Dori) (9) l-Allowed, 1 ,. ? 267 Figure 2 Figure 2 second factor ta
+ (b> (C) aa 42 aa 42 421 L word 41 i 1 ff 4 515 687? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
?, 1 ? ? ? E '159687 Multi-class 1. ,, .6. Go i6 Other than the above creators and agents (1)
Regards '4 part address Tokyo Metropolitan area Ota-ku Nishirokusyo 4-28th Yamatake
Honeywell Sehehe company Shibata factory name in Matsuda L' address same place name
Sekiguchi (2 ) Agent address Tokyo, ward Yoyogi 2-chome 11-12 Kimura Building 7 floor 1 story
East Higashi (374) 6012 name group "▒ (6991) Ishibashi * 1s 1 Sumi co-location name patent
attorney (6365) Kawai Koji Division [-] GU / France / 7 procedure correction book (method) 54.7.
-6 Showa Date Patent Office Secretary 1-1 и h Tables for 1959 minors # r East Registration
Request No. 59711 SL; II-Relationship with the utility model registration applicant I) J ? Name 1
r, M: '(66 @) Yamatake Haneu xh Co., Ltd. 4 agents II ?m [? 151 East, 1; All generations 2 +-11
11 12 No. 12 Honmura Hill 714 everyone "Speak to East I, I, f 374) 6012 L's) Name deputy l:
16647) 1) ? # l 1 1] with 5 correction instruction H with Showa 54 * June 191 + ('4i))) 6 ? 1 jlobject + 11 mfi column of the detailed description of the invention of the book
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