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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a first embodiment of
the present invention, FIG. 2 is a reduced perspective view of the same, and FIG. 3 is an
explanatory view of operation compared to the prior art. FIG. 4 is a front view of a second
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 5 is a sectional view of the same, wherein 1 is an
acoustic transducer, 2 is a horn, 3 is a vibration-proof rubber, 4 is a rubber cap, and 5 is a
terminal It is.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a transducer of an
ultrasonic switch using a single acoustic transducer for transmission and delivery. In general,
when an acoustic transducer for ultrasonic waves is used for both transmission and delivery, it is
necessary to switch the circuit to the receiving wave llI within a very short time after transmitting
the signal by applying a transmission signal. However, in this type of conventional transmission
wave resonator, after the transmission signal applied to the acoustic transducer disappears, this
acoustic trough 1-size continues the reverberation vibration, and the delivery state in a short
time O There was a problem that it was impossible to switch to That is, even if the transmitted
signal itself is a short pulse-like 4 as shown in wi3-, the acoustic transducer size (1) as in the
above-mentioned acoustic transducer (by Ml # oscillation of 11) Oka ml @ 5III # output signal is
generated as an output), and switching the circuit to the wave receiving portion during a period
in which the Osg output signal is generated, the circuit may malfunction due to this residual
output signal) After the reverberation output signal is sufficiently attenuated as shown in FIG. 6E,
the gate signal is generated to switch to the reception grade. Therefore, in the conventional
example as described above, it is not possible to receive the reflection immediately after applying
the transmission signal to the acoustic transducer reducer (1) and performing transmission, and
as a detection function of the ultrasonic switch There is a problem that a large dead zone occurs
in a portion close to the transducer. The present invention has been made in view of the abovementioned point, and is intended to attenuate the reverberation vibration of the blue tatami
transducer early so that it can be switched to the wave receiving forehead promptly after the
application of the transmission signal. The object of the present invention is to provide a
transducer of an ultrasonic switch. Fig. 111 and Fig. 2 show a first embodiment of the present
invention, wherein the inner periphery of the base of a horn (2) formed of a synthetic resin
material is protected by means of a protection (3). An acoustic transducer (1) is fitted and
attached, and the front outer peripheral edge of the acoustic transducer (1) is locked to a horn (a
projecting lip fil + projecting on the inner circumference (3), the acoustic transducer 11) is in
front It is prevented from moving in the direction. Foreword This acoustic trasducer fi + is used
for both transmission and delivery, and acoustic transducer +1 (terminal Is for connecting lead
wire (7) such as shield wire on the back face of 11) Is projected. (4) is a j-m + sep, and is a book
configured to have elastic wave-sealing property, and this comb-shi Yap (4) is attached from the
rear to the outer periphery of the base of the horn 12) It is.
Then, this j-mush (4) is sealed outside the base of the main (2) and the acoustic transducer (1) in
the base of the 1-k 12 in the state where the IIIK is applied. The terminal (5) of the acoustic
tracing device size (1) is pressed with a force of at least 500 g or more on the inner surface of
the 10-jump (4), and the lead wire 17) such as a shield wire It is derived to the outside through
thread (4). In the above embodiment, the anti-jamming (3) and j-m + y-j-J + 41 are used to
suppress the reverberation imaging movement of the acoustic tras- sive juicer fl), so as shown in
FIG. ) Even in the case of applying an unsolicited wave transmission signal, the acoustic trass
strainer fi + is a J like as shown in the figure. This reverberation output signal is sufficiently
attenuated at an early stage of the juice signal pole which produces the jlIiiiP output signal, and
therefore the gate signal is only delayed without any delay from the break of the transmission
signal as shown in FIG. Can be generated, and it becomes possible to appropriately detect
delivery of reflected waves from an extremely close area as shown in FIG. FIGS. 4 and 5 show a
second embodiment of the present invention, which comprises the anti-vibration comb (3) and
the j-m-sep 14) of the embodiment shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. Is formed as an integral body, and
the integral body is formed by the conductive comb and connected to the ground of the
ultrasonic switch circuit by the ground wire Q @@, and the acoustic trass strainer fil is an
external noise i (for example, noise by amateur radio) It is K to shield from. i The base of the j-m
J-Yap (4) and the anti-vibration comb (horn C2 to which the acoustic transducer fi + is attached
by an integral body of 31) is fitted and mounted in the rotating ball (8) This rotation # (S) is
formed (+1) on the housing plate (9) front plate, and is directed within a predetermined angular
range by the inward spherical concave 0 ili (2) on the inner peripheral surface of the nine
opening (11) and the pressing spring t12. The lead wire (7) of the acoustic transducer fi + is
connected to the circuit board aS in the housing (9), and the circuit board ヒ is a hysteresis
against the housing (11). a4: Fixed with respect to the stopped system Ql + 1. Since the present
invention is configured as described above, the auxiliary pipe vibration generated in the acoustic
transducer can be suppressed by the vibration isolation comb or j-mach yap to reduce the stock
early, and therefore the circuit of the ultrasonic switch Can be switched to the receiving state
only by delaying the generation of the transmission signal, so that the reflected wave from the
area close to the transmitted / received wave can be reliably received and detected, and the
range where the confusion zone occurs is large. It has the advantage that the width can be
Moreover, in the present invention, the acoustic transducer can be shielded by forming the
conductor 6 by a conductive comb and connecting it to the ground of the ultrasonic switch
circuit, so that the acoustic transducer can be output. (·) Even when the power is increased at a
high level, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of a malfunction due to external noise such as
an amateur radio or an electronic noise which enters an acoustic transducer.
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