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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a half sectional view showing a conventional
speaker, FIG. 2 is a schematic view showing an installation state of a conventional speaker
according to the prior art, and FIG. 4 is the operation explanatory view of the same, FIG. 5 is
shown in FIG. 2 of FIG. 2-sound pressure frequency characteristic diagram in the mounting state,
FIG. 6 is one of the speaker mounting device of the present invention It is a half sectional view
showing an example. 18 ...... speaker, 23 ...... magnetic circuit, 24 ииииии frame, 25 ...... diaphragm, 26
...... attachment unit, 27 - ......... иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Screws.
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention attaches the speaker to the hook or
baffle plate of the cabinet from the back. It is an attempt to provide various configurations. As a
speaker in accordance with FIG. 1 / T <I / ?, 27? ? The frame 6 is coupled to the magnetic
circuit 5 constituted by the plate 2 having the center pole 1, the ring-shaped magnet 3 and the
link-like upper plate 4 at t2, and the vibrator 6 and the vibrator 7 at the periphery of the frame 6
The peripheral portion of the voice coil 9 is coupled to the central portion of the diaphragm 8,
the middle portion of the helical coil 9 is held by the damper 10, and the lower portion of the
voice coil 9 is eccentric to the magnetic cap 11 of the magnetic circuit 5. Instead, the dust cap 12
is attached to the upper surface of the central portion of the diaphragm 8. As shown in FIG. 2, the
speaker 13 of the b configuration is fitted from the front into the mounting hole 15 sunk in the
baffle plate 14 of Bonox or cabinet as shown in FIG. 2 and attached by a bolt 16 as shown in FIG.
Everyone installed from the back of 14 with bolts 16 [7]. In the configuration shown in FIG. 2,
when the dovetail net with the peripheral edge of the frame 6 to which the cask 7 is attached is
considerably protruded from the front face of the baffle plate 14 is a disadvantage in 2 in 3 etc.
In the configuration shown in FIG. 3, the net 17 has a total of 71 + 11 when attached to the
whole body, but as shown in FIG. It was reflected on the wall surface of the mounting hole 15 of
the plate 14 and had an adverse effect on the wave of the interview emitted from the promotion
1/8. The sound pressure frequency banding number characteristic a of the configuration shown
in FIG. 2 and the sound pressure frequency characteristic of the configuration shown in FIG. 3
are shown, and the configuration of FIG. It had a characteristic. A study of wood eliminates the
above-mentioned conventional drawbacks. An embodiment of the present invention will be
described below with reference to FIG. Reference numeral 18 denotes a speaker, and the speaker
8 is configured as follows. That is, the frame 24 is connected to the magnetic ILJ path 23
constituted by the flat 20 having the seventh / tar hole 19 and the ring-like mac-net 21.1 t jj -like
ring-shaped upper plate 221, and this frame 24 In the peripheral part of the flat part 26 to which
the peripheral part of the diaphragm 25 is to be adhered and the j1: encircling inclined part 27 is
provided on the outer periphery of the adhesive part 26 so as to protrude downward. The voice
coil 28 is coupled to the central portion of the first base plate 25. The middle portion of the voice
coil 28 is held by the damper 29 and is integrated without IM1 in the magnetic gap 30 of the
magnetic 10-1 path 23. Further, a dust cap 31 is attached to the upper surface of the central
portion of the diaphragm 25.
The speaker 18jrj1 of such a configuration and the hinge of the baffle plate 32 of the cabinet are
inserted into the mounting hole 33 which has a large diameter by hiding in the back (I '111111)
from the back Ill, and the I The mounting bracket 34 is attached from the back of the baffle plate
32 around the hole 33 with a screw 35, and pressed against the wall of the hole 23 of the frame
24 j self-stiffened nr, 27 and fixed. According to this configuration, even in the configuration in
which the speaker 18 is interposed from the rear surface of the baffle plate 32, the front surface
of the speaker 18 and the front surface of the baffle plate 32 becomes the same 11 ииии It does not
have a negative impact on sound pressure frequency characteristics either because it is reflected
at the same time, but it is possible to measure stabilization in terms of quality. As described
above, since the speaker claw-cutter of this proposal is constructed, deterioration of
characteristics is also included, and it is easy to assemble, and has an advantage of being an f-F [и
value dog It is.
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