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1-- Specification 1, title of the invention
Combined speaker
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a composite type
speaker in which a high sound speaker is disposed in front of a low sound speaker, and the high
sound speaker can be directed in different directions regardless of the low sound speaker with a
simple configuration. The object is to provide an excellent composite speaker. In general, a
composite type speaker in which a high sound speaker is disposed in front of a low sound
speaker is known, but any of these three) local speakers have both the low sound speaker and
the high sound speaker in the same direction and these are completely fixed. If the speaker for
high sound with high directivity is intended to be in line with the direction of the listener, it is
necessary to turn the entire composite speaker in that direction accordingly, and a speaker box
provided with the composite speaker For example, there was a problem that the change of
direction was very difficult. The present invention eliminates the conventional drawbacks such as
μ, and is configured such that the high-pitched speaker can be independently turned
independently of the low-pitched loudspeaker. μF 1 The composite speaker of the present
invention will be described with reference to the drawings of one embodiment. In the figure,
reference numeral 1 denotes a low frequency speaker, and the outer periphery of a frame 2 is
fixed to a speaker mounting panel 3. A reference numeral 4 denotes a crosspiece integrally
formed with the mounting panel 3 so as to divide the sound release hole 6 formed in the speaker
mounting panel 3 into two parts. Is formed. Arc-shaped guide grooves 7 and 7 are formed on
both sides of the concave portion 6 so as to be bathed on the bottom. A speaker mounting body 8
has a flat front surface and a circular rear surface, and a high sound speaker 9 is embedded in
the inside in the direction of EndPage: 137-. The speaker mounting body 8 is slidably
accommodated in the recess 6 formed in the crosspiece 4 along the guide grooves 7. That is,
projections 10.10 which slide along the guide grooves Are integrally formed on both
sides of the speaker mounting body 80, respectively. The speaker mounting body 8 'has the
guide grooves , 10, and is mounted so as to slide in an arc shape by making use of the
guide groove 7 ° 7 (in FIG. Reference numeral 11 denotes a net attached to the sound output
hole 5 of the speed / force attachment panel 3. In the above embodiment, when the speaker
mounting body 8 is completely housed in the recess 6, as shown in FIG. 1, the front surface of
the crosspiece 4 and the front surface of the speaker mounting body 8 are flush with each other.
. In this state, when a part of the speaker mounting body 8 described as 'PUSH' is pressed, the
speaker mounting body 8 slides in an arc along the guide grooves 7 and 7 as shown in 2). In this
case, the direction of the high-tone speaker 9 attached to the speaker mounting body 8 is largely
converted regardless of the bass speaker 1.
However, according to the above embodiment, as shown in FIG. 4, the speaker box 12 is attached
to the speaker box 12 as shown in FIG. Only the direction of the speaker 9 can be directed to the
direction of the listener 13, and there is an advantage that it is not necessary to turn the whole
including the speaker box 12 one by one. Further, as shown in FIG. 5, when used as a speaker for
a car, since it is usually mounted on the rear side of the Dallas board 14 in the upward direction,
the sound emitted from the high-tone speaker 9 would otherwise be the ceiling of the car.
However, according to the above embodiment, the high-tone speaker 9 can be made forward
regardless of the bass speaker 1, and the above-mentioned attenuation can be significantly
reduced. Have. As is apparent from the above embodiments, according to the composite type
speaker of the present invention, the high-tone speaker can be arbitrarily changed in direction
with a simple configuration, and an excellent blind end can be obtained without changing the
direction of the bass speaker. You can get it.
4. Brief description of the drawings FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an embodiment of the
composite type speaker according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a sectional view taken along
the line AA 'of the same speaker: FIG. The 'cross sectional view, FIG. 4 and FIG. 5 are explanatory
views showing one usage example of the same speaker. 1 ...... woofer, 2 ...... frame, 3 ...... speaker
mounting panel, 4 ...... crosspieces, 5 ...... sound hole, 6 ...... recess, 7 ...... guide grooves, 8 ......
speaker mounting member 9 ...... tweeter, 1o ...... Protrusions 11,..., Nets, 12. Name of agent
Attorney Nakao Toshio and one other person fs1 Figure EndPage: 2
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