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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1a and 1b are front views and sectional views
showing an embodiment of the present invention, and FIGS. 2a and 2b are front and sectional
views of a center grille used in the embodiments. FIGS. 3a and 3b are a front view and a crosssectional view of a high sound, medium sound coaxial type composite speaker used in the
embodiment. 1: Loudspeaker speaker 2: Sound quality function separate body grille 3: Connector
4: Resonance-preventing rubber seat 5: Loudspeaker mounting for female screw section 6:
Mounting for male screw
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker frame
grille, and more particularly to an improved system for enabling optional filming of bass, middle,
quiet and mid to high tone speakers, etc., to be separately carried out by sound quality people. '-/,
7) 22? Music sauce which is flowing into 7 markets has a tendency of miscellaneous 7 along with
the times. In particular, a speaker with a certain function is necessary to reproduce this
munesouknorth like folding resistance, but considering physical conditions 1, for example for i4,
or conditions such as installation in a narrow room, etc. There are also cases where it becomes
difficult to install or impossible. However, when the conventional speaker mounting grille was
used, the speaker was integrated and integrated into the grill during the production process from
the structure of the speaker. In addition, even if it pursues each sound hh performance, it is
calorized so that each Bh separate speaker is attached to one baffle plate, and the speaker
according to each system was composed as a system diaphragm in the cow production process. .
Because of this control i, ['l! If the speaker is mounted on the grill according to the environmental
conditions; j; it is oJ, this proposal should be made to improve the shortcomings of the prior art,
0), fishing (See the embodiment shown in FIG. ; Λ 113), l is a speaker for taro, 2 is a water grill-2
body grill according to sound quality function according to the plan, 3 Kokonukuk-14 is
resonated and a rubber seal seat, 5 is a speaker installation according to sound quality function
For 717 parts, 6 is a male screw for installation, 7 is a bass speaker edge + 8 is a bass speaker
center cap, and 9 is a body mounted grille attachment. 10 is a hole for inside 8 and 11 is a
speaker mounting hole for a dulling machine, 12 whole high-pitched sound all over, 1-toning
type speaker. In the production of the basic speaker or the production of the basic speaker in the
body grill 2 for the sound quality function, for example, the bass back speaker I is an edge 7 to
the attachment 9 of the body grill 2 for the sound quality function. And the speaker center cap 8
for the noise is installed without any trouble. As described above (bass ... as a basic speaker ...
when using the speaker l) in the upper corner side of the grille 2 is provided with a middle sound
release hole 10 to make it not have a vibration function. The hole 2 allows the medium sound to
be removed 1, the grill 2 the 2P costaton-3, the shockproof rubber seat 4, the sound quality
function speaker 蝦 attached according to the sound quality function speaker screw, 5 provision,
sound quality function The speaker that lights up the structure of 3 to 8 different functions in the
separate speaker mounting hole 11 is easily taken with this tax by the screw 6, and the electrical
connection is not done by the connector 3 sell.
Also, if necessary, the super treble full-body speaker 12 is shown (two birds, yet, Krill of the
wood plan is -L described 7 as described above, a structure capable of mounting the speaker
according to the sound quality function) If the basic speaker is a low frequency speaker, it can be
used as a professional for low 8 use, and if it is used only by the basic speaker depending on the
sound field of Nakauuchi used, the B quality function is different. As shown in FIG. 2 having no
structure, it is possible to mount only the center gullet 13 with the center at the center. 1) As
shown in Fig. 3, the combination of the natri-teater 14 with the one with the Mitsuda range
speaker 15 and the type 2 way speaker 16 combined with the water-convenient pine-stealer
system in history 4-; It is also easy 1, Jl, il, l ζ l As evident from the light, according to the
present proposal, the sound quality according to the sound quality Spy 4-power easily mounted If
you do, you can effectively use the narrow space, so it can be used for vehicles, ships and houses,
and the quality effect can be obtained.
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