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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view of an on-vehicle
speaker unit according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is an explanatory view showing a
relationship between a contact piece and a contact, and FIG. 3 is a perspective view of the contact
. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Woofer unit, 11 ... Frame, 12 ... Edge, 13 ... Diaphragm, 14 -...
connector, 141.142 ... Contact piece, 2 ... tweeter unit, 21 ... · · · · · · · 22 · · · tweeter, 23 · · · cabin,
24 · · · acoustic lens, 25 · · · connector 251 ° 252 · · · contact.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an on-vehicle
speaker unit, and more particularly to an on-vehicle speaker unit suitable for a two-way type.
Among the in-vehicle speaker units, there are many cases where the coaxial type is usually
adopted for the two-way type 1-bar C0 type, but when this type of speaker unit is attached to a
car passenger parcel tray, the speaker Since the axis a crosses the rear window glass, the sound
from the speaker unit will hit that glass. Therefore, the low-pitched sound company is
omnidirectional, so there is no problem, but the high-frequency sound must be heard by the
passenger with the sound attenuated by the glass. Therefore, with the axis of the tweeter unit
crossing the axis of the woofer unit, attach the tweeter unit with the Kinki posture to the frame of
the woofer unit facing upward, with the high frequency sound on the passenger side What is
intended to be emitted is provided. This type of on-vehicle speaker unit integrates the tweeter
unit with the woofer unit using some kind of mounting tool, and the tweeter unit is attached to
the woofer unit when it is not attached to the rear parcel tray in the correct posture. Even if it
was attached to the woofer unit exactly on the cheek, the attitude of the 2 tweeter unit, in other
words, the directivity could be impaired. Therefore, even when the woofer unit is attached to the
7-inch tray with this device even if the attitude is somewhat distorted, in other words, the tweeter
unit is attached slightly obliquely in the plane along the rear bar cell tray. In order to be able to
freely adjust the posture when attaching the frame, for that purpose, keep the membrane-shaped
II scale piece in the connector of the woofer unit in a partial circle along the circumferential
direction of the woofer unit, and make the tweeter unit In connection with this, it is characterized
not to be able to move slightly along the contact piece. The details of this invention will be
described with reference to the attached drawings. First, in FIG. 1, reference numeral l indicates a
woofer unit, a tweeter unit, and a bracket used when attaching the three-company woofer unit to
a rear parcel tray, and the description will be added sequentially from the woofer unit l. The
woofer unit 1 has a 7-frame /// end 12 and the outer peripheral part of the cone-shaped sliding
plate 3-l3 is fixed 9 via the edge 12 and the inner peripheral end of the diaphragm / 3 is a voice
coil bobbin driven by the driver unit. It is fixed to
And a connector l for connection with the tweeter unit is disposed at the outer edge of 7 frames /
l. This connector 71 companies +,-a pair of contact pieces # / / / J is molded in the respective
independent box / 741 J, 741 windows and set, two boxes / $ 7, / 4Ll are integrated with the
base 14I5 It is fixed to the frame / l in the converted state. Contact pieces l / / / IJ are connected
to the box l da J, / g 亭 II K protruding terminals / 4 L / IL, / # core a, those contact pieces III /, 1
+ 2 of the woofer unit I It has a curvature along the arc and a circumferential length. The tweeter
unit 2 has 7 frames 1 with mesh that doubles as the woofer unit 1 grille, and a cabin B for
accommodating the tweeter n is formed in a part of the frame 1, and the shaft of the tweeter rod
and the shaft of the woofer Crosses sterically. An acoustic lens 3 is provided on the front of the
tweeter to control the directivity of high frequency sound. 4- (1) (and the cabin B has a connector
B on its lower surface +,-, having a pair of contactors S / and 52, and this contactor 23! And a
contact S for contact S When the entire 7th frame J is moved along the frame // of the woofer
unit I, the 7/24 joint is connected with the contact 3 /, 232 mesh contact tut, It is possible to
slide along / l co. Coupling between the woofer unit I and the tweeter unit core is performed by
the connector 25. The bracket 3Fi surrounds the edge of the hole 32 in the rear parcel tray 3 /
and is fixed to the rear parcel tray together with the woofer unit 1 by a screw. Next, the work of
attaching the on-vehicle speaker unit according to the present invention will be described. First,
the bracket 3 is placed in the hole 32 bored in the rear parcel tray, the outer edge of the 7 frame
// of the woofer unit 1 is placed on it and fixed to the bracket 3 and the common parcel tray J by
screw. Ru. Then, when the tweeter unit 2 is placed on the woofer unit 1 by overlapping the
connector B of the tweeter unit 2 with the connector 5 of the woofer unit I, the connector / l.
Even if the attention is not concentrated on the alignment of B, since the contact piece / II /, /
41J possessed by the connector / 1 is slightly long in one direction, the contact piece 3 /, 232 is
surely secured by the contact piece 1 / , / $ 2 can be captured. Also, if the woofer unit l is
mounted in a slightly left-right turn, attaching the tweeter unit to it will cause the tweeter unit 2
to slightly touch the left / right, but the jaws / 4 '/ / / contact 2 along the 、 2, 2!
Since the position 232 can be moved, if it changes, the tweeter unit is rolled (b) to correct the
posture. As apparent from the above description, according to the vehicle-mounted speaker unit
of the present invention, the contact piece is arranged along the central direction so as to provide
flexibility in the rotational direction between the woofer unit connector and the tweeter unit
connector. Since the long arc shape is formed and the contactor is sandwiched therebetween, the
mounting position and posture can be corrected when mounting the speaker unit on the
passenger car 1-cell tray t.
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