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Specification t Title of the invention (1) s Moving plate, Horn located at the front of this
diaphragm, ░ C и One port of this horn A speaker equipped with a weight, gas and t more than 9
psi that is loaded between the front 19 and up and 1 diaphragm, which is surrounded by a plate,
an upper r horn and a ? 't' **.
2, the scope of claims
5. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is the meaning of the book Nubyka
Ke. In the past, in order to reproduce the frequency characteristics in a low-frequency tube
efficiently, it is necessary to increase the paste radiation resistance between the * Ktp air and the
diaphragm. There are a book of Shit which has a loud speaker mounted on a cabinet, a nod and a
baffle, and a book of a length that makes the amplitude of the diaphragm of the speaker soar, but
it will be a big deal as 4 #-as a whole, Besides, it is expensive. In the case of a book with a horn,
the length and-aperture of the horn can be uniquely determined by the number of cut-offs 11 '1
m that set the spread stop of the horn, so cut for short sound reproduction When the off
frequency is lowered, there are horns in the horn? * # Becomes smaller and the length of the
horn is very long, so there are restrictions on the installation location and it is expensive. The
present invention is designed to eliminate K defects, and is a book that provides a speaker that
can easily reproduce four bass sounds with a small-diameter speaker. The 11 embodiment of the
present invention will be described based on 11 m 1 below. In the drawings, the speaker 1 is a
small-sized small-sized speaker. For example, in the case of an electrodynamic speaker, a yoke
2KFi-Sil, a magnet and the like are mounted. The 7th lens 7-3 is attached at a predetermined
position on the yoke 2 and is bonded to the 7th lens 5rFis pivot 4 of the frame to make an
EndPage: 1. Even when the horn 6 is fixed to the 7 rungs 5 of the speaker 1, the cabinet 712)
gap til 'BK is also fixed. A backing 9 is interposed at the open end of the horn 6. I put a thin @ 1
n. Thin p10 square luminium thin film-or aluminum is vapor-deposited on polyvinyl chloride or
vinyl chloride to form film KWI. ?The reflection 1i11 is hinged to one end 111+ of the cabinet 7
and the sound wave is reflected in any direction by covering one end P of the horn 6 at an
arbitrary inclination angle, and the diaphragm 4 is used. , Horn 6 and 1ll1 110 Ki !! The inside
space of the cabinet 7 in communication with the heavy front space and the partition 9 of the
diaphragm 4 and with the buttock space is filled with #i, for example, ? 12 heavier than 9 air
such as barbed xenon gas It is And it is sealed off by gas 12 cabinet 7 and backing 9.1ll110.
Next, the operation will be described. When sound pressure is applied and the diaphragm 4
vibrates, the medium flows on the surface of the diaphragm and sound waves are transmitted.
This sound wave travels in the ho 76, is reflected by the reflection plate 11, and propagates in
the direction of the arrow and mark.
In this case, the front surface of the diaphragm 4 is filled with a gas heavier than 9 ? as a
medium, ? 9 ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? C C ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? C ?? C-1 Acoustic radiation resistance is greater
than in the furnace. Therefore, #JJl fishing has the same effect as reproduction with the largeaperture speaker of the diaphragm 4, and the sound * e * nature of bass reproduction and
efficiency are improved. In the case where the horn 6 is an extra horn, since the thin film 111Q is
driven in phase since KFi and the sound wave are flat lN #, it is possible to easily radiate bass
into the outside air. As described above, according to one IJIWi4, since the front of the
diaphragm is filled with gas heavier than air, the acoustic radiation resistance is large, and the
speaker with a small diameter of one aperture has a low-frequency range #! I bridle property is
good Lee, miles can radiate a large dance bass energy the dimensions. Does the thin film always
be an upward needle in one force direction? If installed, the thin IIIK will not cause any
significant loss of heavy gas, so no vibration will occur and no distortion will occur in the sound
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an essential part
showing an embodiment of the present invention. 1 ..... speaker 4 ...... out WItlF6 ииииии horn 10 ......
thin film 12 ...... 9 heavier than the gas-gas more ?? Co., Ltd. Seikosha EndPage: ?
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