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Brief description of the drawings
1 and 2 are longitudinal sectional views of a conventional horn speaker which does not allow
small birds and the like to enter. The symbol in the figure is 1 иии throat part, 2 иии outer cylinder
bottom, 3 иии middle cylinder, 4 иии middle cylinder opening, 5 иии outer cylinder, 6 иии outer cylinder
opening Part, 11.11 '... net, 12.12' ... net attachment bracket, 13 ... screw, 21. 22 ... sound path,
25 ... middle cylinder support portion, 31. ??? 33: Fence, 36: Rod-like protrusion, 37: Show a
protrusion. FIG. 3 shows an example in which a nest 40 of birds or the like is formed on the 21
sound path of a horn speaker without a device for preventing the invasion of birds or the like.
FIG. 4 shows an embodiment of the present invention. 31.32.35 shows a fence and 2 outer
cylinder bottom parts with the code | symbol in a figure. Fig. 5 shows the 31 fence used in Fig. 4.
Fig. 6 '32 fens used in Fig. 4. FIG. 7 shows the 35 fence used in FIG. FIG. 8 shows a structure in
which 36 bar-shaped projections are provided on the periphery of the 33 slot portion in place of
31.32.35 of FIG. FIG. 9 is a perspective view showing a structure in which 37 projections are
provided on the end face of the opening of the middle cylinder in place of 31 and -32.35 in FIG. 4
in the embodiment of the present invention to prevent intrusion of small birds and the like.
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