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By the method of making the central sound for stereo reproduction complement the road horn
including high-pitched and medium-tone behind the diaphragm, it is clearly close to a state
where the raw sound can be naturally heard, and it is realistic and vivid Speaker that features
stereo playback, accurate and accurate. (3) Purpose of the invention In the conventional stereo
speaker, the sound synthesizing part, which is the center of sound divided into right and left, is in
a separated state, the sound is very light, it is close to empty space It has been disseminated to
many people by its long history. Therefore, in the present invention, it is to faithfully reproduce
to a nearly perfect state, and the energy of the sound reproduced from the diaphragm is utilized
to the maximum, and is acoustically synthesized. (4) Effects of the Invention According to the
present invention, it is considered that the center of the sound effect is at the center, and it is
regarded as the best for reproduction of the center sound field, and as stereo sound, right output,
left output and center output. Synthesized synthetic reproduction ability (stereo ability) is very
accurate and clear, and it is very beautiful and wonderful, such as presence of sound, jO power,
freshness, sound field localization, realism. As a condition, however, it is assumed that a position
at a very long distance on the center vertical line of the two diaphragms can exhibit the most
excellent effect. DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS An example of implementation of the
invention will be described. (1) The figure is a front view. In the basic arrangement, a and b are
diaphragms and C is a load horn. (2) The drawing is a sectional view taken along the line A-A in a
plan view. (3) The figure is a front view. (1) This is a development of the figure and is for each
sound, and a, b, c and d are diaphragms and E is a load horn for each component.
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