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Description 1, title of the invention
■ Simply playback method of sensational sound field reproduction sound reproduction device
3. Detailed description of the invention (1) In the small reproduction room all over the world, the
sound field is shrunk and the stereo reproduction device which restores the sound field becomes
impossible by any means in the industry common sense Although each manufacturer has
pursued it, it is natural to think that it is natural for the manufacturer to throw it up and say that
it is under development with an unfinished product but is not seriously developing it at present,
though it is serious. I also pursued and completed the development of color TV with huge cost
and effort is the release of the fact that the fact that it is a practical fact in practice to pursue it,
so why the visual trick is the structure of this in human vision Because it has a function, it can be
used without commentary, but stereo is five times to color television's system theory and
commentary over the whole and twice as long as there is no detailed document of the point yet
to be solved Since I did not admit the unfinished product to the public in front of Sesame in the
stereo and hyper-performance, I developed the general method theory over 10 years and
submitted the patent last time, but further discovered the auditory dualism of hearing ability
science Additional submissions, so! . (2) If you think deeply after that, there are thinkers in the
industry who understand what I have done in my research? Even if experts in each field do not
have knowledge that is generally familiar, the collective concept is the stereo method
explanation, and the electric system, recording system, acoustic engineering system, cerebellar
system, visual system, auditory system, Skin system, deep system, balance system, nervous
system, anatomic system, and each field in memory and specialized in one brain computer
(study) to further test of hearing ability and hearing, cerebrum system, cerebellar system,
auditory balance system If you do not research and discover in the field of unexplained, you will
not solve the mysterious hearing ability and its application will also measure the trick of the
auditory stereo as color. I realized that I could not understand unless I was the person who made
the above research in general, and I became a patent request this time. (3) In a method that
everyone can understand, it will be accepted as a positive theory from the results of research on
the public, and the former method should be considered as an intermediate theoretical
translation. Color TV receives an object with a three-color filter, mixes it, transmits it separately,
separates it into three primary colors, makes point emission on the Noraun tube surface,
combines the mixing ratio of the three primary colors, improves the visual recognition to be
practical and releases it. Since I also pursued after that, except for the basic researcher, I can pass
as an engineer even if I have a lack of the ultimate knowledge of vision. Even if it is stereo or
hearing but it is unexplained in the physiological world, even if it is sufficient to regard human
image as a receptor of general hearing, but some medical technical terms are not sufficiently
understood, my manufacturer's patent content can not be understood. Since there were no
technicians trying to recognize it, I submitted to the Patent Office as an additional functional
structure of the auditory two systems of hearing and auditory balance I discovered a year later.
After acupuncture, if it is not accepted in the physiology world, it will run away if it is not
accepted as a positive theory. However, if it was recognized in the physiology world later that
day, it would be a global discovery and not a useless study, so I submitted it. (4) It is a wellknown fact that the nature of light and sound waves is similar. Stereo can also be made
impossible or impossible if it is explored and clarified by investigating and examining the
difference in visual and auditory abilities. EndPage: 2 film is a reduced recording, but if it is
magnified with a lens and projected onto a projection film, it will be a practical product that will
realize an image from a certain magnification and enlarge a minute size more than a real size or a
sound image It does not notice the basic listening ability that can not be practically used unless it
is a full-scale playback sound that neither expands nor reduces. The perspective from the sound
source recognizes the raw sound image as a change in the sound image from large to small, so
even if it is changed like a lens, it is not recognized as a practically reproduced sound in
comparison with the memory of the raw sound image. It is recognized as a variation of the
playback sound, that is, it is judged as the playback sound from the speaker system. The point is
that it is a point to devise to the reproduction sound wave of full size. It was discovered that
when this reaches the human image and reaches the human image, the human auditory sense of
the living sound field is created by the synthetic judgment of the reminiscent of recalled sound
receptor nostalgia. (5) This application is this method. In the small reproduction room,
conventionally, the speaker system is not considered except being arranged on the front and
listened to in the reproduction room, and since the listening position is separated because it is
expanded and becomes practical, it was sold as 19 stereos in ecstatic sky, but small reproduction
Since the 95th room is a set to be used in the room, the sound wave reproduced on the sheet of
paper in the room is insufficient for expansion and the arrangement order of the sound sources
can not be determined even though it can not be determined. In addition, it is natural as it is
natural to measure sales improvement by means of sesame power to think of the hyperperformance term that seems to be able to reproduce wonderful music, but it is natural as it is
recorded in the microphone surface in different ways depending on the direction arrangement
Even if you listen carefully, there is no one who says another way because of the different
orientations by direction, so the whole world thinks that the beakers will listen in front of you. (6)
The speaker system is directed to the front wall of the reproduction room by the reverse idea of
this theory, and the sound wave is hearing ability in the concept of projection film; I think that is
the only way of thinking. If you hit the speaker against the wall in the test results in the room or
not and play the playback sound, the room will be Arai for each room, applying the principle that
equal sound pressure will be applied, and the sound seat area around the dust hall will all have
equal sound pressure. It will come.
In my reproduction method, I apply the use of the police office that hits the wall once except for
the direct sound speaker, and let the echo sound of equal sound pressure reach the human image
and reproduce only the direct sound, and recognize the stage playing direction It is a multispeaker one-handed type of the previous patent, but this time it is covered with the tuning of the
timbre and the back clapping and overhead sound source is impossible 98% 1ijiil 而 sound
recording of the record is not shrunk sounding that sense projects It succeeded in making. (7) In
the stereo industry all over the world, live v-field playback places microphones at various places
in the hall and places playback speakers at that position for fidelity playback, but it is impossible
to reproduce a three-dimensional sound source, and recording and playback are the same
Because it is not necessary in the small playback room, it is necessary to record sound from the
sound source and the speaker sound source direction according to the idea of the speaker sound
source direction and to record the tone around the special seat in the hall and reproduce it
faithfully It is the present condition whether the expert is calming that the recording in the last in
the mainstream is in the mainstream in such a mainstream. Proximity recording is a special tone
color to be determined later by dividing into four original tones in consideration of the three
primary colors of color TV to direct sound, -time reflection sound, 2-3 times echo sound, and 4.5
times reverberation sound for the sake of a whistle The tone quality of the large, medium, and
small halls except for my playback system, which mixes the mixing ratio, can not be matched
with the conventional playback 7-band speaker system. The set that a good tone reproduces is
not a faithful reproduction but a correction correction reproduction. If it's really faithful
reproduction, it will be contrary to the reality that saying in the tone just before the instrument
and not just the desired reproduced tone is the same as when the instrument is in front of the
eye if it is proximity recording. In order to correct the tone color to be sought from various
recordings under different conditions, it is ideal whether to mix the mixing ratio after dividing
into each amplifier of 4 original colors and speakers and this is the last time, but this time we
submitted by this method , EndPage: We have submitted this patent because we succeeded in
researching each tone by circuit switching with the tuning technology of a combination of 3
beakers. The performances of 7 speakers and speakers are different for each manufacturer, and
there is a difference between parts. It is not possible to use them in the same circuit, and it is
possible to put into each tone with tuning technology. The point is that the patent element is to
make the sound that the target hearing recognizes. (8) From now on, the parts with good
performance can be carefully examined and combined without giving a new product indication
after changing parts by hand, and the sound field changes only when the new parts are
remarkably good. Was established. France, even if the top Chinese cook wrote a cookbook in
detail, there is a difference outside the ingredients, so the same thing can be said in stereo if the
book alone can not be finished. I am sorry.
Even if I copy my circuit, I can not get the desired tone if there is a slight difference in the
material, but by unifying the standard, it is possible to make the point where mass production
can be possible or the critical point. The conventional 7-band circuit has a design that has many
unnecessary points and is cheap and good products and key points. The point is that nonspecialty players are veterans with less material. Technology that can obtain good performance
with cheap stereo is also high-level elucidating the mysteries of hearing in the upper ranks and
can make similar memories of nostalgic 誘 発 to induce more Σ as much as the popularization
stereos hope of the consumer and this simple I succeeded in developing the method. (9) In the
case of the conventional reproduction method, recording is simply performed by the
development of the route of the speaker system salt, and the arrangement order of the sound
image such as the CRT is not recognized on the page, but even in color, only one receiving
receiver lens is binocular Although the television system such as acceptance can not be
completed, stereo is still good if right and left microphones, but sometimes we use 24
microphones separately to reproduce an accurate sound image. This also deems the basis of
reproduction of the sound field sound image of the whole sound source array 無 and makes the
substitute of the single sound source a speaker, and it is impossible to do stereo by the
conventional idea of course in the conventional idea. I can not get it. I do not sell each other
because they do not sell each other because they do not finish each other but they deny the
auditory test that accumulates, but the company loses if it is exposed. Well, I would like to say
that there is no established maker of formal theory in a positive theory, and I think that there is
no leader status. For the sake of establishing a system theory that can be explained even if it is
disputed over a wide range of fields, it is possible for all manufacturers and official vs. novices to
understand the correct thing of my system and to be able to explain that it is correct. Since I do
not understand physiology, I think that it will stick to the present condition by impossible call
'because it will be disadvantageous if recognition of lack of knowledge is accepted. Experts
explained the theory in the field of sound engineering of the common sense of the common sense
naturally understandable, and assembled the method theory that this is not impossible. 00
Assuming a small reproduction room wall with a size of 6-8-10 tatami around the special seating
section of the live performance hall by changing the way of thinking Assuming a small
reproduction room wall of 6-8-10 tatami place from the stage performance sound source
'passing the can wall of the reproduction room Changes to the volume, timbre change of various
conditions that can be imagined if you illustrate and investigate direct sound, -time reflection
sound, 43 times echo, 4.5 times echo of wall, etc. The angle distribution sound pressure and
sound patience were thoroughly established after radically pursuing and elucidating and
repeatedly performing practical tests. Sound waves similar to this condition were reproduced on
the wall of the reproduction room wall and the screen of the color cathode ray tube and video
blocker. If you install a speaker system that separates into various sound waves from the
playback room according to your thought, the speaker system will be placed in the position of
the speaker system submitted last time.
It is possible for the companies to co-produce them at my designated position and designationonly if they are separated into each tone with the current development technology parts. I can
also try EndPage: 4 to see the prototypes of my prototypes, even for the most challenging
timbres. I have already decided on 1. OOO0 people's hearing test and various recordings of λ
000 sheets and the motor test product testing room 1.000 tests of the various reproduction
rooms are being done. It is believed that the αυ playback system has proved to be unique in
that it is not possible to produce stereos other than auditory tricks, but to measure the change of
idea. The visual sense of contraction in artificial video can be judged the size, but the auditory
sense of the three-dimensional sound source direction is necessary, so another function is
necessary to combine the storage of the raw sound image with the judgment of the raw sound
source. Even in the field, the structural function of the human body is still lacking even in two
systems, so I made a synthetic judgment that included cerebral memory. For the sake of
acupuncture, I have pursued research on how to pursue similar memory induction with
reproduced sound and how to solve the urgent need points through repetition of various tests,
and this research enables this to be possible with a minimum of tricks. The simple method is
appreciated by consumers with a small budget, and knows no. However, I think that the stereo
world will progress by the end to the method theory of the last presentation. α2 Hearing is
claimed to be mysterious even if there is a lack of reproduction input; it is possible to judge the
same name as the car driving outdoor in the room. The physiological world is also unexplained
because there are many unreasonable points and can not be explained even if physically
considering binaural input with a functional structure such as no change in direction recognition
car even if you move both ears against the sound source. There is nothing other than to say that.
Hearing is not limited to the ears, so both ears, power can not make sense of direction EIA. There
are various test methods to prove it in my experimental set. However, at the time of
reproduction, the ability of the Pacini small system changes the diffuse wave vibration sound
emitted from the speaker system from the floor into a direct wave by the base and the luanuta so
that the speaker position is not recognized in the small reproduction room; It is one of the Also in
the previous case, the direct sound is the height of the front eye Another one, 43 times, four or
five times the speaker is mounted on the ceiling and the floor surface can not recognize the
sounding position of the speaker It is definition that imagination imagines from the limit.
However, when it is separated into each sound, it can be recognized that it will sound as a single
address independently, but it is also one of the ability of the Batini system to create the airwaves
with the above-mentioned equal sound pressure but not all sound. This theory and experiment,
the application was not elucidated, and it struggled to find and applied it. 0 The reproduction
room wall is close to the absorption rate of the recording studio. Ideally, the theory is based on
the definition with the ideal as the recording studio is smaller than the conventional playing hall,
so the high sound of the direct sound is absorbed and absorbed. It is an absorption wall to make
the mixing ratio tone of the large hall, and it makes the reproduction sound of the large playing
hall approximate reproduction and makes the reflection good. The design and installation of the
reflective screen is made by the opposite method to the conventional method. The longer the
reverberation of the large hall is, the larger the timbre strength of the large concert hall is; It is to
This limit is a step before the conversation in the playback room echoes and is hard to hear, and
as a result of the experiment, the playback sound is better even if the conversation echo is
generated, but it was limited to a step ahead due to obstacles in daily life. It is an idea that there
is no concept of a reflectance improvement wall conventionally. (The 141 inventions discovery is
something that traditional experts say impossible, but even if it is thought that the explanation is
simplified, it is believed that ideas and new discovery hearing-ability intervene is somehow
managed by making full use of association and knowledge in a wide range of fields Since there
was nothing developed, I would like to understand the point that the method of explanation is
changed in the long sentence. In addition, the playback ability, which is partially defective in
other unimproved elements, makes the hearing ability not to compare the difference with the
sound field with the retrospective similar memories. The play sound has a necessary condition
considering it is a trick of memory induction. q51 playback ·-If direct sound, once reflected
sound, 43 times anti- # I 4.5, 4.5 times echoed sound is generated simultaneously in the room,
the difference in absorption power is 4.5 times, 43 times, once Interview and EndPage: 5 The
situation of the large hall and the idea of near-coming are also introduced in this method. In
addition, the derogatory name is lightning and reproduction of a large performance is impossible
in the small reproduction room, but the whole is convinced and refuses the objection, but it is the
reproduction of conditions of sound pressure timbre etc. of the reproduction room assumed wall,
so the main sound source is heard It can be reproduced except when it can not escape from the
sound wave reaching the position of. Design design of the reproduction room in the area around
the main-style playing hall, but it will be practical if the conditions are met in the outdoor
recording, so change it if you want to change it. Although it is formal, it was easy to make a size 9
and was called the hall superior seat. Conventionally, the speaker salt disappears in the playback
room at a rate of 340 US per second with stereo technology 迄 Without any pursuit of how the
playback sound changes and hearing input is entered around the special seat to compare the live
sound field and the playback sound It is my idea without description and a method as one
company that assumes the reproduction room and matches it as one. Since this research and
practical test is indispensable to the development of the correct stereo method, I would like to
recognize the difference between the conventional and the idea. We described the difference
between the conventional method and the idea of α0 or more outline, but if you compare and
audition in the small playback room outside the same record, you know that there is no other
than the correct stereo sought in the world. I think that you can accept the point that it will be
practical like the color in the small reproduction room of normal use, but I will pay the other for
the business trip expenses and expenses on the quick way that I can recognize it most How is it?
Even if it is high-level design with 20.03 million and the conventional method, the reproduction
sound is a big gap from the 200,000 (simple type) of my method, and the commentary which can
be convinced enough and can be understood well is possible.
Thank you for your understanding. α i Fig. i shows the reproduction room 8 where the special
listening area around the live performance hall and the best listening position of the 3D sound
source are assumed on the reproduction room wall 9 to determine the position of the auditory 1o
and the live sound of the hall live performance sound source 2 It is a conceptual diagram in
which each raw sound wave 3 of the outdoor three-dimensional main sound source l of the front
performance hall is assumed to reach and pass through the reproduction room wall 9 and
approximated by the reproduction sound wave 4; If the patient persuasively illustrates the
process of the habit in which 3 'is the hole wall 7 or the inside and outside of the hole and the
general reflected light passing through the reproduction room wall 9 and reaching the auditory
IO and decays; If you are not bothered by the name of the rule, if you give the concept of the
basic explanation that this synthesis result is approximately reproduced in the reproduction
room 8 as soon as possible, the reproduction room wall arrival sound wave 3 'will be reproduced
in the reproduction room 8 It was made to reproduce to the auditory arrival sound "by making
baton touch. Also, I thought it would be difficult with the current technology. However, those
who made a change around the world need a theory more than thorough color. FIG. 2 is a layout
diagram of a part of the speaker in which the formal stereo touched by the reproduction sound 4
of FIG. 1 is described with reference to the speaker partial diagram 1.1 direct reflections within
the reproduction room 7 consisting of the reproduction room wall 6. Auditory arrival
reproduction sound wave 5 'generated from the direction of each reproduction sound wave 5 in
which each speaker consisting of 43 times echo sound 3.4.5 reflection sound 4 is arranged as
shown in the left and right views Schematic plan illustrating the installation method of practical
test results determined to be the best. Fig. 3 is a side schematic view of the reference explanation
of Fig. 2. The 4th and 5th echoes 4 are the auditory view of the human figure received at the
upper back of the position of Fig. 2. FIG. 4 is a schematic front view for explaining reflection and
enlargement of a reproduced sound wave image according to the present invention in a
simplified reproduction system; FIG. 4 is a front schematic view of the reproduced sound wave 2
comprising speakers 1 arranged on the left and right of the reproduction chamber 5; 'The
reproduction sonic wave magnified image 2 reproduced and reflected and expanded toward' 'is
applied to the auditory 3 from the auditory arrival reproduction sonic wave 2' and the most
important point to apply the reflection emphasis to reproduce the acoustic wave 2 on the front
surface 4 ' However, because the production of amplifiers and speakers requires the most
advanced technology and is easy to imitate monkeys, we submitted a patent for EndPage: 6. FIG.
5 shows an enlarged view of the reproduction sound wave image of the simple reproduction
method according to the present invention and a part of the speaker. FIG. 5 is a schematic side
view of the reproduction room 50. The front wall of wall 4 is reflected and enlarged to reproduce
reproduced sound wave magnified image 2 'to be received by human hearing 3 from auditory
arrival reproduced sound wave z' Caster 98 to set the reproduced sound wave magnified image
to the ideal size. The speaker is placed on the table 6 and the height is determined according to
the size of the reproduction room according to the size of the reproduction room As a moving
type human sense of the auditory 3 direction sense system of the auditory sense of 3 An
installation method for obtaining only the reproduced sound wave magnified image obtained by
asking the soundproofing patch 7 or caster 8 as needed so that the position of the part 1 can not
be recognized.
FIG. 6 imaginarily illustrates each sound point of the reproduced sound wave expanded in front
of the front wall 5 and is a direct sound 1.1 times reflected sound 2.43 times echoed sound 3.4 5
times echoed sound 4 Since it is a stereo in the principle diagram of the color television's CRT
tube and the number of sunsets and the number of reflections generated by the sound waves on
the cathode ray tube, the situation of other walls consisting of not only the front but also the
reproduction room should be considered. FIG. 7 receives the human wave source arrangement
order of the raw sound wave 1 in different directions reaching the top, bottom, center and left
and right of the microphone 2 face by the microphone 2 and records 3 and reproduces it by the
speaker reproduction of the speaker 5 by 4 The reproduction by sound wave 6 on the surface 5 ',
the reproduction according to the direction like the human wave sound source sequence order is
an unrecognizable illustration, and the expert who translates this as impossible or impossible. I
placed the source playback of 2 parts of the left and right parts on the front and rear of the 7
and advertised it as reproducing the arrangement order of the instrument, but the cause of the
impossible was not clarified. Since it is a mechanism to judge memory recall only when the
hearing recognizes the same sound wave expansion as the raw sound wave, it is not recognized
as raw, and nobody noticed it as mere reproduction speaker sound source. Fig. 8 is a basic
diagram of Ohm's law in hearing. At the entrance to the ear canal 4, the sound waves are secured
separately. Directional arrival sound waves 1 are also sequentially bent from the entrance of the
ear canal 3 to become bending sound waves 1 '. In the ear canal, it converges in the same
direction and reaches the tympanic membrane 2 as the co-directional focused sound wave 1 ′
′ and reaches the tympanic membrane surface τ but it can be heard by the co-directional
focused sound wave 1 ′ ′ e The person who says that I can do it says that the principle is out
of order. It is a person who does not know the basic test that can be recognized without changing
the direction regardless of how to change the left and right ears of the main sound source. Even
if human hearing is mysterious, there should be no ability to distinguish the tympanic membrane
input whose phase can not be distinguished. It is a corroborative diagram that also has direction
perception ability. In FIG. 9, the reproduction sound wave 10 from which the reproduction signal
of the reproduction device 8 is reproduced and expanded from the speaker 9 and the light 2
generated from the light emission source 1 pass through the film 3 and become light 4 of the
film film and the film image The light 6 is enlarged and a schematic view explaining the
enlargement principle of the present invention by the similarity comparison of vision and
auditory by the projection reproduction. The auditory screen 11 determines the best listening
tolerance to recognize the sound wave expansion correctly and to approximate the raw sound
wave while the reproduction sound wave 10 is expanded sequentially from the speaker 9 The
sound wave auditory screen assumed position 1σ And 10 ′ ′ ′ 1σ ′ are assumed to be at
the center. Therefore, the auditory sense of the memory is judged at the screen expansion
positions such as the reproduced sound wave auditory screen assumption positions 10 'and 1σ
′ ′, 10 ′ and 10 # ′, etc. assuming the hearing 7 screen 11 other than the auditory screen
assumption positions 1q and 10 ′ ′ The figure below explains that it is not recognized as the
best listening position, and it is an upper view assuming a screen centered on the assumed visual
position C 'of projection visual reproduction of the light 6 of the film image by the lens 5 Party
Screen Assumptions tJ6 'and σ' etc. Vision EndPage: Even if the 7 screen is rested, the size of the
magnified image is only changed visually, but only when the sound wave expansion is correctly
recognized in the auditory sense This is a comparative explanation of the reproduction principle
to determine the correct reproduction sound wave expansion for the judgment mechanism.
In the above figure, the stereo world learns only general knowledge as sound engineering work
in other fields, and elucidates how the raw sound source wave reaches the top listening position
of the human image outside the 'transient characteristic change' The application of this is not
totally heated, but it is thought that the speaker system examination is complete by acceptance,
and the medical community is mainly in treatment in the field of physiologists such as basic
human hearing ability and the hearing ability is in the research field of stereo world I did not
recognize that, I realized this and pursued and clarified it, and proceeded correctly with human
auditory car acoustic engineering, recording-reproduction method. Qe My greatest fear is that
both in the ear can recognize the phase sound source ~ direction in the stereo world, but the
physiological world is confusing, but the physiological world admits the theory of human
psychology's theory of direction perception as a hypothesis I do not exist. This is the result of a
test method that allows sound to be received by the human image without being input only to
both ears. The function that exerts the threatening direction perception that the direction
perception of the Batini system of my discovery exerts is consonantly added to both ears. In the
electric system, the electric system reproduces the recording without knowing all the heat, and it
is a profit and a release request although it is not practical, and it is a result that it is damaged by
putting on the ground of theory. It's a big deal. The result is that some people lose their
credibility and their income is diminished, and the opposite is being turned to me. I developed for
the public because of the electric field, but it is fear that it will be counter-laminated and fzr
things will be accepted though it is acknowledged. + 291 If it is recognized that the patent
applied for hyperbolic performance has been approved as an official statement, saying that 9
theories on the desk outside of the umpee-ter theory have been officially approved so that stereo
sound will be reproduced until now. Good. The matter denied by the expert of the acupuncture
path is a series of things that are considered unresolved and unexplained are the majority of my
invention discoveries. Although the last presentation has explained the point of the problem and
even experts in each field have not yet been elucidated, there is a possibility that even if the
people of the Patent Office put together a negative reply, this time it is acoustic engineering and
specialist The explanation is based on the well-known principle of lack of knowledge and the
established facts of the color TV video projector. C20 My system was disapproved for the abovementioned denial of the bribery, but if it is recognized in the future, the patent submitted to me
that the performance of the nomenclature stereo will be reproduced should be reversed as well.
'Because I thought that the performance of the rattan was recognized and confirmed, I finished it
in 5 years, but the performance is inferior to 200,000 to 400,000 of my system even with 2
million loo million of conventional products in various tests more than 5 years However,
unfortunately, if an experiment wish system with a comparative performance difference is newly
established, even if five years ago, Wanjo is a seemingly even permit, and products that
consumers are pleased with will soon be released to the world .
There are some manufacturers that claim to be swearing to adopt if the patent submitted by the
layman is accepted, but it seems that each maker also studied at the same time if the
conventional stereo related patents and the performance confirmation system. Even if the last
submission is for a patent for the same thing in the same way in the same way in the same way in
the similar manner in the last presentation (in the backing of the finished product), I believe that
I will take priority and the simplified method is faster for product transition The cost reduction
product is a backlog because performance requires precision in production. Since the recall leads
to recall of memories in the hearing ability only with the performance, the desktop theory alone
is not enough and I do not say the point of the plagiarism, it means that the Patent Office has
been deceived. Even if the patent is granted in the conventional product, the performance of one
or more stereos has been confirmed not to be equipped, and it is my biggest trouble, but I would
like to ask you to be well deposed. From now on, if you select standard parts to make a correct
stereo, the circuit diagram will be unified, but there is a difference in parts obtained for each
maker, and there is a difference between correction parts and correction circuits. : 8 tones, 43
reverberations, 45 reverberations are established, and a simple tone type λ turtle 45
reverberation syntheses timbre or a timbre change matched with the switching operation knob
even with this all-tone tone on the front wall of the playback room In order to generate each tone
is usually difficult to visually identify each sound is a tone determined in 10 years various
prototypes and 10000 people audition test and more than 3000 records and tests of more than
1000 rooms. I can assert that I am not out of this world. el) If I say why, I can not distinguish the
performance of the currently developed measuring machine, the true fake of the singer. Though
the human hearing senses subtle differences, the conductor with excellent discriminative ability
of the difference of the eyebrows, the performance expert of the director receives no comparative
comment with the live performance sound field and the mixed performance of any instrument
Even if the quality of the scale is not clear in the curve data, it is clear that the curve and the
wave type are displayed as the performance and the commentary is commented out as an
engineer who lacks knowledge of how much the structural function of the measuring machine
does not know End up being unreliable. Moreover, although the computer calculation method
and so on are smoked, the hearing ability structure has not been elucidated. If you do not
introduce the data in a memory system according to its judgment ability after elucidating its
structure function, the necessary data of the correct hearing ability will not be calculated in
Funputa, without knowing the basics of the calculation, it has been made as an essential data of
patent submission It is Some manufacturers say that they can not obtain a patent because my
method is insufficient to explain and measure data, and if I think deeply, I will not hesitate to
comment on boros.
I think that the manufacturer of Sakai regrets that it has lost credibility because there was no
reply or presentation that made me remember what kind of introduction data and what kind of
answer was given. As stated above, it can not be canceled, so the data of insufficient
measurement ability is not helpful. 0 private invention is too serious to predict the result of
major revolution in the world of the stereo world, and it is confirmed as a special case that
performance is confirmed as a special case, and the practical test of performance is considered to
be sufficient and sufficient. The idea was completed with a number of idea inventions that can
not be considered, but because it is widely related to each field, it seems that the examination is
troublesome, but even if one condition is missing, it is divided because human's hearing ability is
not recognized The biggest problem is that you can not issue a patent. It is not possible to judge
the quality of the playback sound with the measuring machine, but although the auditory
computer of the amateur possesses a great deal of judgment, it is an industry like the force of
performance with the curve-) graph. In addition, the color in the C practical use test is the same
as the completed color, and the method of development is different from the total heat in the
auditory test more than 10000 Å. At present, the development of the basic emphasis on the
correctness of the audibility judgment of the layman over the measuring machine Koipy-ter of
the manufacturer's possession is higher than the competence of the same ability compared to the
human hearing ability is developed. It is a method.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a plan schematic view to explain the concept of the
present invention. FIG. 2 is a plan schematic view of a formal stereo reproduction arrangement to
reference the invention. FIG. 3 is a formal stereo to explain the invention. A schematic side view
of the reproduction arrangement: FIG. 4 is a plan view schematically illustrating sound wave
image enlargement by the simple reproduction method of the present invention. FIG. 5 is a side
schematic drawing of the sound wave image enlargement and reproduction installation by the
simple reproduction method of the present invention. Fig. 7 is a front view explaining each sound
source point of the front reproduction room wall defining the present invention Fig. 7 is an
explanatory drawing of sound wave and source conditions accompanying recording to
reproduction for finding reproduction principle of the present invention Fig. 8 is reproduction of
the present invention The basic figure of Ohm's law explaining the condition of the auditory
arrival sound wave which asks for the principle Figure 9 is a comparison figure of the
reproduction expansion which assumed the reproduction principle of the present invention by
audiovisual explanation EndPage: 9 Brief Description of the Figure 1 The outdoor stereo main
sound source 2 is a hall live performance The sound source 3 is the main sound wave y of the
outdoor three-dimensional main sound source y is the main sound wave end of the live
performance sound source 'is the reproduction room wall arrival main sound wave I' is the
auditory arrival half sound wave 4 the reproduction sound wave 5 outside the hall 6 the live
performance hall 7 Wall 8: playback room 9: playback room wall 10: auditory FIGS. 2 and 3 1 for
direct sound speaker part 2 for one-time reflected speaker part 5 for reproduced sound "wave 5
'reaches auditory Reproduction sound wave 6 Reproduction room wall 7 Reproduction room 8 is
a human image Auditory Figure 4 and Figure 5 1 Speaker part 2 is reproduction sound wave Gue
reflected magnified image reproduction sound wave 3 is a human image Auditory sound 4 is
reproduction The room wall 4 'is the front wall 5, the reproduction room 6 is the table 7, the
sound-vibration anti-vibration puckin 8 is the caster in FIG. 6 1 is a direct sound reproduction
sound wave 2 is one echo sound reproduction wave 3 is 3.4 times Sound reproduction 4 sound
wave 4 or 5 times echo sound reproduction sound wave 5 front reproduction room wall 1 in
Figure 7 main sound wave 2 microphone l recording microphone face 3 Sound 4 is reproduced 5
is speaker 5 'is reproduced Sphie, Il +-surface 6 is reproduced sound wave 7 is part of the
speaker 1 in FIG. 8 is directional reaching sound wave 1' is a bending sound wave 1 '' is the same
direction focused sound wave, 2 is The tympanic membrane / the tympanic surface 3 is the
external auditory canal 4 is the external ear 1 in FIG. 9 is a light source 2 is a light 3 is a film 4 is
a film image 5tilz 7X6 is a magnified film image light σ, σ ′ 6′1 is a visual screen
Assumption position 7 is visual screen 8 reproduction 9 speaker 10 is expansion reproduction
sound wave 1ge, 1g ', 1q ′ ′ auditory screen assumption position 11 is auditory screen
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