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Abstract: The present invention provides an image system capable of selecting and listening to
sound in each seat while viewing a plurality of screens simultaneously on one large screen with a
small-sized simple sports bar. SOLUTION: A device for receiving audio and video of multiple
channels, a device for separating audio and video, a video selector, a projector 5 and a screen 4
for projecting the video, and a sound disposed at each table 2 position The audio box 200
includes a selector, an audio amplification device, and a speaker. A large number of images are
divided and projected on the screen 4, and one of a large number of sounds is selected in the
table 2. An audio and visual system for sports cafes that can. [Selected figure] Figure 1
Audio and visual systems for sports cafes
The present invention relates to a screen imaging apparatus installed in a mass customer service
place such as a sports bar selling drinks etc while broadcasting sports, and one screen displays a
plurality of screens or one large screen is selected. Audio and visual system useful for simple
sports bars and cafes, where each table can listen to the selected sound while watching a
plurality of competition scenes or one competition scene selected It is about
Generally, when watching sports broadcasts at beer cafes, restaurants, etc., at least 10 or more
dozens of PDP monitors are installed in each chair, and dozens of them are installed, and 1-2
people view through one monitor. It was a structure.
However, such a structure has a problem that the size of the screen is as small as 40-50 inches,
the installation cost of the PDP monitor is excessive, and the power consumption is large.
In addition, even with small-scale sports bars, there is a trend to demand progressively larger
screens, and it is necessary to simultaneously watch other competitions as needed, so multiple
PDP monitors are installed in parallel with the large screens. It was
In this case, in a small-scale sports bar, it is impossible to install screens and multiple monitors
simultaneously due to space limitations, so when installing with one large screen, it is not
possible to view multiple competitions outside one competition. When a plurality of small
monitors are installed, the screen is small, which has the side effect of halving the viewing effect
of sports competition broadcasts.
In addition, there is a problem that sounds transmitted to each visual screen which
simultaneously project a plurality of images on one large screen are mixed.
In addition, when installing multiple monitors and providing sports broadcasts for multiple
channels, the interior of the business place must be so wide that multiple monitors can not be
installed inside a small cafe. It was impossible to watch sports.
Korean Published Patent 10-2007-0054780 Korean Published Patent 10-2011-0042612
The present invention is a small-sized simple sports bar or the like, while viewing a plurality of
screens simultaneously on one large screen of 80 inches or more, while selecting and listening to
the sound on each seat, one video on one large screen The purpose is to provide an audio and
video system that can be viewed on a large scale.
In order to solve the above-described problems, the audio and video system for sports cafe
according to the present invention (audio-video system for sports cafe) simultaneously receives
and outputs images of a large number of channels and a large number of sounds at a receiving
device. Stage: Separate video and audio with multiple videos and multiple sounds output from the
receiver, receive multiple videos separated by channel unit, select one of them with the video
selector and output Step, the projector receiving the input of the image output from the image
selector projects on the screen, and the input of a large number of channel unit sounds separated
by the receiving device and selecting one of them with the sound selector Stage, stage where
sound is output from the sound selector to the speaker, stage And the speaker is arranged at the
table position, and one of a large number of images or one image is selected on the screen, and
any one sound in a large number of sounds is selected at the table position. It is characterized in
that it can be selected.
More specifically, the present invention provides a set top box receiving inputs of multiple
broadcast channels by a large screen of 80 inches or more and multiple broadcast channels, and
one multiple channel video on one screen. It consists of a video splitter that divides and
composes on the screen, a video selector that selects and outputs one video among many videos,
and a projector and a screen that are selected and projected by the video selector, and the
multiple channels It consists of an acoustic selector that selects one channel in the output multichannel sound, an amplification device that amplifies the sound selected by the acoustic selector,
and a speaker, and outputs the above-mentioned sound in one direction so as to have directivity.
Coupled to the speaker, and the acoustic selector device is coupled Consisting of a table
According to the present invention, it is possible to view a large number of screens
simultaneously on a large screen in a small place, or to select and view one screen among a large
number of screens on a large screen, and to select and listen to sounds on a table. Because one
projector and one screen simultaneously project many screens, it is possible to reduce the
excessive installation cost and power cost from the conventional multiple small monitor
installation, and multiple images in a small place Can be provided simultaneously.
It is structure explanatory drawing inside the cafe in which the structure of this invention was
FIG. 2A is an explanatory view at the time of large image projection on the screen.
FIG. 2B is an explanatory view of one video projection on the screen.
It is explanatory drawing of the component of this invention.
FIG. 5 is an illustration of a directional speaker structure coupled to a table.
It is operation | movement explanatory drawing of a sound collection apparatus.
It is explanatory drawing regarding the structure of an acoustic box.
It is explanatory drawing of an acoustic waveguide.
FIG. 1 mainly relates to the inside of a small structure such as a sports bar, a coffee shop cafe,
etc. in which the present invention is implemented, and the screen 1 is provided on the inside
front of the cafe 1 and the table 2 is provided on the front, The chairs 3 are arranged on the left
and right sides of the table 2, and the viewers of the left and right sides of the table 2 are
configured to be able to view the image of the screen 4 by turning their heads.
Although a large number of images are projected on such a screen 4, the large number of images
can be configured with two, four, nine, sixteen, etc. screens.
However, according to the present invention, since all the logics are the same, for convenience of
explanation, four screens will be described as a reference of multiple screens in one screen 4.
As shown in FIG. 2A, different screens such as A, B, C, and D can be implemented on one screen.
For example, A can play baseball, B can play soccer, C can play a music program, D can play a
movie, etc., and a single screen can be used to selectively view and listen to a video as intended.
Also, as shown in FIG. 2B, one image can be viewed on a large screen on one screen 4 like a
sports final game or a movie.
As shown in FIG. 3, such an operation and effect is provided with the receiving device 6 which
receives the input of a large number of video and audio programs by a large number of channels
such as airwaves by cable, cable broadcasting, DVD, tuner, video recording medium etc The
receiving device 6 is provided in the set top box 7 provided with a large number of channel video
output terminals 7a, 7b, 7c, 7d by a large number of tuners.
The video output terminals a, b, c, d of the set top box 7 are each divided into two lines by the
distributor 15. One of the lines in each of them distributes a large number of pictures into one
picture. And the remaining one line of video is input to the video selector 10.
The video selector 10 inputs the video f, which is generated by dividing the plurality of videos by
the video divider 9 into one video, to the video selector 10.
That is, the video selector 10 receives an input of the video f of the video divider 9 in which
many videos are divided into one video by the video divider 9 and a large number of videos input
from the set top box 7.
Therefore, in the video selector 10, the video in which many videos are edited into one video by
the video divider 9 by switch selection and the many videos a, b, c, d which are input from the set
top box 7 , F to project on the screen 4 through the projector 5.
Therefore, when four channels a, b, c and d are input as shown in (a) and (b) of FIG. It is possible
to select an image f in which the screen is combined into one screen, or to select one image in the
a, b, c, d images to view a large screen on one large screen.
Although the above description is based on 4 images, 9 images and 16 images are also possible
with the same logic.
According to the present invention, selective listening of sound becomes difficult because many
people must simultaneously view many images on one screen.
Therefore, as shown in FIG. 3, a large number of sound output lines 8 are connected to the
positions of the respective tables 2 from the large number of channel sound output terminals 8a,
8b, 8c, 8d of the set top box 7.
The table 2 includes an acoustic selector 11 capable of selecting and listening to a large number
of acoustic output lines 8 in channel units, and an acoustic amplification device 14 capable of
amplifying the sound in channel units selected by the acoustic selector 11. Composed of
Such an acoustic amplification device 14 is connected to the speaker 12 again.
In addition, such an acoustic amplification device 14 constitutes a sound collection device 13
capable of collecting sound as shown in FIG. 4 so that the sound can be directed to and listened
to in units of position of the table 2. .
Such a sound collecting device 13 is formed of wood and plastic as materials, and is formed in a
concave shape having a spherical surface R, and a half point of the curvature spherical surface R
is at a focal point F position, as shown in FIG. If the speaker 12 is positioned at the focal point F
position of the curvature spherical surface R, the sound diffusion range c is reflected in a straight
line, and if the loudspeaker 12 is positioned within the focal point F position, the acoustic
diffusion range c is wide. On the contrary, if the speaker 12 is positioned outside the focal point F
position, the acoustic diffusion range c becomes narrow.
Therefore, the positions of the table 2 and the chair 3 and the positions of the speakers 12 can
be effectively arranged in consideration of the diffusion range c of (a), (b) and (c) of FIG.
Such an acoustic arrangement spreads the sound directionally depending on the positions of the
table 2 and the chair 3 as shown in FIGS. 6 and 7, so that one image in a plurality of images
appearing on one screen 4 When selecting the sound of, the sound suitable for it can be selected
and heard by the sound selector 11.
Also, the magnitude of the sound can be adjusted by the sound amplification device 14 for the
volume of the sound.
In addition, the set top box 7 having a large number of channels, the image divider 9 for
combining a large number of images into one image, and the image selector 10 for receiving and
selecting an input of a large number of images are circuit boards in one box. Can be configured
with one control box 100.
When the control box 100 structure as described above is configured inside or outside of the
projector 5 again to form a single structure, installation and use become simple.
By the same logic, as shown in FIG. 7, an acoustic waveguide 15 having a gradient angle ∠ A is
configured in front of the speaker 12 as shown in FIG. Can be configured to have
The acoustic devices which can be selected for each table 2 are, as shown in FIG. 6, an acoustic
selector 11 switch device connected to the plurality of acoustic input terminals 16a, 16b, 16c
and 16d in one box 200. , The sound amplification device 14 for amplifying the selected sound,
the speaker 12, and the waveguide 15 or the sound collection device 13 for determining the
sound diffusion range of the speaker 12 in units of box 200 for installation and movement. It can
be simplified.
The sound selector 11 device, the sound amplification device 14 and the speakers 12 can
increase the number of components in proportion as the number of sound channels increases.
According to the present invention as described above, a plurality of projectors 5 can be provided
to distribute a large number of screen layouts in the left and right directions. With the same logic
as described above, as shown in (a) and (b) of FIG. A small screen split screen or a large screen
can be selected, and sound channel selection can also be configured by the above logic.
In addition, the projector 5 and the screen 4 can be arranged and used on the left and the right.
Three-dimensional video is composed of a plurality of projectors 5 in the above configuration,
and it is a 3D projector in which a polarizing plate is attached to the front end of the projection
lens of the projector 5 or a 3D projector having a function of sequentially projecting left and
right images. After the 3D image is selected and configured, the 3D image can be viewed using
polarized glasses after the 3D image is input.
Further, when listening to the sound in stereo multiple channels, the sound selector 11, the
sound amplification channel and the speaker 12 may be increased by the number of sound
Therefore, when the screen size is 120 inches, such a 30-inch screen has 16 multiple screens, a
40-inch screen has 9 multiple screens, and a 60-inch screen 4 It is possible to view on a large
number of screens, select the 16 or 9 or 4 large screens and view on a 120-inch screen, and
select from among the large number of screens as described above The sound of the screen to be
viewed can listen to the sound of the video to be selectively watched on the table.
Therefore, it is possible to selectively view and listen to audio and video at the same time in
various ways simultaneously on 16 different sports competitions or news, video programs, movie
programs and the like on one large screen, or to selectively view on a large screen.
In addition, since one projector and one screen project a large number of screens, it is possible to
reduce excessive installation costs and power costs from conventional multiple monitor
installation, and to provide multiple images in a small place. Can.
In addition, large screens of 30 inches or more, such as 40 inches, 60 inches, 120 inches, etc.,
can be provided in large numbers or in one screen in a small place, so a large number of large
screens can be simultaneously provided in a small business place Can.
Therefore, the present invention can be usefully applied to small-scale sports bars, beer cafes,
coffee shops, rest rooms, airports, terminals, and other public places used simultaneously by
many people.
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 cafe, 2 tables, 3 chairs, 4 screens, 5 projectors, 6 audio-video
receiver, 7 set top boxes, 7a, 7b, 7c, 7d channel video output terminals, 8 audio output lines, 8a,
8b, 8c, 8d Channel sound output terminals, 9 image dividers, 9a distributors, 10 image selectors,
11 sound selectors, 12 speakers, 13 sound collectors, 14 sound amplifiers, 15 sound waveguides,
16 distributors, 100 control boxes, 200 Acoustic box.
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