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The present invention relates to a device for converting sound current to be used by being worn
on the ear into sound. (Prior Art) Conventionally, a device for attaching and using an audio
current to be worn on an ear called an earphone or a heptophone needs to be connected by a
wire directly from an audio current output ilf. Therefore, the electric wire hinders free
commuting to the neck, and the appearance is also an obstacle depending on the purpose of use.
In addition, since a separate wire connection is required, the number that can simultaneously
transmit one audio signal is limited, and the application is mainly limited to specific individuals.
(Means for Solving the Problem) The present invention eliminates the connecting wires
conventionally required by making the connection between the sound generator worn on the ear
and the audio current output device electromagnetically coupled. It is. (Embodiment M) An
embodiment of the present invention will be described based on the drawings. FIG. 1 shows an
acoustic generator which is directly actuated by an external magnetic field, and a magnetic plate
(3) made of a magnetic material is attracted to the pole face of the annular magnet (1) via a
spacer (2). It is integrated by the main body exterior (4) made of synthetic resin. When an
alternating magnetic field generated from the outside by a voice current acts on the sound
generator, the attraction force of the annular magnet (1) and the diaphragm (3) made of
magnetic material changes, and the diaphragm made of magnetic material (3) Vibrate to generate
sound. 2 and 35! J is an acoustic generator in which a receiving coil is attached to an
electromagnetic earphone. The coil (6) is connected in parallel to the input of the
electromagnetic earphone main body <5> via the connection wire 7) and <8>. When an
alternating magnetic field generated by a voice current acts on the coil (6), the electromagnetic
earphone main body (5) is operated by the electromotive force induced in the coil (6 n). The coil
(6) is fixed to the outside of the electromagnetic earphone main body <5> shown in FIG. 2, and
the coil (6) is attached in a suspended state by a short electric wire in FIG. An alternating
magnetic field generating coil for coupling an audio signal to an acoustic generator is shown in
FIG. An alternating magnetic field generating coil (12) made by winding a flexible insulated wire
in a ring shape and having a cross section shown in FIG. 1 is connected to a connector (14) by a
two-core cord (13). By supplying an audio current from the connector (14), an alternating
magnetic field corresponding to the audio current is generated. FIGS. 5a-5b are disk-shaped in
coil form, and FIGS. 6a-6b are mainly intended for fixed installation, in which a coil is wound
around one winding frame (15).
The overall configuration of the present invention is shown in FIGS. 7-9. The 7-8 fflJi is all worn
on the body. When an audio current is sent from the audio current output device (19) to the
alternating magnetic field generation coil (17) by the audio current supply wire (18), an
alternating magnetic field is generated around the shoulder (21) and attached to one ear
according to the present invention The sound generator (16) operates by electromagnetic
coupling. FIG. 9 shows an example in which the alternating magnetic field generating coil is fixed
to a workpiece other than the body, mainly in the case where the public use is used as a control.
(Effects of the Invention) Since the present invention is configured as described above, the
movement of the 1ff section is not restricted because the electric wire connected to the ear
section conventionally required is unnecessary, and the appearance is also unnoticeable It was
possible to form it. In addition, since the sound generator side does not require a power source
etc. and has a simple structure, it can be transmitted without restriction to the number 1 position
etc. within an effective alternating magnetic field, so install an alternating magnetic field
generating coil for public use. It is easy to apply to information transmission, guidance for blind
people, etc.
Brief description of the drawings
FIGS. 1 to 35i show an acoustic generator to be worn on the ear, and FIGS. 4a to 6bllW show an
alternating magnetic field generating coil.
7 to 9 show an example of the construction of the apparatus. 1-1 ring magnet, 2-spacer, 3-1
diaphragm, 4-main body exterior, 5-electromagnetic type earphone main body, 6-coil, 7 and 8earphone connection electric wire, 9-coil cover , 1-1 sound output coil, 11-coil exterior, 12alternating magnetic field generating coil, 13-2 core cord 14--connector, 5-winding, 16 sound
generator, 17 1 alternating magnetic field Generation coil. 18-one voice current supply wire, 19voice current output device, 20-one, 21-shoulder 22--workpiece
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