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<Industrial field of application> The present invention relates to an apparatus for turning a
speaker in a television or other sound unit. [Conventional technology] Conventional stereo-type /
sound-type television 1a speakers are attached and fixed to a parafal board, or those fixed to a
speaker box and a television main body, or those having detachable speakers The viewer himself
had to adjust the direction of the speaker box. <Problems to be Solved by the Invention>
However, in the case where the above-mentioned speaker is attached to the baffle plate or the
speaker box is attached to the television body, it is attempted to enhance the blind effect
efficiently with the best sound quality. There is no room for adjustment, and in the case of
detachable speakers, even if it is adjustable, the direction must be changed by the viewer's hand,
thus obtaining the hardest conditions for adjustment. Is extremely difficult. In the present
invention, therefore, it is an object of the present invention to solve the drawbacks in the prior
art. Means for Solving the Problem The infrared light emitting element, the light receiving sensor,
the signal amplifier, the personal computer, the servo mechanism, and the motor control circuit.
Function: The personal computer calculates the position of the viewer from the infrared light
emitted from the infrared light emitting element and the signal received by the light receiving
sensor, and the servo mechanism is sent to the motor control circuit based on the calculation
result. And outputs a command signal instructing to operate the speaker to automatically follow
the direction of the speaker in accordance with the position of the viewer. The present invention
will be described in detail with reference to the embodiments shown in the drawings. FIG. 1
shows an embodiment of the Matsuuchi device according to the present invention, which
comprises an infrared light emitting element (LED) and the light emitting element 1, a light
receiving sensor 2 for receiving infrared rays from 1, an amplifier 3 for amplifying a signal
received by the light receiving sensor 2, a personal computer 4 for presenting the position of a
viewer by the light emitting element 1 and the light receiving sensor 2, a speaker And a motor
control circuit 5 for operating the servo mechanism 6 in accordance with an instruction from the
personal computer 4. The servo mechanism 6 comprises an output of a servo motor -tuff. A
baffle with a speaker 10 mounted on a shaft 9 which is pivoted through an axially mounted gear
8 and a gear 8 ° meshing with the gear 8 They are allowed to support the 11. The present
invention is configured as described above. Next, when the series of operations are described, the
personal computer 5 is first turned on to project infrared light from the light emitting element 1
toward the viewer and reflect from the viewer The infrared ray is received by the light receiving
sensor, the projection angle and the reception angle of the infrared ray are calculated by the
personal computer 4 to calculate the position of the viewer, and then the servo control 6 is
transmitted to the motor control circuit 5 from the calculated value. Output an instruction signal
indicating whether to operate, and for example, when the viewer is at the right by the position
with respect to the television 1, determine the amount of rotation of the speaker in the right
direction and instruct it, or When the viewer is closer to the left, the command signal is sent to
the motor control circuit 5 so as to turn the speaker to the left. Confirmed by outside line so as to
adjust the direction of the speaker by operating the servo mechanism, is as sound the optimum
<Effects of the Invention> By detecting the position of the viewer on the television or audio
equipment by means of infrared rays so that the speaker is automatically directed to the
direction of the viewer, the viewer itself can not do anything for I11 adjustment. Since the body
is not moved, the adjustment is accurate and optimum conditions are easily obtained. In addition,
it is convenient to adjust quickly and at the same time to take care of the inconvenient, and it is
possible to automatically change the direction of the speaker, especially when emphasis is placed
on sound quality and stereo effects, as is the case recently. It has many (excellent features) such
as playing a major role in enhancing its effects.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a block diagram of the present invention.
1 ... light emitting element 2 ... light receiving sensor 3 ... amplifier
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