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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an
array transducer, and more particularly to an expansion device for an array transducer for
horizontally expanding an array transducer in water.
2. Description of the Related Art Heretofore, in this type of stretching apparatus, an array type
transducer is stretched by gas as shown in, for example, Japanese Patent Laid-Open No. 1305383. FIG. 2 is a block diagram showing an example of a conventional expansion apparatus,
which includes a switch 12 for opening and closing a port of the gas generator 13, a command
circuit 11 for operating the switch 12 by an expansion start signal from the outside, and the gas
generator It is comprised from the vinyl tube 15 extended | stretched from the state which was
connected by 13 and which gas was shrink | contracted by this entering horizontally.
Next, the operation will be described. When the expansion start signal from the outside is
received by the command circuit 11, the switch 12 is operated. The mouth of the gas generator
13 is opened by the switch 12 to blow out the gas, and the gas is injected into the vinyl tube 15
which is folded in the transmitter / receiver storage case 14, and this is expanded. The vinyl tube
15 is formed so as to extend straight in the horizontal direction, and when gas is injected, it
stretches in the horizontal direction together with the transducer 16 and the signal transmission
cable 17 as shown in FIG.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In this conventional expansion apparatus, since the pipe is
expanded using gas, there is a problem that expansion can not be performed at a depth deeper
than the gas pressure.
An object of the present invention is to provide an expansion device of an array transducer, in
which the ability of the pump to inflate a flexible tube is a constant ability independent of depth,
and the expansion by seawater is more powerful.
To this end, in the present invention, an array expansion mechanism of a pump type transducer
is adopted.
In other words, it is composed of an on-off valve that opens and closes a side pipe that bypasses
both ends of the pump, a control circuit that controls the rotation direction of the pump, and a
control circuit that controls opening and closing of the on-off valve. A tube is injected with
seawater by a pump, and a flexible tube expands to obtain a spread device of an array type
Next, the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings.
FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing an embodiment of the present invention. In FIG. 1, a pump 2
for injecting seawater, an on-off valve 3 for opening and closing a side pipe (bypass pipe) 8
bypassing the both ends of the pump 2, controlling the rotational direction of the pump, and
opening and closing the on-off valve And a flexible tube such as a silicon tube 4 to which a
plurality of transducers 5 are attached. In FIG. 1, 6 is a signal line and 7 is a storage box.
Next, the operation of the expansion apparatus of FIG. 1 will be described. When the array
transducer 5 is sunk, the on-off valve 3 of the side tube is opened so that the water pressure
inside and outside the silicon tube 4 is the same. In response to an expansion start signal from
the outside, the control circuit 1 closes the on-off valve 3 and injects seawater into the silicon
pipe 4 by the pump 2, and the silicon pipe 4 attached with the plurality of transducers 5 in the
storage box 7 It is inflated and expanded together with the transducer 5 and the signal line 6.
As described above, in the present invention, the difference between the flexible pipe and the
external water pressure is eliminated by opening and closing the on-off valve, and the ability of
the pump to inflate the flexible pipe is a constant ability independent of the depth. By changing
the conventional gas injection to the seawater injection, there is an effect that the expansion
tension is large and the slack of the soft tube supporting the transducer can be reduced. Also, if it
is determined that the transducers are stuck due to the difference in the received signal level of
each azimuth beam after phasing of the transducers during expansion, the flexible pipe can be
expanded or contracted since the direction of rotation of the pump can be controlled. There is
also the effect that it can be expanded normally.
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