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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an
apparatus for measuring subcutaneous fat using an ultrasonic probe, and more particularly to an
apparatus for use in a bath.
[0002] Conventionally, an ultrasonic subcutaneous fat measuring instrument for measuring the
subcutaneous fat of the human body using an ultrasonic probe capable of analyzing the internal
state without destroying the measuring object is used. . This ultrasonic subcutaneous fat
measuring instrument measures the thickness of the internal fat content by generating ultrasonic
waves in a pulsed manner using an element made of a piezoelectric material and receiving the
echo with the same piezoelectric element.
At this time, a delay layer is required to provide a predetermined distance between the
piezoelectric element and the skin, but if the air layer between the delay layer and the skin
intervenes, accurate measurement can not be performed, and therefore air A paste such as
glycerin or soapy water is interposed to prevent layering.
The use of this paste was not desirable because it had to be processed after application, as well
as skin stains, adhesion to clothes, and even psychological resistance.
Therefore, if such a device is used in the bath, the user is naturally naked and at the same time
the air is not generated because the inside of the bath is underwater. In the present invention, it
is an object of the present invention to eliminate the need for applying a paste to the skin and to
obtain a measuring device that can be conveniently used in a bath.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION According to the present invention, there is provided a
piezoelectric body for detecting subcutaneous fat by ultrasonic waves, a delaying portion having
an opening and disposed at a predetermined length on the front surface of the piezoelectric, and
a tip of the delaying portion. And a contact portion which is a contact surface to a subject formed
by being opened in a portion.
As a result, it is possible to prevent an unmeasurable state caused by bringing the object too
close to the front surface of the piezoelectric body in advance, and it can be easily used in a bath,
and an air layer which becomes a defect in measurement can be prevented.
BEST MODE FOR CARRYING OUT THE INVENTION An embodiment of the present invention will
be described below.
1, 2 and 3 are a general external view, a top view and a cross-sectional view of an overall
appearance of a bathtub subcutaneous fat measuring probe according to the present invention.
In the figure, this measuring instrument comprises a delay unit 1, a detection unit 2, a connection
unit 3 and a cord 4, and the tip of the delay unit 1 is a contact unit 5.
At the tip of the cord 4 which is not shown in detail, there is provided a processing unit for
processing an electrical signal to measure the presence of subcutaneous fat.
The detection unit 2 is formed in a substantially cylindrical shape by resin molding or the like,
and a piezoelectric body 21 which is an element for transmitting and receiving an ultrasonic
wave is provided inside the detection member 2 on the backing material 23 via the reflection
plate 22. The upper surface is covered by a protective film 24. The piezoelectric body 21 is made
of a polymer piezoelectric material such as a copolymer (VDF / TrFE) using vinylidene fluoride,
and although not shown, a front electrode is formed on the upper surface thereof, and a reflector
22 made of a copper plate or the like on the lower surface. It is also used as the back electrode.
Although a ceramic piezoelectric material such as lead zirconate titanate (PZT) other than a
polymeric piezoelectric material may be used as the piezoelectric body 21, in such a case, it may
be formed into a concave body like the shape of the piezoelectric body 21. Have difficulty.
However, in the case of PZT, since the ultrasonic waves can be received directly, the role of the
reflector 22 is not necessary. For the backing material 23, a material suitable for the vibration of
the reflecting plate 22 such as phenol resin is used, and for the protective film 24, epoxy resin or
the like by coating is used.
The delay unit 1 is formed in a substantially cylindrical shape by resin molding or the like like
the detection unit 1 and has a plurality of openings 11 in the periphery, and as shown in FIG. It is
formed and screwed into the upper opening of the detection unit 2. Normally, a gel agent is used
as a delay layer as the delay portion 1, but since this probe is used in a bath, hot water in the
bath flows from the opening 11 and pushes out air to become a delay layer. The openings 11 are
preferably provided as evenly as possible around the delay portion 1, but the openings 11 may
be eliminated if the inflow of hot water from the openings 51 of the contact portion 5 is
In the delay unit 1, the distance from the piezoelectric body 21 to the contact portion 5 is in the
vicinity of the concave focus of the piezoelectric body 21, and the sensitivity at the time of
measurement is configured to be high. And the contact part 5 is pressed by the skin of the
human body as a subject, and does not leave an air layer on the skin surface, and enables a
favorable measurement.
With respect to the detection unit 2 used for the probe prepared as described above, an
experiment was conducted to change the water depth while keeping the distance between the
target and the probe constant. The conceptual diagram is shown in FIG.
In FIG. 4, a target 62 of PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) is disposed on the bottom of a pipe 61
made of an acrylic transparent resin, and the above probe (with the delay portion 1 removed) 63
is disposed about 10 mm from the target 62 Yes. Then, the output of the probe 63 was input to
the oscilloscope counter 66 via the amplifier 64. A water faucet 67 was connected to the upper
side of the pipe 61, and water was supplied from there and drained from a drainage faucet 68 to
adjust the water depth h. Then, the distance from the probe 63 to the target 62 at the water
depth h was measured. As a result, when PZT (silicon resin is added as a matching layer) is used
for the piezoelectric body of the probe 63, the measured value is 12.2 mm when the water depth
is changed from 20 mm to 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 mm. It changed to 12.6, 13.2, 14.0, 14.4, and
15.0 mm. On the other hand, when VDF / TrFE (matching layer unnecessary, relationship of
acoustic impedance) is used for the piezoelectric body of the probe 63, even if the water depth is
changed from 20 mm to 600 mm, the measured value is constant at 10.2 mm. The From this
experiment, when using the probe of the above embodiment in a bath, when using PZT, the water
depth needs to be defined at a predetermined position, for example, about 15 cm. On the other
hand, in the case of using VDF / TrFE, there is no need to define the water depth since no
influence of water depth is observed, which is more advantageous than in the case of using PZT.
As described above, in the present invention, the piezoelectric body 21 for detecting
subcutaneous fat by ultrasonic waves, the delay portion 1 having the opening portion 11
disposed on the front surface of the piezoelectric body 21 with a predetermined length, and the
tip of the delay portion 1 And a contact portion 5 which is a contact surface to a subject formed
by being opened in a portion, and prevents in advance a measurement impossible state caused by
bringing the subject too close to the front surface of the piezoelectric body 21; It can be used
simply in a bath and can prevent an air layer that causes problems in measurement.
The piezoelectric body 21 is concave, and the predetermined length of the delay unit 1 is a
length such that the contact surface of the contact portion 5 with the object is in the vicinity of
the focal position of the concave surface of the piezoelectric body 21 This has the effect of
increasing the sensitivity during measurement.
Brief description of the drawings
1 is an overall appearance view of the present embodiment.
2 is a top view of FIG.
3 is a cross-sectional view of the main part of the present embodiment.
4 is a conceptual diagram of an experimental example.
Explanation of sign
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 delay part 11 opening part 21 piezoelectric material 5 contact
part 51 opening
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