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1 Showa a / C 1+ Patent Office Secretary 3 °-Koo Toban No. nuclear power plant @ owswsvaei *
license @, I HzI Ie-1 inventor inventor one place Oos F tour @ l1 l-Vienna II Nobi Regasse layer
[phase] Japan Patent Office published patent Gazette ■ JP-A-49-6913 examination unclaimed
request (all four pages) Office serial number [phase] Japan classification Di θ'tf; f 'yt / / 1 ヲ t 3'
1 ζ-ζ 6 ′ The microphone has at least one microphone for collecting sound from the
resonance plate of the musical instrument, and comprises at least one air-borne acoustical sound
collecting member, The sound intake is acoustically fixed closely on the resonance board of the
musical instrument, and a part of the sound collection member is formed of a soft, elastic, flexible
material and separated from the resonance board. Metal, heavy synthetic resin, etc. An inertial
material consisting of an equivalent, or-forming itself with said inertial material, said acoustic
outlet directly or indirectly with microphones fully protected against air-borne and object-borne
acoustics. A microphone apparatus for musical instruments, wherein the microphone itself is
used as an inertia material, and the microphone is formed integrally with the elastic member. 3. A
device having one microphone even if not described in detail, in particular at least one air-borne
acoustical sound-collecting member, whose sound-intake is acoustically tightly fixed on the
musical instrument's resonance plate And at least a portion of the sound collecting member is
formed of a soft, elastic, flexible material, metal, heavy synthetic resin,. The inertial mass, which
is or consists of objects, is itself formed of the inertial mass, said acoustical outlet either directly
or indirectly with the microphone completely protected against airborne and objectborne
acoustics. The present invention relates to an improvement of the microphone device for musical
instruments of the present invention. Such an invention-in-the-art microphone p-phone device is
particularly useful for large-scale repercussions, for example, in the case of Bia's second-hand
instrument, such as a guitar-like low-swing instrument. In contrast to this, this device 1 can not
be fixed so that it can be filled on the resonance board too much. In addition, this device can not
be placed indirectly at the end of the page 1 in a suitable position, even with a resonance sl of its
size. こ れ Because of this, this device is installed on the lower side of the east coaster. The object
of the present invention is to eliminate the drawbacks described above, to form the microphone
itself as an inertial material, and to form a microphone device in which the microphone is formed
in one body with an elastic member (sound collection member) There is no need to increase the
mass of the microphone itself, and the additional material is mounted on the microphone!
There are several ways to provide an Ike V phone device. In order to place the elastic members of
the device according to the invention, i.e. the sufficiently large openings of the sound-collecting
member, on the small chopsticks safely as desired, the service members are formed in steps
according to the invention, Since the lower part of the stairway is inserted into the lower part of
the guitar, for example, the lower part of the guitar, the device according to the present invention
may either impede the vibration of the pole or it may also interfere with the performance. ,
Resonant disks and members, or even the space formed by the microphone Michon Seki IIc) can
be used to clear the airborne resonance. It is effective to make the wall of 1 elastic member as
thick as possible in order to prevent airborne sound from entering from the surroundings, but its
hardness should not be more than M-Iff. Due to the structure of the member, as described later,
this member has an effect of letting low sound pass. Therefore, in particular, the device according
to the invention is composed of two elements capable of mechanical vibration, one of which is a
member with many functions and the other of which is an inertial material comprising a
diaphragm for capturing airborne sound. This member is generally formed as a sound absorbing
member for low frequencies or is formed as a mechanical bass-passing member, the effect of
which is the magnitude of the mass and elastic force, the appearance, the electrical, etc. For
example, a sound transducer which can be displayed by an inductance and a shunt capacitor
connected in series is a dynamo device, a Kl chair coil in the air gap is movably disposed, and this
coil is coupled to a diaphragm. And the transducer is absolutely stationary, so that only the
object-borne sound transmitted from the resonance plate is attenuated in the member, and the
transducer has a mass. Vessel reached, thus, either ~ Mugi換 acoustic 祉熱 Jin, also the acoustic
transfer is prevented by 轄 its bass pass effect. Attenuation materials have one energy
consumption effect as well as the low-pass effect. Because of this, the volume of the member
inevitably increases to 10 valleys. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described with
reference to the drawings. 31 shows an embodiment of the apparatus of the present invention in
FIG. It is made of a soft, elastic material with a relatively large spring load. Because of this, the
hardness of the x-axis, the corresponding softness, and the filling material to be absorbed, and
the filler kF1 strong-knee energy consumption effect, the external air-borne sound is not
effective. Only the acoustic energy from the part of the sounding board of the musical instrument
that falls under the combined chamber can not enter into the space (t is space) k ° is a
combined lll Ic input, this energy noise 11 converter J The small size of the member acting on the
diaphragm of the disc, for example, if it becomes thin, it can not satisfy the various conditions. 0)
That is, the vibration is performed using a thin and elastic gas nut. The combination of the board
and the instrument's resonance board is limited to one tidal operation at all frequencies.
If the vibration is in the audible range, conversion bogs below the resonance frequency of these
vibrations, and vibration occurs in the transducer, resonance plate and rust, and the flat part of
the scraping wave number characteristics at the resonance frequency is on the sand However,
effective effects occur only at resonance frequencies or higher. The member l is made of a
flexible elastic material, for example, 1 synthetic rubber. The hardness of this member is M- #.
Since the control of internal friction by the filler in the rubber) is a □ one, the above-mentioned
mechanical vibration is converted to heat □ electric-noise converter J, eg d, dynamic! Itada's
Phone or Condenser Microphone There's a 'weighing mass', these! Itaithon Co., Ltd. Due to the
mass inertia of the member 10) It may operate on the basis of the residual vibration in the
damping material, so that the sound generated by the clasp 11JlNalC from the resonance plate
causes the static EndPage: 2振動, 換 換 J 換 換 換 換 振動 振動. This transducer J can be towered
via an additional mass J &. Come to Figures 1 and J! The microphone J is housed in a member
and this is an acoustic opening for the member '! Attach to In FIG. 3, the microphone J is fixed to
the ceiling KIN of the member. The coupling W1λ is made relatively shallow to prevent cavity
resonance. The wall of the member is as thick as possible, not only absorbing object-borne sound,
but also limiting the acoustic density of the binding group. Adjust the microphone so as to attach
the diaphragm 4 close to the ceiling via a shallow space. It is necessary to widen the frequency
spectrum in the Ka audible range in order to increase the natural vibration of the diaphragm. Fig.
3 is a perspective view showing the whole of the embodiment of the rounding microphone for
taking in sound from a guitar. · A company for this, a microphone field capsule formed in a
member and a socket for 7 coaxial cable pulls. It is possible to make a partial layer of the @
member l to be a flat surface, and this portion to be a guitar. Figure 5 is! The flat part of the
member l is placed on the lower part 11 of the collar 12 and the part l / having the transducer
and the socket is placed on the outside of the collar. Although this member can be fixed by using
an adhesive band on a resonance plate, it is natural to be fixed by another method. Fig. 4 shows a
set of microphones / # mounted on a resonance board / 3 on the back of a company piano. Even
when the microphone l- is disposed at any location of the resonant board, high-frequency enemy
territory can obtain good reproduction sound. That is, it is possible to generate a high sound
when the habit on the installation location is short.
At the same time, you can also get a sufficient effect by one long bass for one bass @ All other
paradises @ As with all other events, there is a% 1 or more phone number for piano. -Control of
the tone by this microphone and these! The guitar W-phone can be individually adjusted for
performance. In the case of a piano, since the microphone and microphone microphone capsule
meet the acoustic criteria, for example, since the bass resonance and the high-tongue
simultaneously occur, the tone color of the piano becomes desirable. The instrument microphone
according to the invention, wherein the gold part or the main part of the matter which can be
lacking in the construction of the invention of the tits 侮 -114 / de is the main part of the matter
which can not be absent in the construction of the invention. Mitoda phone of the device is an
inertial substance, and this microphone is integrally formed with the sound collecting member to
make four microphone devices usable for small mttc, small source instruments and the invention
Achieving the same purpose as
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The first and second figures each show the
microphones for musical instruments according to the present invention @@ C) 7 a, b, c, ai tm
taken at one of fourteen positions showing the embodiment of FIG. The invention according to
the invention (according to the micro umbrella of the instrument for the musical instrument is
shown a perspective perspective view, the first and the fourth [the present invention apparatus to
the guitar or, to explain about the attachment of the device to the. A certain 01 · · · elastic
member (a nine point blue collecting member), Ko · · · · bonding group (t is space), to · converter
(the former is! Lee '# Four phones), Da ... Resonant board ,! ... Opening for blue tatami, 4 ...
diaphragm. Patent attorney Atsushi Sugimura Attorney Attorney Sugimura Kosaku (II), ',-,,,,,,,,.
EndPage: List of 31 to attached documents (1) 1 specification (2) Figure 1 11 (3) application
copy 1 (5) priority 1jll: Ming, Ying 1 (original and translated), to Inventors other than the above,
patent applicants or agents fi + inventor (2) Agent's residence Tokyo, Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Sakai 3chome 2nd 4th zip code 100 Hayama Building 7th floor telephone (581) 2241 (representative)-=
',-(5925) name former Rishi Sugimura Hidehide 7' EndPage: 4
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