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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a conventional vibration
detector, FIG. 2 is a sectional view of the same, and FIG. 3 is an exploded perspective view of the
vibration detector in one embodiment of the present invention, FIG. FIG. 5 is a perspective view
of the same field, and FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional view of another embodiment. E Piezoelectric
porcelain plate, 18 ииииии Vibration absorption material. Fig.1-191-Japanese Utility Model
Application No. 51-5482 (2) Fig.2 Fig.3 Fig.l l6ll4I7! 3l2 Fig. 4 Fig. 5 l5I 4 l218 correction
correction 50.6. ??
[Detailed description of the invention] Unplanned-to detect the power of the fan 1J and the
power of 7 -1 to the power of the pole pole ? lll I will use the Ti ? i export i for wood. The
button 111J habitual pushing i of the boxless rice is described with reference to FIG. # 111i 111
In FIG. 2, 1.2 indicates a pressure 11 porcelain plate, 11, 1 #, 21. f ? Piezoelectric ceramic plate
11 surface electrode, 3 is case, 4 is coaxial cable wire, 41 is earth river lead wire, 4 'is core wire,
6 is plastic plate of epoxy or phenol phenol, 6 company case 3 and pressure electromagnetics Ii
? 1 ░ 22) The epoxy resin 7 filled between the lead wires 7 and the lead 18 connecting
between the electrodes of the electroposterior plate 1.2 is soldered or soldered with an adhesive.
A body that grinds the sum parallel to the electrode surface of the pressure wa plate, a second 'If
if it is attached to a mechanism or system, etc. The condition of km is -C. Since the SO vibration is
given to the + i?w L monoliths A 1 and 2 due to the integral 0 vibration, the piezoelectric 6 i
plate 1. I am a brother of the turtle SiLis'l at = v41-4'i-. However, while i + c following
conventional motion detector, Xu. Double number + Q) * ,! In order to be absorbed by ? ? ? ?
case 3 and not transmitted to the king piezoelectric fixture plate 1.2, the 1 pressure generated by
a ? ? and / M was lj? mischievous. The neo-industry is one that excludes the shortcomings of
kit-rice, and the following two! For example of the four weaves, wll light with '' t '1 ma & y, ? 4
?. In 81311, 10.11 is a divided body of the case # 7, and by connecting this divided body 10.11,
the case 12 is constructed. The lower surface of the metal plate 13 is attached to the inner open
surface of the case 12 by 11i. 14 is a piezoelectric ceramic plate provided with electrodes in both
images), and this pressure electromagnetic wave @@ a (+ one electrode surface is adhered to the
upper side of the metal plate 13). 16 # i Oka axis cable line is this, 8 ? 16 of O gang axis cable
? 16 is 11 & 1 to the negative electrode 11 of the piezoelectric ceramic plate 14 and the same
cable @ 160 core @ 16 is the piezoelectric am board 14 Connect to the electrode of the upper
port @tL, 1713 ? t-1 The lead 1117 for 9160 amps is welded to the metal plate 13 described
above. It is filled in the case 12 of 18 L above, and is a 1 m collection material of vibration of 9
silicone rubbers. In the case where the vibration detector of the above structure is attached to a
vibrating body such as a machine or an electric device, the strain of the vibrating body is
transmitted to the piezoelectric ceramic plate 14 and a flexural vibration is given to the
piezoelectric ceramic plate 14 A voltage is generated between the electricity of the piezoelectric
ceramic plate 14.
The merits of the present invention are as shown at 4 @@ l, depending on the thickness of the
portion to which the piezoelectric ceramic plate 14 is attached, ie, the thickness of the case 120
lower surface plate 12 'and the metal @ 1 sv thickness) 4 tm U j friend 11 ) T, m [1z 'thickness 1
on top of the case 12! It is good if it is larger than d2. ??????????????????
No. 611! Reference numeral l denotes another embodiment of the present invention, and in the
present embodiment, the piezoelectric piezoelectric aS plate 14 is directly inside the case 12 as
seen by the user i. In this case, the bottom plate t) * @ d of the four cases 12 is larger than the
length d2 of the upper WIIIL, which is O. In any of the above-described embodiments, the metal
mesh is attached to the inner case of the case 12C1 to shield it. In addition, although the case 12
is filled in the case 12, it is not limited to silicone rubber, and may be a vibration absorbing
material of neoprene rubber or epoxy resin. As is apparent from the above example, the present
invention is characterized in that dl> d2 but O and h, such as Kd,> d2 and in this case the
vibration transmitted from the outside is ?It works effectively to bend the 0-second surface.
Note that d2> d, which is transmitted to the 0-field building), f ? ? is transferred to the
piezoelectric ceramic plate so that the power transmitted to the piezoelectric ceramic plate is
reduced. is there. As described above, according to the present invention, since the external klK is
effectively transmitted to the piezoelectric ceramic plate, it has an advantage that the output
voltage is high and the sensitivity is high. In the case where a vibration absorbing material such
as silicone rubber is pivoted in the case, the resonance of the vibration detector is suppressed
and flat wave frequency characteristics are obtained, and in particular, the instrument according
to the present invention is an instrument. When used as an application, it has the advantage that
howling due to resonance can be avoided. 4, the simple 1 ? 1 Figure 1 is a perspective view of
the conventional & full-time detector-Figure 2 is a broken line, the s # A is the resolution of the
vibration detector that can be considered in one embodiment of the present invention
Perspective view 4411: Expanded field perspective view, sixth (9) company 11101! The cross
section of the woven example is shown. 12.0. ,, Case, 13, ..., Metal plate, 14 и и и и и и и и и
Piezoelectric porcelain plate, 18 и 110. Vibration absorber. Name of attorney Attorney Nakasumi
14 ? ? 1 person ?-+1 i 14 ? ? q + ? ? 1 1 ? V V also) 1111111 :: 1 111 111 111 111 II, \
II ? 5? 0? Di FIG. 1 '8/1 "3184' и ░ 47 и ░ и и и и и и и и и и и 1. 1. ?????????
4 ?3 ? ? 11 11 11 ? ? ? ? ? ? === === ===?? Stone? ) 712157113 ? ? ? 'agent's
name ? -3 patent attorney Nakao Toshio Fig. 4 161812 "12 yan" "t5 (114t 213 FIG. Toshio
Nakao 6 Attorneys other than those mentioned above, Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city person I
Kadoma address 1006 Air (6 ? layer-1 H ? ? T nitrogen film -4-), 1) FAo,-> snow и ? 1
Procedure amendment 'XI' 11. 'im 5 Q June-19 [1- complete figure 45. i' ij? 55, 1 ... Display of
the 4-11 case ?Show the name of the utility model registration request yeasy + 32 bow draft ?
vibration detector 3 capture 1 и ? ? 1 и ? ? [2] for utility model registration in 2] resident
people J7 "? Osaka Prefecture Gate! 'L City Hijiri Gate Address 1006 Name (082) Matsushita Ih
Industrial Co., Ltd. Age i и Line Matsushita Masayoshi 4 Agent ? 5711 L, Osaka Prefecture ? ?
? Address 1006 Kenting City: э; э 1 и 1 ?-Industrial stock account a (5971) indictment Nakao
Toshii, (Other 14 ? 1 'f original Ill, activity (l'-no 5. '+ 3111 i', '--to) 6 correction target statement
'1' column of the detailed description of the invention of
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