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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view of the whole,
and FIG. 2 is a tightening state diagram of the main part. 1 degree .. speaker system, 2 ... eye bolt,
7 ... -stopper, 8 ... stand, 9 ... mounting part, 10 ... gear-like part.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The invention Fi, the mouth of the attachment
system of the speaker system to the stand The attachment of the speaker system to the
conventional stand, the plate coming out of the system body. rr-3fO% '') The bar or the body itself
and one side of the stand face each other, and both are tightened with a bolt and a nut K, so that
its frictional resistance (thereby fixing, but without a stop mechanism The mounting angle
gradually changes due to vibration or shocking force, and finally, there is a possibility that a gap
may be generated between the mountings and a bill may be generated. The present invention has
been made in view of such a point, and an attachment portion is constituted by a gear-like
portion and a stopper engaged with the gear-like portion, and attachment of a speaker system
which can be firmly fixed at any angle. It is intended to provide a device. An embodiment of the
present invention will be described below with reference to FIG. 1. In FIG. 1, +1 is a speaker
system for car radios, car stereos, etc., 2 is screwed into t, i. , With spring washer 3 and nut 4 and
K fixed by an eyebolt. That eyebolt 2Vc is separately Natsuto 5. Spring washer 61 stopper T is
inserted in advance. The light weight of the ring portion 21L 08 is a stand, and at the central
portion thereof, a mounting portion 9 having a through hole 9m formed between both sides is
formed, and a long groove 9b is formed above the mounting portion 9 Formed. Two gear-shaped
parts 10 are formed there. At the time of assembly, the ring portion 2 a of the eyebolt 2 mounted
on the speaker system IK is inserted between the two gear-shaped portions 10 of the stand 8. In
this shape, the bolt 11 is inserted into the through hole 9 turtle and the ring portion 2 & in this
shape, and the nut 12 is temporarily tightened and covered. l! It becomes possible to adjust
the mounting angle to the hook. Then, the attachment angle is appropriately set and the nut 5 is
tightened in turn 5 to engage the stopper with the tooth portion of the gear-like portion 10, so
that the attachment shape and crease at that angle are established ( 2) 0 Finally, if nut 12 is
tightened to bolt 11, the ring 2m of eyebolt 2 can be attached even if it is in friction. Thus, the
speaker system 1 is securely fixed to the stand 8 at a predetermined mounting angle. There is no
risk of rattling or chattering at a later date. In order to change the mounting angle, the opposite
operation to that described above may be performed. That is, tighten nut 12 to bolt 11 without
tightening 1 and then loosen nut 5 to release stopper T from gear 10.
The HEDAS BE CAN stem 1 can be pivoted back and forth. If the coil spring is inserted in advance
between the lower part of the eyebolt 2 and the stopper T and the nut 5 is loosened, the stopper
T is pushed by the coil spring and ascends. According to the present invention, the attachment of
the SVEC to the stand is completely ensured according to the present invention, because
loosening and rattling occur even when VC and vibration are applied. There is no risk that the
mounting angle will shift. Furthermore, since the stopper fits into the gear-like part, the crotch
setting of the internal key and its change can be easily and reliably performed. The speaker
system is not likely to come off the stand even if the fixing is incomplete because the supporting
bolt is inserted.
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