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Description 1, title of the invention
Speech communication
3. Detailed description of the invention Non-invention is to use a portable handset that makes it
possible for the driver while driving to have 381 capacity safely in the telephone V installed in a
car or the like. I do not have 6 and spread P mischief universal expression. In the conventional
car telephone, the speaker-phone I41 system is desirable in order to enable the driver to make a
safe 9 call while driving. However, the inside of the vehicle is noisy during normal driving, and
especially when driving with the car window open in places where there are many parents, -g
(the noise reaches around 80 an ()). -Even with close range noodles near human's normal
vocalization level t-1 and lips 25I: rn at about 94 dB SPL, even using a microphone that operates
in normal air shooting, The S / N ratio of the transmission signal is inferior unless the
microphone is placed near the lips. In addition, in order to facilitate the reception of the divine
voice in such high noise, it is necessary to make the one-pressure released from the speaker
large, and such a speaker, microphone The design of the voice switch used to prevent howling
due to reverberation is difficult and transmission. The problem was that a defect in the exchange
operation occurred to make it impossible to make a normal one. EndPage: 1, or generally, if the
driver of a one-man bus needs to use a microphone and a loudspeaker, 11 '%] IC is shown.
However, if this method is used, VCf, local speech sound, 'S / N deterioration of transmission due
to voice transmission, 1) It is not possible to eliminate the unpleasant habit of overuse. In
addition, it is possible to prevent the disconnection of the voice -I'll voice due to the malfunction
of the voice switch in the voice harvester 1 even if the microphone and the 7 lips of the lips are
approached by such a device. In rQ, Z ,. It is to be noted that in the case of sports broadcasting, it
is 2 @@ ((If the method shown in the figure, the hat is used, 3 is a hat, and 4 is a long-talking
microphone. But even if you use this form of transmission. The vO's drawback mentioned below
is that there is a risk that the driving soil can not be seen and the visibility can not be improved.
The non-invention is an improvement on such a defect by employing a bone conduction
microphone as a single point device, and by using a bone conduction transmitter as one device, a
speech reception sound l against noise and a loud sound from a single force. : IJ I wanted to find
a method that can work. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? + ? + + a attached to the head of the
talker's head ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?The reception section to receive and the reception
allophone signal sent out from the base station is set to be installed in the entire body of the loud
speaker reception section I which makes all the loud speech reception possible by the
amplification Lesbe force.
In the non-invention system, by adopting a bone speaker as a floor speaker, the transmitter is
extremely insensitive to the noise from the speaker and the speaker, and means such as a voice
switch is used. There is no need to do anything, and the voice and the story become the audience.
Also, by using a bone conduction transmitter in combination with a no-saki transmitter,
interference with the visual field necessary for operation, code etc. Is it possible to obtain vertical
restraints by + IC? -(Able to do and the driver while driving can use the car phone for all. Next, I
will pay attention to the non-inventive method 1flJ in detail based on the drawings. Fig. 3 is the
principle diagram, 4 for the outline is a schematic diagram, 5 is a bone conduction transmitter, 6
is a weak transmission to the field ?, 7 is an antenna, 8 is a transmission signal signal The
antenna of Shingo Legbow, 9 is a radio receiver of the transmission number, 10 is a mobile i
receiver mounted in rJ3, 11 is an antenna of 10, 12 is 41! I- ? base station, 131, voice band
power amplifier, 14 is a speaker, and 15 is an automatic Dongguan talker user in operation.
When the driver sends a talk, the vibration according to the contents of the city is transmitted to
the bone conduction transmitter 5 which is pressed by the frame of the glasses by the bone
conduction 4. I'5 to J's vibration of ? voice from the bone guidance 5 5: J ? = JPfr :: Since the
power is ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 6 ? 6 ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?I put it in a circle through the antenna 7 installed in. The signal
is received by an antenna 8 installed in the car and demodulated or all-passed to a mobile
receiver 10 by an all-talk signalless receiver, and transmitted to a base station 12 via an antenna
llf. After the incoming signal from the base station 12 is demodulated through the antenna 11
and the mobile transceiver 10, it is amplified by the voice band power amplifier 13VC, and the
speaker 14 emits the receiving sweat voice into the car. Ru. At this time, even if you want to
increase the in-car noise and increase the total phoneme of the speaker, the sensitivity of the
bone conduction transmitter to the air vibration is extremely low, so the speaker-microphone
acoustic association can be ignored and the speech power is not used. "? ????? ??
Further, if a capacitive type bone conduction device is used as the bone conduction device, l'IM
junction FM modulation using the capacity change can be performed, and the total amount of
irregularity and rf of the transmitter part can be taken. Also, FIG. 5 shows the 7-invention
scheme: 'C, 5 and 6 to the frame of the glasses. This is an example of adding friends and
examples when 7 is added, especially when you wear glasses for cars. Fig. 5 (a) is a view of the
uninvented system, Fig. 5 ? l (b)!
16 is a cross-sectional view of the main part, and 16 is a battery, and 17 is an elastic material.
Furthermore, it has the functions of 17vi buffer and stable holding of bone conduction
transmitter. Also, 6 can be easily miniaturized by forming Wlc by ICVC. Also, corner 6 shows an
embodiment in the case where 5, 6 and 1 are attached to the frame of general purpose steel in a
non-inventive system, and thus operation using ordinary Mega EndPage: 2 Can also be applied to
As described above, the non-invention method differs from a normal 'microphone for detecting a
human conducted sound by using a bone conduction transmitter and a weak electric field
transmitter. There is no l-1 'interference at all, and the size of the bone conduction transmitter is
sensitive to air conduction sound such as Touchi saving sound and loud reception 4 etc. Not to
mention that S / N can be 4 and one can transmit 11 transmission signals, of course, there is no
need to use a publication voice switch to prevent acoustics, and it is a good loud-sounding ???
bear. In particular, in the case of an alarm switch, malfunctioning is remarkable under high noise
such as in a car, but the other party ff (for the most part, reverberation is not scarce. Thus, the
system of the present invention is extremely safe for the driver) It has remarkable effects such as
making the use of the mobile phone in the Itei Ito function possible. In addition, the noninvention system is rapidly and suitably used for applications requiring hands-free operation
under other office noises. 41 'Ki Description of closing ? 1 +! , L! + Shows the conventional
microphone holding system used by one-man bus drivers etc., Fig. 21/1 shows the microphone
holding system used for live broadcasting of sports, and $ 3 shows the autophone by the selflighting system. The taste of the loud talk single story system is also Ii figure, Figure 4 is an
explanatory view of-"rt14 of the present invention system, ? 5 is a four-view figure that the
present invention system is paid by special glasses, and Fig. 6 is uninvented It is an eye-catcher
that incorporated the method into general purpose glasses. 1 ░ ░ microphone, 2 и и и acid, 3 и и и
medium S child, 4 и и и close-talking microphone, 5 и и и bone conduction transmitter, 6 и и и weak
electric field transmitter, 7 иии Antenna, 8 и и и Antenna, 9 и и и Wireless receiver of transmission
signal, 1 o и и и Mobile transceiver% 1) и и ░ ░ antenna, 12 и и и base station without base 13 и и и
Voice band power J ffi hood, 14: speaker, 15: car phone service user, 16: battery, 17: elastic
material, 18: hand. Delivery Agent-Attorney Takehiko Suzue EndPage: ?
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