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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 to 4 show an embodiment of the present
invention, FIG. 1 is a side view in a horizontal state, FIG. 2 is a sectional view taken along the line
B--B in FIG. The figure is a side view in an inclined state, FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view taken
along the line C--C, and FIG. 5 is an explanatory view of a conventional device. In addition, 1 is a
speaker for disaster prevention, 2 is a horn, 4 is a coil case, 6 is a pock X, M is a center line of the
side, 7 is a cover plate, 0 is a center, 8 is a round hole, P is a center, 10 is a support piece and L is
its center line.
[Detailed description of the invention] The wooden device is a mounting device KT14 for the
speaker for disaster prevention so that the speaker for disaster prevention used as a part of the
disaster prevention equipment can be fixed horizontally or obliquely f direction. . -The speaker
for IIkK disaster prevention assumes that the horn and coil case are made of metal on the
assumption that it touches a fire, but this! i! *されるコーFは! Since it is a picture of a
plastic bond, it has a weak disadvantage in the fire, and the rear of the coil case is protected by a
steel box l 4 '' 'l (p,>). In addition, it is necessary to mount the wall 1fiK near the ceiling
horizontally or diagonally downward K so that the speaker for disaster prevention can be clearly
heard at any position of the part injection. In the conventional mounting device, the elliptical hole
is completely opened in the cover plate of the box and the rear part of the coil case is stored, and
the coil case is vertically shifted in the elliptical hole to horizontally or obliquely press down the
disaster prevention speaker The work is troublesome and the appearance is bad because a large
gap remains when passing through the coil case. In the present invention, the support piece of
the speaker is shifted to the lower side of the center line of the box toward 1lIl, and a coil is
formed in the fixed treasure by making a round hole for the coil # insertion case and its center is
the center of the cover plate (against @ y! The case has been shifted downward, and a simple
round hole for processing is used to accommodate the disaster prevention speaker horizontally
or obliquely downward, so as not to cut a small amount of IIIIIL in the corner of the coil case. In
the embodiment shown in the drawings, 111 is a speaker for disaster prevention, and a metal
horn (2) with an edge KJIIK attached metal fitting (a metal coil case (4) is joined via J and a coil
case +21 is attached to the metal horn (2). Connect the cord (5) of the coil (not shown) K plastic
coating built in the sleeve (4). (6) is a square steel box as viewed from the front, and the round
cover plate (7), which has round holes (8) for coil booths, is detachably fastened with screws (9)
at four corners to support the speaker Fix the screaming α G horizontally to both 1111 j 8 of the
box (5) and project it forward. The shell-proof speaker is installed on the injection surface four
near the ceiling of the s house (the end of the piece is bent at the back edge of the piece 1111 dll
& C4t bolt @ (2) is screwed to the wall ^ box (6 The coil case 141 is passed through the round
hole (8) of the mounting plate and the rear part and the cord (5) are covered with the box (6),
and the cord is embedded in the wall ^ (Not shown) K support, support ff 119 Qll 4 support 4 to
support 4 t <1313 収 渕 轍) (3) 渕 轍 (screwing, support bolt J with support bolt til 13 with
station J4 (3) K Tighten and fix the fire prevention speaker il +.
The present example is a case of such a speaker during the disaster prevention in the installation
of a speaker of a box a + 71 / (a round hole to be opened (the sum is more than the straight case
of the coil case (4); Slide the support 1fLl @ m center 41- to the bottom of the # mountain center; 141 醸 (M); fix the support piece to the side J of the box and make the advantage the town), 2 f
in the center of Marunouchi (8)! @ The center of the mass board (7) is shifted downward by the
same length d). One embodiment of the present invention is constructed as described above.
First, as shown in FIG. 1.2, the center of the round hole (8)? ) Screw down the lid plate (7) at the
lower side of the center of the lid plate (7), pass through the round hole t81 K coil case (4) of the
II plate, and the rear part and the cord (5) tebox (6) ) Put the support piece-"K" in the support
holt 1 IQl, bracing the shout to the mounting metal J4 (3), and fix the speaker u) during disaster
prevention. In this case, the support piece (solar) has its dexterity line shifted by a length tdl to
the center 11 (M) n under l of the @ curve of box + 61, a round hole in the cover plate (8 Also in
the horizontal position with the support bolt (Z) 113 as a fulcrum during the disaster prevention
speaker, f / '16: j · etc., for the disaster prevention speaker as well, at the center (lower or
opposite to the center pl of the signboard) ++! [される。 Next, remove the tapping four corner
screws (9) shown in Figs. 3 and 4 and then h-Fk! Then, the central force of the round hole is
displaced to the upper side-\ length-) of the blue plate at the time of 1 L), and the supporting
piece 桔 Q (2d long with respect to the center line (M) of I) h It will be biased to 儒 41. In this
state, the coil case (4) is inserted through the coil case (4) into the round hole 181 and screwed
to the mounting metal ^ (3), the coil case (4) is biased upward with respect to the upper support
bolt. ) Is fixed at 1-itm (IG) with a posture of diagonal F direction. Since the inclination angle (#)
of the disaster prevention speaker il + is determined by the deviation length 2d), cover plates (7)
having different deviation lengths K) are prepared in advance. If the diameter of the coil case (4)
is 70%, and the diameter of the round hole (8) is 72.4, the diameter of the coil case (4) is 72.4.
When the speaker for disaster prevention is inclined to the do direction, the lower edge of the
coil case -4) and the lower part of 9) of the coil contact with each other, and a narrow gap of 1 →
sword K1.2 massa Because it is only A, I have nothing to say. The following is a description of the
4 *, 'I-fire example, the t thing, this Konto is without the right of this t111 IC-do not be within the
gist of discourse, i1 Z ふ · · 設 d1 quality You can
5) The attachment device for anti-WH + speaker is shown in FIG. 5 and raj <supports the center
pregnancy of the H− · JU music to the center 411 of the box 51 (ii) +8), and the lid plate of the
box (7) Open an elliptical hole (d) whose diameter is the diameter of the core case + 41 and place
the center Q of this in the upper position with respect to the center 1) IK of the mounting plate
(offset length To (fl). The other structure is the same as that of the embodiment of the present
invention, and the same reference numeral is attached and the description is omitted. In this
conventional kite II, in order to store the disaster prevention speaker horizontally, the cari case
(4) and the inner hole of the tank (Is lower edge of Is are in contact with each other and the
disaster prevention speaker is collected obliquely downward K The coil case 14) and the beaks of
the tank inner hole Q9 are brought into contact with each other, and in any case, a large
clearance ill of Hllll J or lower #lVc of the coil case (4) is generated. Now the diameter of the coil
case is 70m1 and the distance 11fEl of the cover plate (7) and the cover plate (7) is 85-, and the
slider is at a tilt angle of -15 ° and 10J diagonally. It is necessary to have a hole in the tank of
■. For this reason, the upper middle of the gap (d) in the conventional table placement is 23 ■,
and it is necessary to accommodate the cover in this case, and the inner hole of the tank must
Kihara ^ fil; ') Six soils that are troublesome to handle in comparison with round holes. This Jlt
dormitory has been remodeled with the drawbacks of such conventional equipment + 6). In the
present invention, the support piece of the speaker is fixed by shifting the center line of the side
of the box downward, and a circular hole for the coil case is made in the lid plate, and the center
is upward or downward with respect to the center of the lid plate. Since it is offset, it is possible
to mount the disaster prevention speaker horizontally or diagonally downward with a simple
round hole of work, and it is effective to cut off only a small gap in the coil case, and another
cover is not required.
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