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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of the present invention. E и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и sound terminal. ??????
[Description of the invention] Name of the document name of the variable directional Wroclaw
utility model Tofog-such as sound 1a1111 incident on the Ili surface of the Zuirum-like
diaphragm cast having the four rudder piezoelectric effect of seeking 14 terminal 605 In order to
make human impedance variable, this end. Now you can adjust the porous material 9 to the child.
A variable directional microphone Rohon characterized by facing each other. The present
invention relates to a variable directional microphone. ?, if it is 0, then ? is directional in% 111
& # construction. To provide a microphone that can be made variable. In the present invention,
the film has a piezoelectric effect 4t + vibration, etc.,-и и (t; 7 to 22: 4 ::::: Mi :: ? ? ? ? ?, l?21:
It's something you * could have seen. ?? Hereinafter, the present invention will be described
according to an example shown in W-. Then, 1 is a conductor on the film that harms the
piezoelectric effect. % IJ 4 иии Si i, ?-? old -1 f ;: и и и и r,-,,,, '2, 7. . ? iim [adhered by tacking or
evaporation to form IE4] between the spacer ring 2 and the cover 10 covered with the high
frequency band. ?? I will hold it. There is a sound pressure cover of cover 10 in one cast. The
spacer ring 2 has a base 6 attached to it, and an air chamber 4 for sound pressure @ monk and
an air chamber 5 for bass compensation are provided by the nose 3 and the defibrillation plate 1.
6 is a sound pressure port on the rear side of the back of the fi moving plate for giving sound
waves (one end-? -) This sound one terminal 6 is opened and closed by the plate 8 and the
porous material 9) 7 like lipo-t! According to the 10th, input sound-to change the impedance and
twin. There is no such thing as K that can be changed from directivity to omnidirectional.
Reference numeral 12 is a cushion, and the external material 8 "is used for the b" c э) theta
terminal covers 10, respectively. ???? ????????? Touching is carried out in the
case 1a so as not to cause an electrical wax defect. In the present invention, two sound terminals
are made on the # surface of the excitation plate, and the sound pressure which is the phase
member of the vibrator is both -K6,--6, -5. L ,. , 1.6. ? 3 and one on-impedance variable as
directed и и и и и 1 ',--, -1, 77, 1, 71, 11 11 can be provided as a variable homosexual Mino Neno; It
is #V ? ? showing one real AII + 1 of one-electric ll- & explanation sea one invention. 1defibrillation plate 2-spacer ring 6-base 6-sound 1 terminal 7-screw 8-v-9-porous mesh 10-cover
eye-sound 1 terminal.
Attorney Attorney Ogawa 10 Fist ~ lS ':'. \ J ? back \ ? O 1 ? 43 '5 и 11 records of
accompanying documents + H specification, 111 (2) Fig. Ll 111, i: ll & ifl (1 (4 minor 1' for island
inspection O petition duplicate 1?-]: +-toe character deletion J character deletion 1 point ? 4 и и
z 7 m ,,. Band == ? ? 2 U delete
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