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Patent application for public whole beam (2,0,00 yen) (1) Patent office commissioner October
2nd, 1972 Patent Office Secretary Ido Takehisa Image inventor Makoto Oga & Patent applicant
Uchiyuki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-1st 6 No. (422) Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
representative Yonezawa Yu 4, agent ■ JP-A 48-433. L6 examination request (all three pages)
Office internal reference number 1 o Japan classification specification Name of the invention
sound wave trans- ducer In the transducer for exciting the sound wave by exciting structures
such as wall, ceiling and screen An open magnetic circuit comprising a permanent magnet and
having a plurality of magnetic poles, and a drive coil fitted to a part of the circuit. And a magnetic
piece mounted on a magnetic structure portion or structure / object of a magnetic structure or
structure placed opposite to the magnetic pole by applying a magnetic force of 10 between the
magnetic pole and the magnetic pole. To generate. A sound transducer for I #.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention excites structures such as
walls, ceilings, and partitions. It is one of the transducers for emitting sound waves, and relates to
the improvement, adopting one-side drive electromagnetic drive method. A small and highperformance sound transducer. The purpose is to get A ton that excites the above structure to
emit a sound wave. Recently, attention has been focused on the new form of loudspeaker as a
new form of loudspeaker. However, the electrodynamic drive method has been adopted to drive
the transducer. こ。 It is a normal cone shape that requires a large amplitude in the diaphragm. ,
In exactly the same form as the horn loudspeaker. , Has many drawbacks as follows. That is, first
of all, since it requires a large magnet, it can not reduce its size and weight. Second is the
magnetic circuit and drive. High dimensional accuracy is required in manufacturing, because the
coils must be arranged concentrically with a narrow gap, and creep of the spring material used
for the drive coil during long-term use is required. It often happens that it does not work
satisfactorily. Third, in reaction. Requires a large amount of current. This drives structures such
as walls, ceilings and the like in a transformer format. Because the structure to be excited is large
in the loudspeaker, it is more efficient than the -1, general cone-shaped and horn-shaped
loudspeakers. Require a large input power, but with electrokinetic drive. The electrical
impedance of the drive coil is large N <LK. Because it is a pile, you can get a big driving force by
a large current. There is no other way. , 1. EndPage: It is not a good idea to use a conventional
electrodynamic loudspeaker, which has the advantage of being able to use a transducer form
without a diaphragm, for this purpose, so that it can be used in a transducer form. The
emergence of a suitable driving method was expected. The present invention has the above
object, except for the above-mentioned drawbacks, by utilizing the one-sided drive type
electromagnetic part operation method. In a transducer for exciting a sound wave by exciting a
structure such as a wall, a ceiling, a screen, etc., it includes permanent magnets and a plurality of
magnetic poles. Open magnetic circuit with □ and fitted in part of the circuit. And consists of a
drive coil and is opposed to the magnetic pole. The magnetic structure thus prepared, or the
magnetic piece 1 mounted on the magnetic body 1, part or structure of the structure, is used to
magnetize the above. Sound waves by means of force acting between the poles and magnetic
force. It is characterized by generating.
A magnetic circuit that generally includes Enf magnetic drive type permanent magnet. And drive
carp, form one body and drive object and. -One-sided drive type and balanced drive type that
exerts a force. It is roughly divided into a kite. The latter requires a high degree of accuracy in
machining and is suitable for large amplitude operation, so it is a dog. In the present invention
which does not require the amplitude, a one-side drive type electromagnetic drive system is
adopted which does not necessarily have a high work viscosity and can obtain a required
amplitude sufficiently. The invention will now be described with reference to the following
examples. FIG. 1 ′ ′ is a diagram of one embodiment showing the configuration of the present
invention. In the figure, 1 is a structure such as a wall, a ceiling, or a screen which is excited by a
transducer and radiates a sound wave 1 (), 2 is a permanent magnet such as a ferrite magnet, 3 is
an inner pole 4. The combined drive coil, 5 is attached to the permanent magnet 2. External pole.
6 is opposed to the inner pole 4 and a magnetic metal piece such as a magnetic metal piece or a
magnetic ceramic 1 ° piece bonded to a spring 7 ° is a permanent magnet 2 and a drive coil.
Elastically support the magnet part such as 3 and adhere to the structure 1. されている。 As the
spring, various materials such as rubber, metal and plastic are used-but always static. It is
preferable to use a material with less creep, since the magnetic force works. A braking material 8
is made of paper, glass wool, foamed plastic or the like. In the above configuration, the relative
position between the magnetic pole 4 and the magnetic pole 5 and the magnetic pole 6 of the
magnetic circuit member where high precision is required, and the movement in the parallel
direction to the surface of the metal strip does not cause much problems. Therefore, it is only the
gap between the two. Therefore, the assembly is easy and the performance is stable. In addition,
since the drive coil is larger than the electrodynamic type, and the number of turns of the
winding is increased, the magnet can be made relatively small. 10 Therefore, it is possible to
reduce the size and weight and to reduce the manufacturing cost. Furthermore, since the drive
impedance of the drive coil 3 is large, the drive current may be relatively small. FIG. 2 shows
another embodiment of the present invention in which an alloy permanent magnet is used as the
permanent magnet 2). In this case, the configuration of the inner magnet type is also good. When
the structural body 1 is made of iron plate magnetic material, the magnetic piece 6 is
unnecessary. Therefore, the present invention can be used not only as a loudspeaker but also for
this It, j combination. Also, it can be used as a reverberation adding device using an iron plate,
and the driving method of the present invention is reversible, so it is big.
It can also be used as an up. As mentioned above, if the present invention is implemented, the%
button j lightning, shaped part. Compared to the assembly type transformer, it is possible to
provide a transducer that is easy to manufacture, small in size, light in weight, high in
performance, low in manufacturing cost.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 and 2 are cross-sectional views of a transducer
embodying the present invention. 1 () 1 ... structure ... 2: permanent magnet, 3 ... drive p-il, 4 and
5 ... magnetic pole, 6 ... magnetic metal piece, 7 ... spring. 8 ... damping material. Patent applicant
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation-,,,. Agent patent attorney Junnosuke Nakamura ',
1, EndPage: 2 (1) Application examination request form 1 (2) Proxy 1 (3) Specification 1 (4)
Drawing 1 (5) Application copy' 1 EndPage: 3
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