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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a front view, and FIG. 2 is an enlarged view of the main part from the Z direction of FIG.
11 is an X-ray tube support mechanism, 16 is an X-ray tube, 17 is an X-ray tube support, 19 is a
bed, 20 is a switch, 21 is a lever. 1 '1. . ケ1, 9
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present discussion relates to a support
mechanism O that is layered on a resonant bone O approach to 411 in part-□ -48-87960-02
with respect to the m * child O support device. It is 40 to do. As an aS child O support in a
resonant horizontal cylinder, if it is supported so that it becomes a point contact or a company
line contact as an aS child O support, it can be supported without giving an influence on a III
movement. Over). Therefore, since the drive coil is disposed on the narrow side as shown in the
quality control company 111 and the center of both ends 110 of the vibrator 10 is supported by
the copper IIO 鉗 3 ***, however, it is integral with this structure The needle support must be
accurately supported at the center. Is the device gold body required high precision? -九 中心 中心
O center measurement K or *) 011 技 要 し *)))))) need to open at the time of measurement. The
present invention is based on the above-mentioned defect K, twisting, twisting, and deviating 6
oscillators 6 JIG 11 O measuring O 、, damping due to the oscillator O supporting portion and by
the drive coil, JI 11 I k child, O radiation position 0 change, etc. Fixed value o Various electric
power <シ, operation is easy, value stable measurement can be performed at the time when it is
■ ■ Fishing is also O. An inner wall Kai of a crucible support, including a cap-like support. The
inner llK vibrator is inserted and the elastic body 喚起 is provided at a position where the center
of the lower end of the lower side of the II 皺 II II 子 O 共振 共振 共振 共振 対 向 対 向 5 5 PJ is
5PJI. The 鳳 -coil is placed around the periphery of the cap-like support 0, and the front IE! The
vibrator is inserted into the cylinder of the middle Yap-like support, and the inner wall of the caplike support can be removed. K K 倉 倉 倉 倉 よ う よ う)))) 上 記 上 記 上 記 O O K K K K K K K K
K K K K K K)) K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K. Hereinafter, the
embodiment vt @ 1w of the present invention will be described in detail. FIG. 2 shows an
embodiment in which the JIW 11 child is supported by the support device according to the
present invention, relatively I! The vibrator 1 is inserted into the cylindrical elastic support 40
cylinder made of silicone rubber of degree 0 II lC, and the support 40 outer periphery K11 l
dynamic coil snow can be disposed. This support 4 has a conical center SS at the bottom in the
cylinder. And it has a Kunabi-shaped naifeji at the position corresponding to the IIIIK of the
resonance of the oscillator l. Pottery. 48-87960-04 麹 ナ イ ナ イ @ フ ェ @ 紘 体 4 質 質))) 一体
一体 一体 一体 一体 一体 一体 一体. According to the present embodiment, according to the
apparatus, **** work, the ・ ・ ・ is II! Rounding that is composed of strange rubber. Vibrators 1
and 0 * points slightly shift l1lkK given hIl sound very small figure even in a round space, ★ E,
the self-oscillator 1 which is determined at a glance in use into the cylindrical support 40
cylinder inside Ie 妙 O 挿入 安定 安定 安定 安定 安定 測定 測定 測定 測定 自 自 支持 支持 支持 支
持 支持 支持 支持 成 成 成 成 成 成 成 成 成 成 成 成 極 め て 極 め て 極 め て 極 め て 極 め て
極 め て 極 め て 極 め て 極 め て 極 め て 極 め て 極 め て 極 め て 極 め て 1 E Environment
test 0 It is possible to set several O samples at a time in Kurabosha and 1k), it is very effective
with constant time O ceramic shrinkage and constant value 0111 + 1), which is very effective for
industrialization It provides a means of heavy l1 lItk is also O.
4m1llO easy 11! 11111-is a positive wll showing a conventional O support frame. The third ■ ■
lI support device according to the present invention! 4 + 48-87 980-05 OS 菖 III て to feather. In
addition, in the middle layer is a 誇 less 紘))). l is a strain IIw II, snow is a drive coil, 3 is a rigid
IIO support 針 needle), 4 is a specific gravity hardness O low rubber-like O elastic support No. 1
is a conical center, · · · is a nafetage. "+ I ir Shinyo Tatsukawa Tani 48-87 960-066-1 figure; 1/2
"/ 1" Figure 1 1.12448-87960-074 List of appendices 1 iil list 1) 1) 2) 1) in the figure 1) S)
power of attorney 1) 4 Agent l) Agent address East East Minato-ku 酉 Shincho 1-chome 4-10 No.
3 Mori Building Name (71 鵞)) Axisman Yosuke Goto 48-87960-08
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