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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The drawing is an electrical circuit diagram showing
one example of implementation of the present invention. 2 иииии Ignition coil, 7-ииииииииии Ultrasonic
generation element. 2 norms-1 1 1 1 i '\-. ! ? ? 1 39 1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an 8 fM
generating wheel that is capable of generating ultrasonic waves using pulses generated from an
ignition coil of a car. It is possible to provide a car with a number generator for the super car and
to detect specially designed symmetrical objects etc., and based on this, a method for controlling
the traveling operation is being developed. It was necessary to set up an f-number generator flt
on a moving vehicle. Such a point is considered as one of these points, and it is an object to
provide an 11 path configuration tm abbreviated device using pulse t of the ignition coil to
generate rise (/ 1AO-00119-n noise wave It is said that. The following 7 examples will be
described based on the drawings. 11) is a power supply, 121 is an ignition coil and is composed
of a primary coil +33 and a secondary coil +41, and-the secondary coil 141 is a repeater (not
shown) Connected to the primary side coil 1; pulls are connected via contact points of WT
fixtures (not shown) configured as distributors + 51K connection N carpet 167, this connector 16
The ultrasonic wave generating element 171t-is connected to the A weir 181 is a capacitor
connected to the contact point 151 at one weir. Therefore, when the engine ? #Img + is made,
the contact point + 51 continues opening / closing wJ in proportion to the 1g 1 rotation number
of the engine 2 and the current from the power source il + A pulse voltage is generated that is
proportional to the number of animals: 7 (?) 48-99716-03. This pulse voltage is applied to the
ultrasonic wave generating element (7) by the piezoelectric material through the connection line
162, and as a result, the number generating element 17) operates and the operation of the kernel
is attenuated for 11 cycles while attenuating . In this way, the pulse generator element 171 is
operated by the individual pulse voltages, so that a pulse train of super 1 f waves proportional to
the number of revolutions of the engine is released into the air ^, '+4? ?? F is issued. Therefore,
by detecting this palmet In, it is possible to perform the line control 1ft of the car, which becomes
the promotion of the coming automatic traveling control. In short, the present invention is
configured to connect the pulse voltage of the ignition coil i 2 + to the number generating
element + 71 so as to generate the outside of the ultrasonic pulse, so that the element that
generates the stuttering IHt There is no need to have a special motion 1gl path to operate, and
collectively (3 ?) 48-99716-04 With a simple structure, generates a pulse train of ultrasonic
waves proportional to the number of revolutions of the engine It is possible to significantly
improve the productivity as compared with the conventional device.
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