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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an example of a
conventional piezoelectric ceramic cartridge, FIG. 2 is an explanatory view showing a partially cut
piezoelectric ceramic cartridge according to the present invention, and FIG. It is a frequency
characteristic of the pick amplifier cartridge of the present invention. 8 и и и и и и и и и и и и и 10E и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и support rubber. 1 1 49-50 01 (2) 3 side -2-
[Detailed description of the invention] и O clear book 1, ff1, L / / ',,,--") 17,' l; ???? -'' 1 7ty-) IJ
7 2; Utility model Oi & R; Rc :) i, i, '; ?? ?? 5 ? ? ? ? ? ??: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
?? ?? ?? ?? plate pressure f Zuyou и strain, seven hundred likelihood end: (needle origin
small solid-blue [5, base ? V ?-5 thousand 'm? Through the group 9I-K] I j j! 2 '; about! ! ???
?????????? 3.1 g ':', r, i song No = = 1; problem 11?; I) this device is [I :, city! ???
????????????? S 'L% needle point system ? amount small, record ? groove
tracking 1' tf phrase top 11, even if the reproduction performance is pointed no? Quality of each
material which makes r-1 y 1 and St none, (and co-circumstances, and skin 'Z? -Multi-channel,
multi-band response t by "6. It is related to bisokubu. (Ii, 4 East S +) cultivar in the market type
Big lnno Cartrinone is due to its chemical reaction 1) ? t) ',' 5 ', 7 z to 7 ? t + I' x '' Large A, 7--z
(-1- J'D "/, Yata 101 summer (1) A1- and A! -Due to the influence of the transmission loss of
modulation power and the change of response due to temperature due to the cuff and O rubber,
and the addition of the mass, the reproduction band is considerably affected, and the
reproduction band is short; Therefore, in particular, the resonance frequency is broadened and
the high frequency band characteristics are broadened, and the amount of transmission
information is increased by 71 members; Now, an example of a conventional piezoelectric pickup cartridge will be described with reference to FIG. 1. The ceramic vc 1... (I%, ',' iAi ? needle 2?
In order to support the M3V (ribo, i, l (1 illustrated F13)) on the cantilever with the support arm,
the support arm 3 is removed, and the cantilever 4 is also provided with the jet-'/-mature 4 Are
fixed, and the needle point yarn 'Nhf, p + 4. ????????????? Complete-Mature I 7c is
a plate-like 11-1 material provided with a suitable mold bar and bonded in two pieces to form a
bimorph, one end of f-, E2 r4 element 5 is fixed, S The band is supported by the rubber damper 6
to be electrically charged. And, from the piezoelectric element J-5 through the lead wire 7 и и и ?
?? 4ff is out.
The conventional one thousand type pink Ryono 1 Kurt Nonoji is (1 ? J: (1 like I: F, but you can
also see from the figure L U O 20 (2) 14 L ^ h Al-A> e O pressure 'i; I, ?r-3? and ?row? are
equivalent to each other, and the vibration of the needle is transmitted to the piezoelectric
element 5 through the cantilever 11 armature 4 and the increase in the needle point placement
is self-evident It is clear that the influence of T cantilever 1 and R-71 near 4 and evening / pagum
6 is negative. That is, there is a defect that the high frequency characteristic is difficult to be Is.
The present invention is a piezoelectric type Vikara 1 cartridge, which is a shield different from
the conventional one such as Knee, as described above according to the present invention.
Missing or improved. Next, with reference to Fig. 112 and Fig. 1?5, the steel plate has a large
fatigue resistance like 8 beam 7 and it is a reinforcing plate for controlling the number of the
peripheral fluid, and its upper and lower sides King J eaves f-9 ? 1 (1? ?, ;; 5, iL, 4 и 11 11-do
line 11. ! 2 to BL-('type stick ten--??? 2 out. Piezoelectric materials are the same as those of the
conventional ceramic type of pinocanoanno cartridge (1), usually barium titanate, lead titanate,
delconic acid (i) as a ceramic pressure element; ] 1 week---1-all 00 use, it is :: 4. In this manner,
the reinforcing member 8 and the piezoelectric element 9.10 fixed so as to hold the reinforcing
member 8 and the ? ? C ('separate-but also DC 51 51, lower! The needle + 4 + is fixed to the tip
of the 1111 piezoelectric wheel P 10, and the base end is fixed S to the base 16 through the
support rubber 15. According to the LEt type binobitsukun 1 car trilan of the present invention,
the force / clever itself is piezoelectric J! Also, the mass under the needle tip can be made small,
and it is less likely to receive ? ? ? ? due to the armature or danbagono, and the solid wave
number characteristics, feeling, etc. are improved, as shown in the 31st 4th. As a matter of fact,
the reproduction frequency can be broadened by setting the oscillation frequency to l?1 for
high-pitched sound. This band is determined by the next resonance frequency, ie, the resonance
of the mass of the needle tip and the stay 7ness of the piezoelectric J'-f, the quality of the
piezoelectric element and the '4 strong plate: j) and the compensation: main ) иииииииииииииииииииии)
Determined from resonance. Therefore three three generations ? 1 "4 now. ???????
Broad 7 re Li2. The band, one. ???????????? ?????????? co-24h4; te'R
can be represented, and now there is much more than f: blue r7 can be transmitted and
002 ░ (4), aa-to ml-at 00 ?: ? (? ? ? 5 1 1 ((8 even conventional ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? work efficiency is
Significantly improve.
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