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・ <1 Bi-patent office long-blind person 2 same as the inventor 0) application document 1 Japane
■ Japanese patent office open patent publication ■ JP 49-1 542 jL Office serial number 1 o
Japanese classification specification 1, the name of the invention
The device of (1) of the close-hearing device mounted in a box and attached with a reverberation
box with various reverberation plates on the front side of the speaker attached to the support
(support arm, screen etc.)
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an apparatus for
personally listening to sound. Conventionally, a headphone has been used, but there is a sense of
disconnection from the outside of the headphone wire, and there is a drawback that the size is
restricted in order to improve the sound quality. This f 14 除 き is to try to improve the sound
quality except as much as possible this sense of obscene severance. The first figure shows the
speaker device of the present invention, 1 speaker car # car box ■ baseboard further attach a
reverberation box (4) having a reflection plate 6) with each angle to the front of the speaker, the
speaker The sound absorbing member (6) is attached to the peripheral wall of the back side of
(1) and the sound output hole (4) of the echo box (4). Due to the structure as described above,
the sound emitted from the cis-beaker (1) tQ is reflected in various directions by the reflection
plate 6) and the synthesized sound is emitted from the sound output hole to the outside of the
sound output hole. In the case of chopsticks, the function of the sound absorbing member (6) is
to reduce as much as possible except for the sound coming out of the sound hole 0, so the
function of the sound hole (the sound quality of the 9 sounding is the reverberation plate C5)
Can get close to natural sound quality. J! It is also possible to configure 4I sound quality by
the configuration of the reverberation plate 6) and the measurement of the speaker (1), so it is
possible to generate sound from this device in close proximity to the ear. It is possible to obtain
the sound quality of the area that can not be reached. Also, when the device of the present
invention is placed on the side of both ears of a person who has been sitting on chair (8) k with
appropriate spacing as shown in FIG. EndPage: Despite supplying sufficient sound volume for the
outside, it will be a relatively low sound emission to the outside, so it will be a sound of good
quality at a sufficient sound volume personally without causing troubles to outside people. It can
be heard. In addition, the present speaker device (1) (2) (! 1) (4) (c) When (6) is attached to the
screen (9), it is possible to listen in a free posture depending on the screen position as shown in
FIG. .
4. Brief description of the drawings The first drawing shows the device of the present invention,
and FIGS. 2 and 3 show the mounting of the device of the present invention on a support. 1 ......
speaker 2 ...... speaker box 6 ...... echo plate 4 ...... echo Qin 5 ...... sound output holes 6 ... ... sound
absorbing member 7 ...... support arm 8 ...... chair 9 ...... shock-standing O Figure demon view 8SFigure EndPage: 2
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