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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of an
embodiment of a synchronous motor buzzer mechanism according to the present invention, FIG.
2 is a top view of a partially cut stator pole plate of the same, and FIG. It is a top view which can
cut out a part of a permanent magnet. 1 is a stator, 2 is a non-wrinkle member, 3 is an air gap, 4
is a stator push, 5 is a leaf spring, and 6 is a magnetic member. Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3-13-
[Detailed description of the invention] Zero-Ren 'J! The stator bushing (4) is fixed to the stator (1)
with the nonmagnetic member (2) separated by the non-magnetic member (2), and the air gap
(3) is prayed for (5) y If it is held in the case section “K (6)” 1t-1 period electric power f return
buzzer return m K 1 K 1 時 計 市 市 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成 拡 大 拡 大 拡 大 拡 大 拡
大 拡 大 拡 大 拡 大It takes 7 to 14 points. In the following, I will explain EiJ on woody wood in
detail according to the weave example. In FIG. 1, (1) in the form of a cylindrical stator which seals
the pregnancy (7) in the form of a stairwell (7) with a non- @ i member (49-21107-022) inward
with the bottom (7). The stator bush (4) is press-fitted or # 1 lrfg welded by 1 mm apart the air
gap (3). (5) With the Fi slope spring, the a-pillar member (5) is identical, and the ε-pillar member
(6) is interrogated in the front M self-gap (3). (8) With the stator (1) and the 1.s1 stator bush (4)
together with the stator magnetic flux, the entire circuit is integrated with the KfTi air circuit, as
shown in Fig.2: Within the e11 内 * (9 '), this stator 6 唖% C1) is interrogated, and a water-filled 6
stone (lO) as shown in FIG. This permanent bite (ill) is freely supported by 'M (11) K', and is
integrally molded on a rotor (+2) by a synthetic grease. (13) H thrust washer, (+4) h axis? And [(5
in a coil bowl, carp! 16) is wound. (17) is an appointment before the same person with a @ 1 kiss
roe (5), and (1) 1) Kupza's niece (If you are not busy making work, squeeze the IF hair (5), The
renal member (6) is a stator (1)% stator grip (4) K 喀 @ and 訃 押 圧 presser. Now, when passing
through the fill (16), the permanent magnet (10) facing the stator pole plate (8) is subjected to
the same rotational force by the magnetic flux generated from 249-21107-03 in the 4 L pool,
and (12) rotates synchronously. If the pressure element (18) does not compare at the same time,
this means that in the state of Fig. 1 '21! Due to the gap (3), an impact is generated in the solid 1f
child (1) and the stator bush (4) in the endangered part (6). Also, when not making a buzzer VC
4111, press the magnetic part 臂 (6) to the stator 哨 with the press element (18) VC 9 〈. As you
see, this invention is a stator. Force 1 fixed the stator bush (4) to the A material (2) with the Eri
air gap (3) separated, 1 turn of the buzzer mechanism without lighting on the 11 turn of the ring.
And is supported by a blow spring (5) opposite to the air gap (3).
* By providing K (6) ・ force · 愼, 愼, simply by providing a buzzer mechanism, especially from
the small and inexpensive 1 "+1 萌 咀 虻 J ブ ザ ー ー ブ ザ ー ブ ザ ー ブ ザ ー け け け 時 計 時
計In addition to that, it has the effect that marketability can be expanded. Fig. 4 + Brief
description of tn 349-21107-04 @ 1 Fig. Is the same as the zero run plan! ! A cross-sectional
view of one embodiment of the A electric buzzer mechanism% 弔 2 is a partially cut-off Fl'TI 'of
the stator magnetic slope on one piece] Fig. 3 is one of the permanent pebbles of the same. FIG.
(1) barbed stator, (2) tr-non-G part attached, [3] air gap, (4) slotted stator bush, (5) shell i-j,
magnetic gimme at (6) It is a material. Agent Patent Attorneys 1) 749-21107-05 Fig. 1 / 4i 431
210-Bone-----16t 7s / 44632 "7t 57B 'Fig. 2 Fig. 3r 4" ° / 宕 Mi 7, Da \ \ r '/ 7 · 7 / so 4 · · · Hai ·
72 □ 1 person! 邑 (11 ・ ′ ・ ′ ′ パ パ パ パ パ パ パ ′ ′ ′ ′ ° ° ° ° へ へ j j 'j' i '10706 t, other than the above inventor address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Oji Kadoshi 10 111 r
Address Matsushita Electric Works Co., Ltd. Internal name Suzuju Desao Suzuki Yasuo 49-2110707
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