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1, the title of the invention. 2, inventor's best wm Q & blind tine todo 5. + 置-□; 5 i place · '3,
Patent applicant,' two; two degrees! ! Tomohiro Nishimura-4 Representative director,
representative ■ Japanese Patent Office published patent publication ■ Japanese patent
application publication 49-296010 published Japanese publication 49. (1974) 3.16 Pa. Title of
the Invention "Solid Electrolyte Pickup Device Title of the Invention" Solid Electrolyte Pickup
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a solid electrolyte pick-up
device K11 that converts pressure oscillations into electrical oscillations. An object of the present
invention is to obtain high fidelity with respect to a groove signal in record reproduction. 5oyalike of the present invention reduces the difference in sensitivity between right and left sound
groove signals in stereo v: 1-do reproduction. In order to provide a "solid electrolyte pick-up
device", which is suitable for use with teleopportunist tJIL. A pressure signal is added to a
semiconductor such as a ram to deform it, and the dense substance whose resistance value
changes is used. As shown in FIG. 1, a cantilever 2 is connected to a semiconductor pellet 7 to
vibrate a stylus 1 Then, the semiconductor bellet 7 is stressed by the vibration 11 of the stylus 1
and the resistance value changes to 0. At this time, the semiconductor pellet 7 is externally
loaded with resistance! When DC current flows through it, the output voltage appears at both
ends of the load resistance due to the resistance change of the semiconductor bellet 7 · 3 is a
damper, 4 company link mechanism, S is a gold plating layer, 6 杜 insulation layer, 8 is a battery
is there. The DC current flowing to the semiconductor bellet is not only dependent on the
mechanical vibration applied to the semiconductor pellet, but it is necessary to stabilize the DC
current at a temperature of 1 [K%] = island. If the direct current is stabilized 4, the direct current
adjustment between the semiconductor devices 1 and the stereo itter 97 102 is deviated, and the
telephonic signal can not be maintained. As described above, a large amount of electric part black
lines required to stabilize the Kll path complicates the circuit and at the same time direct current
from the outside is required to flow. EndPage: In the solid electrolyte binder up device that
converts to air vibration, two pressure-sensitive one-body V-tags are provided on a pickup that
scans a sound groove to generate a stereo signal, A direct stereo output signal * n is output from
each electrode of these double-sided "" -body electrolyte pellets. As a result, since the stereo
output signal can be directly inserted into the preamplifier's trx terminal without passing through
the electrical path, the influence of the noise due to the electrical circuit can be completely
ignored, and a high-fidelity stereo signal can be obtained.・ Also, the effect of the characteristics
due to i1 degree change is that if a temperature difference between the two electrodes of the
solid electrolyte occurs, a large voltage appears in proportion to the temperature and ll 'appears.
And, by processing the thickness of the solid electrolyte 0 to 20 microns and 11 degrees), the
influence of the temperature change on the characteristics can be completely ignored. Next, the
present invention will be described according to the drawings. In FIG. 3, 5 is a solid electrolyte
pellet, Ton fixed at one end to the base and the other one is in contact with the link mechanism 4
and arranged in an eight shape. There is.
Reference numeral 2 denotes a cantilever, and a link mechanism 4 is in contact with an
intermediate portion. Reference numeral 1 is a stylus, 3 is a damper, and 6 is a bonding portion
of the integral electrolyte 5 and the lead wire 7. Since the present invention is configured as
described above, the vibration of the stylus 1 is divided by the link mechanism 4 into a force in
the direction of Iv shape to move the middle portion of the cantilever 2 up and down. Right now,
when the style 1 vibrates in the direction of the upper right J) 4io, the link mechanism 4 moves
so as to push up the right isotropic electrolyte pellet 5 upwards, but the link mechanism 4 slips
relative to other solid electrolyte pellets As you exercise, it has no effect. The above-mentioned
reverse operation is also performed in the case of the direction of 45 °, where the angle of
inclination is upwards to the left. Since a voltage proportional to the movement of the link
mechanism 4 appears at the bonding portion between the solid electrolyte pellet 5 and the lead
wire 7, 1) This is taken out as an electrical signal. In FIG. 2, 1 is a semiconductor pellet and 2 is a
gold metal 1? Department. 3 is an insulator, 4 is a lead wire. # 14 is a detailed view of the solid
electrolyte pellet, 1 is a silver plating part, 2 is a solid electrolyte, and 3 is a lead wire.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 Line Conventional Semiconductor Bitter-Up
Device Overview: cTo system, 1 is a stylus, 2 is a cantilever, 5 is a damper, 4 is a wax link
mechanism, 5 is a gold plating layer, 6 is an insulating layer, 7 Is a semiconductor bellet, 8 is a
battery, 9 is a load resistance O Fig. 2 is a device / view of a conventional semiconductor pellet, 1
is a semiconductor pellet, 2 is a gold plated portion,! I is a lead # 21.4 is a lead wire. FIG. 3 is an
overview of the solid electrolyte pickup device of the present invention. In the figure, 1 is a
stylus, 2 is a cantilever, S is a damper, 4 紘 link mechanism, 5 is a solid electrolyte pellet, 6 is a
bonding portion between the solid electrolyte pellet 5 and the lead wire 7 and 1 is silver plating
The part 2 is a solid electrolyte, and S is a lead. The above [agent best practice 拳 21 21st. ! 1 set
of 4 figures EndPage: 2
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