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Patent Office Secretary 1, Title of the Invention: IO) Near 7 Blinded Crystal 9th revision 4 List of
attached documents [F] Japan Patent Office ? Japanese Patent Publication 49 white 929 ░ O
Publication Japanese Patent 49. (1974) 4. , 12 examination request unclaimed (all 3 pages)
Office internal serial number 0 Japan classification 1 (lit? j G: Tough I / 2 /, 27232 f G. TA. A)
Specification 1. Title of the Invention 1 Name of the Invention Korotkoff Sound Collection Device.
3 Patent applicant
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an apparatus for
collecting Korotkoff sounds. Conventionally, to measure blood pressure, the maximum value and
the minimum value of blood pressure are measured indirectly by the presence or absence of
Korotkoff sound. That is, when an arterial blood vessel of the arm is pressurized by gradually
increasing the air pressure of the cuff by winding an air bag as a cuff around the arm of the
human body, a certain cuff pressure (air pressure of the cuff) After that, the Korotkoff sound
begins to be generated (the cuff pressure value at this time is taken as the diastolic blood
pressure value), and when the cuff pressure is further increased, the blood flow in the arterial
blood vessels is finally stopped, and the clog sound? F [do (the cuff pressure value at this time is
taken as the maximum blood pressure value). The accurate collection of the Korotkoff sound
affects the measurement accuracy of blood 1E (rti, and the Korotkoff sound is generated with
pulse noise from the beginning to the generation due to the increase of the cuff pressure Since
the amplitude of the Korotkoff sound is smaller than that of the pulse sound, it is difficult to
accurately collect only the Korotkoff sound, and various devices have been conceived for
collecting the Korotkoff sound conventionally. There is. The present invention pays attention to
the fact that the pulse noise is several hertz or less and Korotkoff sound is several tens to 100
hertz, acoustically has a bypass filter EndPage: 1-- and Korotkoff surely with a simple structure.
The present invention provides a novel Korotkoff sound collecting device for collecting sound.
That is, the present invention forms a closed chamber substantially sealed by an outer container
and a sound receiving diaphragm which receives a pulse noise accompanied by a small signal
Korotkoff, and vents for ventilating the closed chamber and the outside air. And the sound
receiving portion of the microphone is disposed on the inner wall of the outer container via the
diaphragm and a fixed space, and a low frequency pulse noise entering from the diaphragm is
transmitted to the outside through the vent. The present invention provides a Korotkoff sound
collecting apparatus which derives and receives only Korotkoff sounds remaining in the closed
chamber by the microphone and converts it into an electric signal. The present invention will be
described based on the following examples. FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a Korotkoff sound
collecting apparatus according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 shows an
input sound waveform group and an output signal waveform group of the Korotkoff sound
collecting apparatus according to the present invention. In FIG. 1, 1 is a sound receiving
diaphragm which receives pulse noise with Korotkoff sound, 2 is an outer container which
supports the diaphragm 1 and forms a closed chamber 3 substantially sealed with the diaphragm
1. 4 is a condenser type microphone having a sound receiving portion disposed on the inner wall
of the outer container 2 and having good sensitivity to low frequencies, 5 is an output lead of the
microphone 4, and 6 is a vent for passing the closed chamber 6 and the outside 7. Showing the
In FIG. 2, 20 is a pulse 21a at the time of diastolic blood pressure and Korotkoff sound 22 & v A
pulse 21b and a pulse of Korotkoff sound 22b at the intermediate blood pressure. An input wave
form group applied to the receiving diaphragm 1 composed of the wave group 21c and Korotkoff
sound 22C at the time of the systolic blood pressure, 23 is obtained from the IJ-wire 5 with
respect to the nuclear input wave form group 20 An electric output signal waveform group
(electrically converted signal waveform group of Korotkoff sound) is shown. Next, the operation
will be described. The device shown in FIG. 1 is pressed with a cuff near the artery of the upper
arm with the sound receiving diaphragm 1 as a contact surface and the arterial blood pressure is
compressed by the cuff pressure. Is diastolic and intermediate blood pressure. Each waveform of
the waveform group 20 appears as an input sound waveform according to the systolic blood
pressure. The input sound enters the closed chamber 3 by the vibration of the diaphragm 1, but
in the waveform group 20, the arterial pulse 21a, 2 lb, 21c has a low frequency and escapes to
the outside 7 through the vent pipe 6 I'm sorry. Only Korotkoff sounds 22a, 22b, 22C, which are
high frequencies, hit the sound receiving portion of the microphone 4, and the electric signal
waveform shown in the waveform group 25 is obtained from the lead wire 5. Furthermore, the
cross-sectional area S and length of one vent pipe 6 must be designed to pass sound waves of a
low frequency, such as pulse noise. That is, as the ratio S / L of the cross-sectional area (inner
diameter surface, bond) to the length L of the 9 vent pipe 6 is larger, higher frequency sounds
are also passed, but more low frequencies are passed. The ratio S / L must be designed so that
only the sound signal hits the sound receiving portion of the microphone 4. In this embodiment,
since the outer container is a molded product and it is difficult to form a fine hole, the vent pipe
6 is touched to the diaphragm 1 to obtain a ratio S / L suitable for pulse noise after the large hole
is opened. If the ratio S / L of the cross-sectional area to the length of the two vents is the same
(the venting * 6 shown in FIG. 4 is eliminated and sufficient depending on the thickness of the
outer container 2) You may open a small hole. The shape of the vent pipe 6 in the closed
chamber 6 is curved in the figure, but it may be "portal". Because of the above configuration, the
structure of the present invention has the performance as a high-pass acoustic filter, so the
amplitude of the lower frequency is not limited to Korotkoff sounds, for example, in two different
mixed frequency sounds. Can be used in a device aiming to obtain a minute signal which is a
higher frequency at a high frequency well, and conversely, if the microphone is attached to the
outside of the air vent as an application example of the present invention, the lower one of the
above mixed frequency sounds The sound of frequency can be collected.
Therefore, the Korotkoff sound collecting apparatus according to the present invention is useful
not only as a sphygmomanometer but also widely as an audio signal collecting apparatus, and
since its structure is simple and inexpensive, the mass production effect is also large.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a structural cross-sectional view of a Korotkoff
sound collecting apparatus according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is an input / output
signal waveform diagram of the present apparatus. 1 ииииии Sound receiving diaphragm 2 иии Outer
container 4 j -? Microphone 6 иии Vent pipe EndPage: 25 ии Inventors other than the above
EndPage: ?
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