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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view showing the main part of a pickup
device according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a bottom view showing
a cantilever end portion of the same device. 1 ...... Kanchireha, 2 ...... Danha -, 3 ...... magnet, f child,
E · electrodes, 10 ...... conductor. V? Fig. 2-5
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a pick-up device
used for playing back disc records hh. As a disc record, a 45-45 spray system is released, and a
signal FM-modulated with the same wave number higher than the upper limit of audio range is
superimposed on an analog signal, and this is demodulated at the time of reproduction 4
Fukagawa O has become a generalization of multi-channel recording and playback methods to
obtain channel signals. (1) While maintaining compatibility with the conventional stereo system,
to further increase the number of independent channels to 4 or more, use the current pickup
device that directly converts the vibration of the cantilever to an electrical signal It is impossible
as long as it does. The reason ri, the weight of the pick-up device's swing III + yarn is small, the
weight of the pick-up device can be regenerated, and it can be regenerated by 1 llt JVb-h @ r130
KH 21 it, therefore generally 3 GKH, l It is not possible to reproduce this by the pickup device of
the present system by recording an independent channel in which the FM modulation is
performed with the same wave number and the separate signal is used with the two wave
numbers higher than the t signal. An object of the present invention is to provide an improved
f'Lt pickup device tS capable of reproducing signals of both wave numbers higher than the upper
limit of the same wave number which can be reproduced by the vibration of the cantilever itself.
This pick amplifier device is suitable for reproduction of four or more multichannel / channel
signals, and is used for reproducing a video signal which has been subjected to FM or PMf
adjustment (2) at a high same wave number in a video disc record. can do. An embodiment of the
present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. In FIG. 11, reference numeral
1 denotes a damper and a cantilever supported by 21 m. A magnet 3 is supported at the rear end
of the cantilever l, and the magnet 3td is positioned above the inside of the yoke Buddha NK. The
18th! Although only a single yoke g is shown in l, if it is for stereo reproduction, a pair of yoke
gins are each at an angle [t-of 45 ° with respect to a plane f i. It is provided to be inclined, and
in response to the change of the position of the magnet 30 with respect to the yoke, a
predetermined signal is generated at both ends of the nine coils j wound around the yoke $.
Further, the pressure sensitive element 6 is fixed to the lower surface of the cantilever / + 2) $
11 and is spaced downward from the stylus chit 17 ri and Ftinc of this sensitivity + 6. The
pressure-sensitive element 6 is made of, for example, a sintered product of titanium 啼 barium 鉛
lead zirconate, and electric (3) @ l and 9 are opposed to each other 1lllji across the vertical half
IIi passing through the cantilever lD axis. Attached by means such as steaming 1.
It is polarized between the current Iir and 9. Then, in the state of being bonded to the 11th
surface of the cantilever 1 and connected to the electric conductor 4Ir and Qv ', the output 1 hole
(not shown) is connected to the base end. Note that the leads 11110j10 are of course electrically
isolated from each other and to the force A- /, and preferably, the force / force p (-/ does not
disturb the movement of 穆 t Made of flexible material. In this way, a pick-up device Kt1g is
formed, and in this case, the disk record 0 sound aVc-ah or rt-t analog signal 呟, this a: follows
the stylus tip 17. The pressure sensitive elements 4 and the cantilevers 1 are detected as
shoulders, and both ends L of the coil j are taken out as voltages of 69 degrees. If the signal is
shadowed by an FM or riPM modulated signal with eight wave numbers outside the acceptable
range, for example 200 KH 2 or 79 or more I11 wave numbers, to the sound #I of the disc record
t. The stylus bump 7 vibrates (4) with respect to the cantilever acting as a ri-ring for vibrations of
long-line wave frequency (4). This vibration causes a signal to be transmitted between the
electrodes 1 and 9 of the pressure-sensitive element 4 generate. If this signal is taken out
through the lead 10 and demodulated in a predetermined demodulation path, the coil! It is
possible to take out the memorial signal independently of the signal taken out from. If the signal
derived from coil j contains one normal analog signal and an FMijlq signal 几 at a frequency that
is outside the cIT listening range, for example, 30KH2iH centered outside the cIT listening range
[ri, maximum by known demodulator It is possible to cancel four independent signals as far as
possible, and by demodulating the signal extracted from the pressure-sensitive element 6, a fifth
signal different from the four signals is obtained. You can get This makes it possible to perform
multi-channel reproduction with four or more channels. 4fr1 'Bic end: hettf, also very useful for
playing video disc records. In this case, the audio signal generated in the form of Kri and the
analog signal 9 is reproduced from the coil jO and the FM or dPM modulated false t video signal
is reproduced by the pressure sensitive element 6, respectively. (H) According to the results of
the experiment, by using barium titanate forming a cube with a side length of 01 to 02 as a
pressure-sensitive element 6, an optical output reaching 敦 m to IPζ is obtained, 45 rrI! When
the disc record was rotated by 1, the signal of 100 to 250 KH7 could be taken out.
Furthermore, in this pickup device, for example, when reproducing only a signal within the 20H2
to 20 KHz 11410 town listening range that is contained in a normal disc record vc type [ri, since
the pressure sensitive element substantially acts as a rigid body , From coil j 1 1? The same
signal as the case of the pickup device O can be taken out. It is also possible to play the
conventional disc record as it is.
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