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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS All the drawings show an embodiment of the wave
receiver according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is a layout diagram of an l '-' o phone, and FIG.
2 is an idrophone. A detailed sectional view, FIG. 3 is an explanatory view of the embodiment. 1,
2 и и и и и и Cable, 3, A7E и и и Synthetic resin. / Eyes. . ? и? O 2-147-Juyo 49-74854 (2) o 3 (b) (b) (b)
(/) ////// 7 ,, 4 ',,,, 7 \' r 2 / X- 148 -
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a cable-like receiver for
delivering sound waves in water. This device is designed to easily detect the direction of the
arrival target sound in sonars, fish finders, underwater ▒ 1 иии wood acoustic measurement
devices, etc. It is characterized in that the phones are configured to be at right angles to each
other. An embodiment of the present invention will be described below with reference to the
drawings. In the cables (1) and (2), nondirectional hydrophones (hereinafter referred to as
hydrophones) + 31. + 41 and (5) are watertightly attached by a mold described later and other
means. The hydrophones (3) and (4) are attached at a distance Df, and the distance is determined
from the arrival point "K to set the frequency of the signature sound K". The hydrophones (3) to
(5) are, for example, as shown in FIG. 2, a cylindrical piezoelectric element (7) ? core + e +,
te5t?internal cable ?ill, 121K penetration L, (y) core f6), Ijlk piezoelectric element lead wire ns
+, tj + @ connected respectively, piezoelectric element (7) and lead wire + a +, tS +? Cable + 11 by
molding with a synthetic resin (9) such as urethane. f! Constructed by IK combination. 1) In this
way, the hydrophones (3) to f51t attached to the cables (1), (2), respectively-the desired fixing
point in the water The hydrophone (5) is the hydrophone (3) seen from the water surface The
straight line connecting the hydrophones (3) and (4) and the straight line connecting the
hydrophones (3) and (5) are straight,-. Set up so that the distance between (3) and (5+ is D, cable
f11. If one end of +21 is drawn to land or water, the target sound coming from within the
horizontal plane is converted into an electrical signal by the hydrophone, and the direction of the
target sound can be detected 11. Specific embodiment of this invention t-Figure 3. I will explain
in detail. As shown in Fig. 3 (a), hydrophones as, am are placed on the X and X lines at intervals
of 1) t-, and the target sound arrives from the P1 direction forming an angle ? with the X and -f
lines. Then, hydrophones ae and am can be identified as coming from the P2 direction (a
direction symmetrical to Pl, with respect to X and X 'rays) b that is in the P1 direction from the
phase difference of the sound waves reaching it. 1 while IIE3 ?) K as shown hydrophone aI.
Assuming that the target sound comes from the P1 direction having an angle ? with respect to
the x and x ? lines, where ? ? ? is placed on the Y and Y lines orthogonal to the x and x ?
lines with the interval Dt-maintained. Hydrophone 0. u is in the P1 direction as described above.
Can be identified as coming from the P5 direction (a direction symmetrical to Pl with respect to
the Y and Y 'lines). Therefore, by combining hydrophones aD, aD and ms, as and t, P1 direction
111oo-Mr8xv sound ** 1i1j * f, i + 4O & L, ft as the sharing direction of the two. ! The azimuth
can be detected. As shown in Figure 1 based on the above principle. Hydrophones +31 and +41
are provided in the cable axis direction and the hydrophone +31. Perpendicular to + 4 /%
idrophone 131. By providing + litt-, that is, using the pahydrophone (3) in common, the delivery
device capable of detecting the direction of the arrival target sound is replaced. In this case, even
if the center of the hydrophone in the cable axial direction and the cable right angle direction is
offset, the offset can be ignored if the distance between the sound sources is extremely large
compared to the spacing 0 described above In the embodiment, VC is described in the case
where the delivery device is attached to one desired position and the direction of the arrival
target sound at one fixed point is detected. Delivery device to a plurality of desired positions not
fixed. It is also possible to detect the direction of the arrival target sound at a plurality of fixed
points by mounting the zeros. As described above, this invention makes the hydrophones
respectively attached to two cables have one straight angle with each other. Because it was
configured to do, towards the desired sound of arrival by placing this at the desired position in
the water. The position can be easily detected.
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