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?? Number 631 of the invention as recited in the claims of the inventor J1 Jl: where t-s) t! J7New Sax Wales, North Bridge, Roque Arc Lyso 7 Ave. J6 "-Name Zo 3-Si и" 2 Inck "(Hoka name) 4!
i, r patent applicant applicants brow 7) William, Datsudre, Remn's Yogi country 11. t-Stralia(other name) 5, agent [phase] Japan Patent Office published patent publication ? JP-A-4994352 [phase] published Japanese Patent No. 49. (1974) 9, 7 request for examination of the
examination (all 5 pages и category-(1) according to (1), title of the invention и 6) details 4 and /
or I и 1 feature-114 (non-invention) H ? 5 g (") ll 11 near / also in the drawing" IIal now I show
all in one piece [item, element, yj! ? ?: ? ? ? element ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? c 7)
Union or any one of two or more ... [more Q% et al. Nine
Ultrasonic echo apparatus 2.4 ? ?? e, d (1) in the apparatus for ultrasonic phagolysis of
smoke, и oil 1 self '/ lJ body \ ultrasound along the beam Array transformer 2 user for 10th
position, capable of directing 7 sols of energy and focusing the beam in trans 2 useano long ten
thousand flats, 1st 1st scented arraylan Suser's latitudinal direction "" against IK ic ? h h) a
whole second ? 41 array transducer with a total of ??, ? ?,! 4e + 20 j j ? ? ? ? ? Le
trance? Youser is @ 1 self first DI, 1M1 array transformer 2 user long 10 million 11 J] flat и
pronation in: this is to be able to be focused-f0 (2) before The 1st t 7 J phase array transformer 2
Ucer is composed of a plurality of single-power rectangular elements and it is characterized by 1)
that it is focused by energizing the following elements 7) when the beam 11 is sequentially
swept. $ 8 * V (3) I, + 20th phase end-transformer? U.S. Patent for the patent claim),
characterized in that the Uther is composed of a thin, rectangular element of the fortification, and
its beam is focused by energizing it at successive rising times. -и 1 1 2) 1 L (4) 1st 2nd place 1 to
2 transfer transducer-(7) @ 4 the length of your own element is loaded 1st place 1st place first
array transformer? Youser tr> encounter + j 5 direction F-in-plane 1 is given as a company, and it
is declared that it is given) company, a gold special character and a syllabary also according to
the range (3) of the ? ? N0 (5) real ' 1f ? l here K also Pidha h missing! ? ? ? ? D ? 11) ?
? ? 7)) ? ? 7) ? ?? ?.
3 Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to the technology of
ultrasonic echo '7' (1, 4, ijraEndPage: 15 onicechoecopy), and more specifically to 4 more
effective information on compound specimens. The present invention relates to the development
of the known art of ultrasonic anti-11 device. The present invention is directed to the acquisition
of more effective data in medical diagnostics at the time of use of the technique of the present
invention but not exclusively directed to 4 (73f). Ultrasonic wave "11 device t has 4 information
about the test body, and 7 (7) 4 reports are ultrasonic wave,"; It is displayed in the form of J
(ultrlLaonieechogram). Such soundings consist of an acoustic impedance break, i.e. an indication
of the reflecting surface of the object. This sounding FyJ directs a short pulse of ultrasonic
energy, typically in the frequency band of 1 to 5 millihertz (MHz), into the object to be examined,
and there is a certain amount of interruption of any acoustic impedance in the object. It is
obtained by reflecting energy in the form of echo and reversing it. This echo is received,
converted to an electrical signal, and a cathode ray oscilloscope, film, figure! ????? Lrt) or
the like is displayed as a survey. The exploration map consists of either a one-dimensional or
two-dimensional display, and in both cases the information is displayed and is included in the
degree of echoes and high powers. In the case of one-dimensional table 1h, it is used to indicate
the distance 4 to the tfl-j reflecting surface along the base line, and the intensity of 10,000
echoes is displayed as, for example, deviation or change in the base line. 1 pair of twodimensional display, position rf along the baseline As in the case of one-dimensional display, lt is
used to indicate the distance 4 to the reflecting surface, and the direction of the base line 9 ', the
transmission of the acoustic energy is used to indicate the direction. The two-dimensional display
can be obtained by changing the direction of this transfer of acoustic energy and by making the
same requirement as that of the display's base line. The echoing high power is displayed as a
change in baseline deviation or strength in the case of a one-dimensional display. The technology
of ultrasound echocardiography is used in medical diagnostics to obtain information about
patient's M autopsy tissue (lL n & tom) K. The application of this technology has now been
studied extensively, for example, in November 1970 [Prospects of Radio and Electrical Engineers
in Australia (Proceding ? nat it it it it it it it & & & & & Proc Proc Proc Proc Proc 11 515-592:
Written by Bey-Lee, Lopinso / "The application of ultrasound in medical diagnostics" (Th8
ADplicatiOnofc + xtrasounainmeaica IDe ? noc + ie). As pointed out in this paper (, ultrasound
echocardiography can be used to obtain the same representation as anatomical cross-sections,
which means that there are 4 organs-the physical size and shape of the tissue, and -J Clinically
proven to be effective when information similar to that of the same is desired. Ultrasonic sound
figure 1.1 Blue area and small bone and air in a soft tissue @ Castle @ in pregnancy @ uterus,
eyes, chest, lungs, kidneys, diagnosis in liver and heart It has been proven to be particularly
valuable M as an aid. In general, this technique (one more complete image of the affected area is
considered as an adjunct to the other techniques, but the anti-WWI ultrasound system has
sufficient information, especially in pregnancy) The father is considered as a substitute for X @
that can be another term without giving. Medical Fecal IC's, ultrasound energy pulses are
transmitted into the patient in a known direction and echoes from the reflective surface within
the blue body are received. The time delay between the transmitted and received echoes is
determined by the distance from the transmitter to the reflecting surface, and the information of
the distance obtained in this way is the reading of the one-dimensional fortress. Or it can be
displayed in a way that is suitable for tapping and clinical use as already described as a twodimensional cross section ? If an ultrasonic pulse is transmitted into the medium, the echo will
be delayed by four time delays These time delays are proportional to the distance to the inner
surface 811 of the transducer which emits 7 fs gold if the formation is constant. In the eyelid
flexible tissue that is seen in the human body, the sound transmission speed is fast and the friend
is constant, and it is considered that the pulse is fcS sound wave! Gives one a convenient way to
measure the depth from failure (trans user to special tissue). This If report can be used in many
days. The most ms type of display, 1 format 1 smell, EndPage: 2 The echo is given as a bias in the
oscilloscope's search line, where the distance is along the time axis! Is displayed. This form is
clinically effective when the displayed responses of various echoes are clearly matched or
confirmed. While it is possible to accurately measure the distance @ between two echoes, and
also between 1d-charged pulses and the echoes, the echo feeds fJl'l-it is impossible to distinguish,
???? This format has been used to measure the size of the fetal head in the uterus, the depth
of the eye and bladder and to locate the central / central St of the brain. Similar information can
be displayed with the use of 1B Form 1, but in this form the echo is given as a reflection of the
brightness or intensity of the time-based investigation. If the interface you are interested in is
moving, use the B-type display and sweep the time reference to one direction with that direction
to move the echo of the interface backward along the time reference And by displaying it in
front, the position can be plotted according to the time (M form). This is used to display the
pulsations of various parts of the heart and brain. If Form B is used, an on-screen investigation is
made to display the transducer's field of view S, and the transducer is scanned around the
patient, and the on-screen crack reference line is (If it has been followed, a two-dimensional plot
of the impedance discontinuity is obtained. Two-dimensional 1Iii images are used for pregnant
uterus, abdomen, eyes and chest. The connection of the transducer to the patient can be
performed by means of skin) contact or immersion 49 (wateraelaybath). If a water reservoir is
used, the maximum penetration depth used for the distance between the transducer and the skin
should be increased, which avoids ambiguities due to multiple reflections It is the first time to do
it. In general, water immersion scanning lacks the ease for the patient 9, but the accuracy of the
survey is superior, and skin contact scanning gives ease for the elderly but the exploration is
clear I miss it. Focusing of transducers used in ultrasound echo systems is known to reduce the
width of the ultrasound beam emitted by the transducer, and thus improves the lateral
resolution. All-known methods of reducing the width of an ultrasound beam by focusing or
forming a beam are: (1) focusing with a lens or a reflector in the same manner as focusing of an
optical system; And (-) the use of multiple element transducers (known as phase arrays), this #C
element of the transducer is activated at different times sequentially Emits a beam of the desired
shape. The invention relates to the focusing of the phased array transducer as already mentioned,
the object of the present invention is to electrically focus the phased array transducer at a
selected point in space. It is providing a device.
According to the present invention, there is provided an apparatus for the inspection of an object
by ultrasound, which is directed towards the palace of the ultrasound energy along the beam
inside the object # i @ and also in the longitudinal direction of the tra yx dunner. A first phaseplacement transducer capable of focusing the beam in the plane, and a longitudinal il [t-bearing
fan 2 placed at right angles to the longitudinal face of the phase-placement transducer @. The
phased array transducer and ttA, the second phased array transducer are adapted to be focused
in the longitudinal plane of the m-ary 1 phased array transducer. Fang 1 and ') I! The 20-phase
configuration transducer preferably comprises a plurality of narrow rectangular elements each of
which is sequentially focused by energizing the periodic elements at different times. Other
objects and features of the present invention will become apparent from the attached drawings
schematically showing the embodiments of the present invention. The direction and shape of the
nine ultrasonic beams transmitted by the phased transducer table consisting of many thin [onelike elements an] are set by energizing the elements at different times sequentially . The shape of
this beam is, for example, transformer! The shape of the beam in the width direction such as the 10,000 Wy plane is determined only by the EndPage: 3-0 width dimension. Typically, the
dimensions of the 5 longitudinal dimensions of the transducer A of the phased array are larger
than the width dimension, and the 'ultrasonic beam is reduced in the X-y plane to be smaller than
in the z-y plane. Also the solution gI degree is made good (eight. This invention! и A thin
rectangular element bmj of the multi-pattern, a second phaser 1 / -transformer-B 'eit 14' 1
representing the signal received by these elements -It is electrically bundled in the X-7 plane by
early rolling. The length dimensions of the elements of this array are preferably chosen to be
focused in the x-y plane, and the width dimensions of the one-hundred elements are preferably
sufficiently 'i + IB', so that the array is a separate array Trans-Luniy t-AICjt) is intended to be at
the beginning of the year beyond the biased direction of the beam. Light the book than the above
9 light! (1) It is possible to bundle the selected phase point transducer ?Itfr? at the cross point
of the phase array transducer ? ? ? fr, one of the ridges of the exchange, and it is possible to
bundle it. Well done. & 8 ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? J ?? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?
? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?, ?? ? ??
?? ?? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? () It is understood by those skilled in the
art that I can be eliminated and the equivalent can be directly converted as an element.
4. Brief description of the drawings. Fig. 1 is a schematic perspective view showing the body side
between homes. A% B иии Trans-transferer-an% bn и и и и и Element agent Satoshi Asamura I'J "11 +"
in the interior no change to the inner. 26, list of attached documents fil garden 1, +: second part
fil '& ff letters and 1 (] translation each one breath (3) agent EndPage: 4 procedure correction
book (spontaneous) Showa ? year / ? month ,! 20 Patent Office Commissioner 1, display of the
case Showa 4t year patent application / ?, 296 Foreign issue 2, title of invention 2, title of
invention Invention of anti-ultrasound device 3, related patent application with case of correction
Person's name and address (year, ?,) Australia 4, agent 8, according to the contents of the
amendment to the procedure amendment to the decree))), eyes 11 meso 11. 91 ?-)? 1) Patent
Office Secretary 1; Indication of the Case ? illw = f'l'fll 'jj' 1 Request No.
2 2 Z Z: J 2 ?? Title
of the invention 2 ? Title of the invention (? ? 9) ? f 3, the person making corrections 'Ill 1
and ?) relationship 1 r, iT submission address'> R)-; (=-/ J, -7 + 77 H 14, agent Mr. P, (6669) ?
? 5, correction EndPage of 11 of the instruction, 8 according to the attached sheet of correction
contents: ?
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