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Name of the invention guitar microphone No. 4014 8 in the island of Matsumoto, Nagano
Prefecture 3 noon, before the patent 3 applicant Patent No. 4282 in the island of Matsumoto in
Nagano 4 Hyakuren Shaman Kan Co., Ltd. Representative director Keiji Osawa 4, representative
Postal Code 100 Tokyo Chiyoda Ward Marunouchi 1-chome 4th No. 1 Daily Patent Office
Telephone (01) 2'14-254 / 7 (Representative) (6802) Patent Attorney Nobuo Kinya 48-064457
Specification 1, Invention Name Guitar Microphone 1, Name of Invention Guitar Microphone
21 Inventor
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention provides a novel guitar
microphone for use in stringed instruments, particularly electric guitars, folk guitars, western
guitars and the like. In particular, the guitar microphone according to the present invention is
excellent in frequency sensitivity characteristics and output characteristics, and electric guitars
and phos. It is possible to bring out the richness of the musical instruments originally possessed
by guitars and western guitar towns (6) and to use them for aesthetics and any stringed guitar.
Conventionally, a guitar microphone generally used for an electric guitar or the like is used a
microphone cover at q # for yellow-steel plate #K, L-shaped ones p, i #, 5 '. Recently, the lower
one is used in the 4 仝-會 -made by Kensei Ken Fat and is it now reserved? 1 · 4 が 郷 p 右 p 犀 ツ
キ 加 ツ キ ′ 加 ′ 、 、 、 、 、 − 、 、 、 、 革 革 革 力 革 力 力 力 力 シ シ シ z z @ Jf 4 to 5
Nμ ·枦, 1 no 9 good ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ (? 臀? 9 plate demand ア イ eye 4P phone, force,; 二 字 字
世 【【【1 e e e e e e e e e 反 反 鐸 鐸 長 長 長 長 長 長? A large amount of AC power produced
by 鋒 禾 -Tatami ・ Ita "consumes a lot! にG! 2.−1p、? η 巾 、 ク ロ ク ロ 9 出力 出力
出力 出力 p p 、 、 、 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点. 01. ・ ・ ・ Pa 1- Shi 7! $; Now Kg coming
9j! 轡 plate made of づ, イ 糠 糠 Vc, 轡? 吾 畔 鞄 蝉 寞 棹 で で 電 気 電 気 電 気 電 気 電 気 電 気
? 朱! : Bird II 1% i '== b' c (as shown, it will lower the peak of the high ′ ′ wave portion, te! -
There was a defect that must be done. Therefore, as a result of many years of research and
development, the magnitude of the eddy current generated in the alternating current magnetic
field generated by the induction coil of the microphone is inversely proportional to the intrinsic
resistance of the material of the EndPage: 1 material of the microphone cover. I found that the
above wJ electric current fire less than 1 ↑, specifically, the material of the microphone cover
1b: I found that it is better to adopt a material with a large air resistance. Therefore, for example,
as described above, if one made of synthetic resin is used, the full resistance can be obtained
because the specific resistance is large. . The specific electrical resistance of the brass plate
mainly used conventionally is 5 to 7 μΩ, which is lower than other metals. Therefore, it is
possible to focus on a silver (yellow-white) material as a relatively large material having the same
degree of aesthetics (especially easy to be plated) as brass plate and being easy to process. Is
adopted as a microphone cover.
That is, the present invention provides a guitar microphone provided with a magnetic pole and
an induction coil on the substrate of the microphone, and a nickel silver microphone cover
having a relatively large specific electrical resistance so as to cover each of the magnetic pole and
the induction coil. It is. Next, a preferred embodiment of a guitar microphone according to the
present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. First, as shown in FIG. 2, the
magnetic pole 2 and the induction coil 3 are provided on the substrate 1 of the microphone, and
the magnetic pole 2 and the induction coil 3 are covered respectively. 4 is provided. By adopting
the specific electrical resistance Fi of 20 to 40 μΩm of the western silver material (Western
white material), it has four to five times the specific electrical resistance of the conventional brass
plate, thus reducing the eddy current loss to a fraction It can be reduced. In order to prove this, it
will be described according to FIG. The main purpose of the guitar microphone is to change the
string vibration of the guitar to an electric current, but it is not a guitar microphone that excels in
lack of musicality simply by generating a current proportional to the string vibration faithfully.
The guitar microphone of the present invention, which uses a microphone power and a bar made
of a nickel silver material, has an output car frequency sensitivity, as shown in FIG. 8-This peak is
generated to form an electrical resonant circuit between the induction coil 3 of the guitar
microphone and the capacitance present in the winding or the like. As described above, the
present invention is characterized by providing a Kll pole and an induction coil on a microfloss O
substrate, and providing a relatively high nickel silver microphone cover with a specific electrical
resistance to cover each of the negative magnetic pole and the induction coil. Guitar microphone
having excellent frequency sensitivity characteristics and output characteristics and a high
degree of aesthetics.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a graph showing a car frequency feeling fII #
property of a conventional guitar microphone C1l # having a brass plate microphone cover! The
garden is a chopstick of the guitar microphone according to the present invention, a perspective
view showing an example, and FIG. 8 is a graph showing the out-car circumference covered meat.
FIG. Patent Applicant Nisshin Sono Steel Works Office Attorney Attorney Kinya Shin, 谷 哲 森) 1)
Volume-Part = 4-Ha EndPage: 25, List of Attachments (1) Description 1 Communication (2)
Drawing (1) (8) Application form Copy (1) (4) Power of attorney (1) 6, Agent other than the
above 1st branch of Marunouchi, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo 4th, 1st Niei Patent Office (6698) Patent
attorney Tetsu Mori Public place (6785) Patent attorney under 1) Part 154-EndPage: 4 Warning:
Discontinuity three pages of Page dropped out
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