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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1A is a front view of a rubber according to the
present invention, a port is a side view thereof, a C is an end view, and FIG. 2 is a side view of an
electrode plate. A5 ииииии Electrode plate. ? 1 C ? l 2 ? 1 ((mouth) Answer 1 (((2 = = = ? 2 53 53
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a cost-reliable
electrode which is attached to a part of a person W or a foot 1114 of a submersible metal Wh
device K. In the prior art, since the electrode of this type is only a conductor line wound on the
foot, it is easy to receive an electric shock and the electrode is broken. The present invention
provides an electrode according to the above-mentioned defect 01-), and the following one-self
O-back application IIA Wi4. 1. Long warm rectangular rubber 10 layers on both layers 1) 2.) In
the case of the bag portion 1.11-, a plurality of through holes 4.4-- are provided vertically and
horizontally on the caustic. 5 is rubber 1t-approximately the same shape of baking soda 01 [1 [.
In this study, I will insert the pole @ 5011i in the east sa * 'b to use it, and then appropriate
insulation on the next KJ III or **. When the rubber 1 is attached to the temple 11-1 as correctly
as the rubber 1 is attached to the body through the body, the electrode is attached to the human
body, and the electrode I [single positive S conducts with seawater through the through hole 4 is
there. -One. According to this study, the unipolar plate 5 is covered with rubber IK so that it can
be touched directly by the human body! ,-. <Sy's electric shock O train is also a storage and coKilil [5] is also protected, does not corrode one corrosion and does not go out, and by increasing
the transmission and reception WOml force ll Ib is also O . 4, ? wO simple explanation
explanation 1 1-is this consideration K rubber O front ?, 4 is its l1w garden, ^ is the end ?, and
the second is the electrode plate 011m111. : 1----rubber, turtle,----sack portion, 4----= hole,-"S to-electrode plate. Agent Patent Attorney Stone J "ff-1-" co-0 2 ?, ? ? ? ? ? 50-9195-11 ? 1
Fig. (I) 00 jj-x, BO '? 1oo, s <1. . 0ooo <-1 :: 2> oooo 'robbery, = ? ?. ooo 'jocpo' jo 6 6th ? c
port). 2 ░ ? ? ? ? ? = j и 3 charge 1 degree (Norii 2; 2 1 ;; -gJ 2 figure 1951
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