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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic cross-sectional view showing one
embodiment of the microphone device according to the present invention, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are
schematic diagrams showing the usage state of the microphone device according to the present
invention. is there. 1 ...... unidirectional microphones, 6 ...... opening, 7 ...... fixed body, a 10 ......
microphone mounting means. 11 Fig. 1 Fig. 2-29-Japanese Utility Model Application Publication
No. 50-40214 (2) Fig. 3 Ichikikuichi
The present invention relates to a nine-microphone device using unidirectional microphones
provided with openings for guiding sound waves from a sound source to a diaphragm, and at the
front and back of the peristaltic plate, respectively. This microphone device is unidirectional, for
example when used exclusively when the user holds it as it is used to sing a song, as well as when
used for lecture rings in a classroom When this microphone device is attached to a user's clothes
etc. and used, it is made to be nondirectional, and one microphone device can be used with good
sound quality according to the use condition. An embodiment of the microphone assembly (1)
will be described with reference to the drawings. First of all, to simply describe a microphone
having a single directivity for the main body plan KN 'with reference to FIG. 1, the (1) in FIG. 1
shows a microphone body having a single directivity. A unidirectional microphone body (inside of
11, there is provided a conversion device (2) for converting a sound signal into an electric signal
by a diaphragm (2a). An electric circuit device +31 including amplification a and the like is
provided for the output signal of the conversion device (2). Further, (5) is a cylindrical outer
casing for covering the conversion device (2), the electric circuit device (31 and the like, and the
windscreen of this conversion casing (5 on the spinning speed side of the outer casing (5) A
screen (41 is provided for protection of the conversion device, sound pressure from an external
sound source passes through the screen (4), and is made to reach the conversion device (21 as a
front sound FEP). In the 411 face of the outer casing (5) corresponding to the rear face side of
(2), an opening (6) in which a plurality of through holes are formed is provided. It is made to
reach the conversion device 121 as a back surface sound pressure P, by passing through the
openings 1 and 4 formed in 51. The microphone body fil configured in this way is a front (2) face
sound pressure P, a back sound pressure P, and a screen sound pressure P piles the back sound
pressure P. Since the vibration transducer (2) of the sound conversion device 12) is
photographed and reciprocated, a good electric signal is generated accordingly, and the front
sound pressure P and the rear sound pressure P are reversed. If the pressure with is the same,
this microphone installation's 7-1! (2a) The sound pressure supplied to Ic is canceled n, and this
peristaltic plate (2a) does not vibrate so that no electrical signal is generated. Jlo This
microphone is an audio signal from the front of this microphone body (1) It acts as a
unidirectional microphone, which is converted to F-signal only when there is
(1) A single-directional microphone main body (1) as described above is provided with a fixed
body (7) which measures a clip I'lii to be attached to, for example, a pocket of clothes, etc. to be
brazed. This town regular body (7) makes seven outlines cylindrical as shown in Fig. 1 and its
inside diameter! The external diameter of the itaphone main body (1) substantially conforms to
that of the main body, and the length of the fixed body (7) is for forming the external key (5) in
the microphone main body to obtain nine single directivity. The aperture 1lls 161 has a length as
affected. Further, a male screw portion (81) is formed at the outer peripheral end (5 m) (3) of the
outer casing (5) of the microphone body (1), and this male screw portion (8) is formed at one end
(7a) of the fixed body (7). A female screw (91 is formed and the fixed body (7) is formed on the
outer casing (51 of the microphone body (1) and a female screw of the fixed body (7)) Make it
possible to fix with part (9). In this case, if the microphone main body fllK fixed body (7) is used
in a fixed state, the target surface sound pressure P is added to the diaphragm (21), and the rear
sound pressure p, ui fixed state (7) 2a) Since K is not added, all of the shooting movement of the
front sound pressure P acts as a nondirectional microphone by converting it into an electric
signal. Further, for example, a clip a [%] is provided on the side surface of the fixed body (7) as a
microphone 1 phone attachment means. This clip 001 is such that the knob (10 m) is pressed
and wound around the shaft (10 b) so that the shaft (10 b) can be centered on VC1 IPl against
the nine strokes (Inc). As described above, as shown in FIG. 2, when the user sings the entire
song, for example, the user holds the hand and uses the fixed body (7) as the microphone body
(11). (4) can be used as a single finger-like microphone, for example, only the voice of the singer
can be obtained from the microphone (in this case, for example, Is supplied to the diaphragm (2a)
of the conversion device (2) from both the forward direction of the microphone and the aperture
(6) for obtaining unidirectionality, so that the output of the microphone is offset. If the user
attaches it to a part of the user's clothes and uses it, for example, as used in IIII class in a
classroom, as shown in FIG. According to the explanation above It can be used as a directional
microphone. As described above, according to the present invention, for example, in the case of
using it by putting it on clothes of the user at the time of a lecture in a classroom, etc.
'I fixed (7) attached and the microphone body is attached to the user's clothes with a fixed body
(clip 01 as 710 microphone attachment means), and the front sound pressure P is all converted
to an electric signal Therefore, all the lecture contents etc. (5) sound quality is good compared to
when simply using a unidirectional microphone device. Also, for example, when a singer uses it,
when using a prize to this microphone, the microphone body (the mass constant (7) can be
removed and used from 11, and the noise of the circumference is offset by the above-mentioned
lightening. Since only voice can be converted to electrical signal + cf, good sound quality can be
obtained. Thus, according to the present invention, one microphone device can be used with
good old-fashioned sound quality. Of course, the present invention can also be used for wireless
microphones. The present invention is not limited to the above-described embodiment, and
various other configurations can be taken without departing from the spirit of the present
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