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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partial longitudinal sectional view of the
prior art example, FIG. 2 is a partial longitudinal sectional view of the information disc
reproducing apparatus of the present invention, and FIG. FIG. 4 is an enlarged view of the vicinity
of the detector portion. 1 ...... singing lever, 2,4 ...... adhesive layer, 3 иии q, 6 ------ clamper, 7. Damper member, 8--. ?? Head amplifier case, 9,13,14 иии; ии FET, C15E ии constant current circuit,
20 ииииии load resistor, 21 ...... output amplifier, 22 ... и и и Output end, D и и и и и и information disc. -3Judo 50-41507 (2) -14
[Detailed description of the invention] An information recording medium in which an information
recording signal is mechanically recorded in a spiral groove formed in a disk has been used as a
disk record for a long time to record and reproduce acoustic signals as 07t. Research on practical
use of so-called video discs, which can be reproduced widely in recent years, and can be
reproduced in recent years as television diran picture signal 4 + It became IC to be performed
actively. By the way, the frequency band of the sound distribution signal in the normal disk
record is 1 lsKb @ lj, and the recording signal in the t4 channel stereophonic sound record is a
frequency division multiplexed format. In contrast to the fact that -t's chest wave number band is
only a few pages only, for example, ?V eishin-% l -1 because its IIM number band extends to
several-, practical rotation It is recorded on the distribution aS body in order to turn fast gC area,
and the decoy information W! Recording signal O brass density is high momentum & ', as a
mechanical ? electrical conversion element used for its reproduction, faithfully traces so-called'
am 'shape as in the conventional O disc record Can not be realized in such an operation form @
04 hO (The preplanning f is not a turtle for which the assignment and reproduction h41 is
limited to the TVW ? signal, but the multi-channel ol echo composite signal, its 41 II wide band
The signal reproduction * tC is also used in a similar manner, and it is not necessary to say that it
is not one but in the present specification, the contents of a TV projection signal reproduction
apparatus will be described as an example thereof). The following is a supplementary explanation
of the above points. ? V projection signal disk-shaped brass medium Kii '! In order to record, if
the T video signal is 7 M waves and the signal of 1 field period of the TVIII-scratch signal is to be
distributed to one round of the disc # 1a, The noble needle for faithfully tracing the recording
waveform C4 of such recording wave size with a recording wavelength of about 1 ?m or so on
the body has an extremely small curvature radius. It is necessary to be a thing, and using a
reproduction needle like seven, a recording medium: C 1-1 applies a great pressure and causes it
to break down. ! In the journal media material as known in or in t, in the operation format similar
to that of a mechanical ? electrical conversion element such as that used in conventional
pickups for reproducing a record is adopted. Since it is impossible to solve this point, it has been
proposed that the backward part vca and the pressure sensing type emotion regenerating
apparatus at lk8 superior detection element be used to solve this point.
Fig. 1 shows an example of the information sensing disk reproducing apparatus of the pressure
sensing type described above in Fig. 6 with a side cross section 1 of a part like the one 11: F ++ed. The piezoelectric element 3 on which the electrodes k and Sb are attached is fixed to the Ocantilever 1 via the adhesive layer 3 as a hollow hollow body. In the figure, in the figure, 4 is an
adhesive layer, 5 is a t detector made of sapphire L or diamond 1 or the like. The portion of the
phantom line shown in the above-mentioned * IE 1 neutralization shown by the reference
numeral is the disk of the recording medium. In the information disc reproducing apparatus
described above, the contact surface 6a formed on the lower S of the detecting element is a
recording medium disc (a plurality of O convexes in the information recording signal in the
groove in which the information disc IDIc is formed). In front of the contact surface in contact
with the recording medium surface, which is in contact with the recording medium surface, and
at a detection point of 11 t%, an L slope 5b forming an introduction angle ? with the recording
medium ITID Further, a rear bell surface ha is formed at the back of the contact head. The
boundary 6x between the fixed constant contact @ba and the rear @iii 56 is the detection end,
and the information disc moves in the direction of the arrow in the figure, and when it is
detected, the detector 5F h1 arranged t detection The t information recording signal is recorded
as an elastic wave by being recorded as unevenness of hair in the groove by the part of the end
5x, and is detected as an elastic wave, and it is transmitted to the piezoelectric element 3 by
drying the adhesive layer weight, and the electrode plate 3111 (electricity No. 48) Generate The
piezoelectric element 3 is made to have an elastic force yt by the presence of the adhesive layer 3
so that the cantilever 1Ki is not transmitted by the presence of the adhesive layer 3. Well, as
described above i configuration of pressure sensing type information disc regeneration-placing,
working, tD jet head straight 1 formed by the face 9-, in the groove of the field disc O information
2 silver signal?? ? A plurality of convex S in a plurality of convex S in contact with the
recording medium j with one side like a case from the king turtle ? j Xjlh, ? 2 gh ? ? ?? ?
? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? information disc reproduction with needle pressure Even if the device is
used for mystery, the information 1m is 4J or 0, and it is 6-0. The upper portion t is supported by
the internal damper member 7 of the clamper 6 in which the vicinity of the base of the cantilever
1 is fixed to an arm (not shown, IK attached t herdoan 10 case 8 or the like). The output signal
from the piezoelectric element 3 noted K is connected to the electrode ?, 311 and is connected
to the research connection lead 0 0. In addition, the head amplifier 8- \ is led to work. The
conventional side 40 of the first @ show, lead!
The IJLO is bonded to the head amplifier case 8 by means of a conductive cantilever, and the lead
I ? is mounted to the first stage 9 gate of the head amplifier. By the way, in the information disc
reproducing apparatus of the above-mentioned type, the information signal recorded as the
change of the unevenness in the series of the information circle 11D is elasticized at the portion
of the detecting end 5 of the detecting element 5 as described above. Since the electric signal
corresponding to that is detected from the piezoelectric element 3, the operation M buried soil b,
and if there is no information disk in the information disc, etc. 6-9 Cantilever 1 is not required in
terms of construction, but since there is t distortion in the actual information disk, the
information disk reproducing apparatus conventionally improves the followability and improves
the other characteristics, For example, a relatively large cantilever such as = 40 mI is hung and
flP, so that a long t from the piezoelectric element 3 as an O output lead is required 1 ha t. That
is, in the information disc reproducing apparatus, the followability is good, and the needle
pressure is a very small value such that the needle pressure is 0.1a or less, but such information
disc reproduction with such a small needle pressure O The device ?, the one with a long
cantilever length is easy to make, and the #C is too long for the cantilever length to reduce the
change of t needle pressure by the displacement of the cantilever moving up and down following
the warpage of the information disc. it is well, 11 nine, also taking configuration и information
disc and the cantilever and is mutually parallel to do so that configuration ░ и aspects of the
cantilever, such as the position of the styli no IIIIIK shifted by vertical movement of the
cantilever, the cantilever Even if the movement of the head up and down does not cause the head
of the monitor to be generated during reproduction signal, it is also required that the length of
the cantilever be longer. From the top of the associated structures of a size of Taranba used as
part of lifting structures, the cantilever length is long s! (1) If a potential is generated in the cuff
f1 / bar and the cantilever and the talamper are II-II, then a relatively long cantilever is used in
the information reproducing apparatus. In the first brush and in FIG. 8 described later, the
relative dimensions of the out-of-the-line portion of the illustrated Os meeting S are
approximately 10- Compared with the dimensions of the part of the part, the size is shown
significantly, and the thickness of the force y chirepa is not worn as large as its length nor is it 1).
In the prior art shown in the first illustration, the lead wire noted 0. 0. The breath is described in
151C its opening conductor @JO is cantilever lIC connected, and the other conductor j on the
other conductor j is for example the adhesive agent story at seven am locations with respect to
the cantilever J-. It is fixed at 5 '2' ░ and is extended to the car 8-nd de lepaille according to the
0 i 61 landing mode such as 4 '. Therefore, in the conventional information disc reproducing
apparatus, since the lead #C is made so that the @ lead can be easily moved, lead III moves the
cantilever eIktl Jm which moves up and down following the ups and downs of the information
disc.?? @LL !! ?? The capacitance value between the lead 111 and the cantilever 1 is T, and
the lead @ 110 beat component is mixed in the output signal, or the lead n is made by the
movement of the lead 11 # c. Mechanical resonance may be caused to shake the cantilever 1 and
cause the detector to pop out of the groove of the information disc. When it is going to remove
with (, it may break the wire by catching it. In the case of conducting II concave and negative, a
very small am (for example, a length is a field with a clon meter) is used to reduce the mass, so
when used as an exposed state, #C is for various causes. It is impossible to avoid the
disconnection accident due to Further, in the information disc reproducing apparatus of the
conventional example, since a relatively long wire is stretched in the space, it is also a problem to
pick up extraneous noise and deteriorate 87M. The present invention has been made to solve
various problems as described above in the conventional information disc reproducing
apparatus, and a plurality of convexes in the t information recording signal are recorded in a
groove shape into the groove. A detector, which is designed to detect information recording
errors as an elastic wave and apply it to a piezoelectric element, and a cantilever that supports a
portion including the piezoelectric element, the detector, etc. The output disc of the piezoelectric
element is inserted into the hollow, conductive cantilever 10 hole of the information disc
reproducing device tIC having an information disc, and the output output of the above-mentioned
tweet plate is obtained by the cantilever 500. An information disc reproducing apparatus
comprising an adhesive fixed at both end portions and the cantilever grounded is provided, and
the specific contents thereof will be described with reference to l 1 m, IE 1 0, p 1 or less. ? m1ii
is the home side ? O information disc reproducing apparatus O ? 0 part of the longitudinal side
1IiI11 of the part, and the part of the same configuration as that of the 1 ts gas shown in the 1 ts
gas display has already been described. The same 1 1 ii code is used as the drawing code used.
?? At 21, the electrodes of the piezoelectric element 3-31) K tangent J! ! Output unit 1114. . 1.
Is inserted in the hole of the hollow cantilever 1 made of a conductive material such as aluminum
or titanium and introduced into the daytime of the case of the head amplifier, for example, 5 IE 3
shown O layout S diagram Head amplifier 2 @ FIT13. To ? ? 4 input electrodes! J connected 6
░ 11) t output part 1IIl, 18 is shown in Fig. 2 (as shown in the both end portions of the
cantilever 1) and fixed by an adhesive 15.16, a cantilever 1111 shield potential IC * Tll be taken
(-r, et al., The output portion II1 ../ a from the piezoelectric element 5 in the device of the present
invention is appropriately applied to the inner wall of the hole in the hollow cantilever lQ hole).
At the same time, the resonance frequency of the output signal increases with the increase of the
resonance frequency, and the movement of the output conductor is suppressed by preventing the
fluctuation of the signal level of the output signal as described above. Even if dust removal work
is performed on the detector by printing-?-@, it is possible to prevent disconnection of the
output section II 1. lm by mistake. In addition, the output lead! ?, 18 is inserted in the hollow
above the cantilever, so that the output groove II is not broken accidentally at the time of
assembly @ & is highly durable, and the output groove 1111! , 1 is well shielded by the cantilever
IK, so extraneous noise 8. It is also possible to prevent the decrease of / N. 11 minutes, home
plan! ! ! In the cage, the t pole 3a of pressure S and Sb, the FIb [@ of the output lead wire 6 of the
connected ?, and ?? were made to pass through the hole on the hollow cantilever and be
made in the head case 10 b. Later, with a balanced input circuit such as the one shown in Fig. 5,
there is a series connection to the sodo amplifier circuit KmIlth, the input mog @ oy mm, and the
m element [11 element 3]. If the amount of human power is 1 to mt, 1 to 1 if the force is 1 to 1/1
and 1 to 1) capacity negative WIO layer people can not prevent the attenuation of the output of
the disc device output) > Rail, if it is the same as 87M is realized 1WL3 figure # C, 5), 18 (z-high
resistance 11-resistor, ? is constant current circuit, eye is load # 0u, JA (0 circuit constitutes a
kind of differential amplifier, and it is necessary to A resistor vision and the same phase, and
sends the output end fins and amplifies it in the output amplifier 111U. As apparent from the
following description, in the information disc reproducing apparatus of the present invention, the
output lead WRIl!
In addition to effectively stopping on #CC, it is possible to very well stop the entry of extraneous
noise-it is also possible to effectively suppress the occurrence of noise due to the vibration of the
It output lead wire and the phenomenon of needle skipping etc. If it is possible to provide a very
good friend information disc reproduction device with very good characteristics.
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