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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a known video disc pinkup, FIG. 2 is a perspective view of a stylus of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a perspective
view of the pink-up equipped with the same stylus. 1 ииииии Video disc, C recording medium) ? ? 2
иииииии Stylus, 3 ииииии Pressure-sensitive element 4, 4 ? иииииииииииииии Metal electric E иии иииииии Holder, 8 ииииииии
Conductive part. Fig. 2 / -1-
[Detailed description of the invention] 1 @ name of the recording stylus stylus ? ? MIfr draft
registration scope of the pressure-sensitive element 1 [* Kt '1 l 19 spreads the conductive ? t ?
stylus. & Thought 5 OW-? ? ? ? ? ? Disc-like substrate KIIa WI! Conducts electrical KM
which is electrically conducted to the voltage value 11i of a pressure-sensitive element such as a
piezoelectric ceramic transducer related to the stylus of Biwata Afp which extracts an original
signal from a 6-well medium (generally called a video disc) Because it is a stylus. ? 1 #! J is a
video disc of the season-a box 1a figure of Bic Atsua. (11) a video disc formed by mechanically
recording 14 video signals etc., (2) is a rounding stylus for extracting a video image into the
video disc, (1) A stylus was extracted 1-a destructive signal Identical IK cost I and I [1 lft
pressure-sensitive element to reproduce, (nal ? element ? element ? J J3 on both sides # C
deposition Or metal electrodes attached by 2 etc., (5x6) are the metal layers 41K, for example,
lead wires attached by semi-boring, (6 companies pressure sensitive elements) buffer for full
holding, < Each part up to the stylus (two wins fI & holding end 1) indicating the holder n # i is
combined, for example, by welding. According to this known pick-ara-7 "ll construction, the lead
bite for taking out the potential difference generated in the pressure-sensitive element at the
time of reproduction of the video disc brake is attached to the electrode surface of the beta
pressure-sensitive element, for example by But, of this pair of 13-Far attached 4 both electrodes,
10,000 r! The large part of the wire-the bottom of the yxp ifs covers, so to get the lead from it
there is not a high degree of expert t # ability to pull out vTo. @ 2 Figure 2 is a perspective view
showing a draft of the draft plan. In the positive figure (8) is the bottom of the stylus (2) and the
video disc [Ela V part 1 which extracts the signal by Jin]! In the outer part To To is different from
the front-bottom-base and jll! The conductive portion is attached to a predetermined surface of
the stylus (8) by a method such as steaming, plating, baking or the like. The inside of the fifth
shows a perspective view 8e of the essential part of the pickup provided with the three styluses,
and the structure of the stylus and the lead wire extraction 7F! Except for the known example of
FIG. 1 and 1iifl-like, only one figure numbering is given to a single blowing element to avoid
overlapping tubes, and in the present invention, a stylus (2) is needled with a pressure sensitive
element. By providing the conductive film a + t? on the portion lf1 and the portion other than
the portion I on the IE surface of the stylus in succession, the playback of the video disc player
can be performed with the pressure sensitive element (3) toss dil (2) When taking a position out
of the complex, the bad ball element ll ? t ? (4 I (I) FC FC fl j @ & & & & ? ? ? ? ? ?Cliff
from Cape (4)!
Lead #s by soldering etc.! -Drawer stylus (2) @ electrode (4) ? ? and so on by turning silver and
the number of the star with silver solder, the electrode surface and the conductor 1 flll f 81 on
the sulfur are equipotential rli?Ir Since it can be done, it is possible to take out the lead wire
from the top of the lead wire) 8) to the soldering etc. As described above, when using the sensor I
of the present invention I when taking out from the electrode WS 4 of the strain sensor out of
both electrodes of the pressure-sensitive element to the lead iI ', the large area of the electrode is
superior by the stylus. Even in this case, since the lead wire can be taken out by the stylus, it is
extremely easy to take out the lead wire. Bustling country-leading arm Fig. 1 Fi The known video
disc pick-up 4ft-1-2-This is the stylus stylization of this review-Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the
pick-up between the stylus Indicates (1) ииииииии Video disc (Ki il Iiw & body),-phantom и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и pressure-sensitive element (4 to 4) и и и и и и и и и I11 ? ?, (? S + и и и и и и и lead wire, (6 to и и и
11 wires, (7 I и и и и ? ?, (8) и и и и и и 4 ░ Tribute 741 IIkll imperial protagonist Sanyo Den-stock E
? member ? 1 Figure 1 ? ?, 1C ? / ? Figure 2 ? 2 ? 2 g Figure 3 12.1. Representative of
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Ie Makoto 5 Inventor's address etc. other than the above If not shown)) ?
? 2? ?shield 18 ? ? (one following ? name one place) Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Name! r, gate
door name name ? Z name Y ? ? name name fli 7 resistant
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