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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1a is a longitudinal sectional view of a transducer
using an electrostrictive vibrator according to the present invention, and FIG. 1b is a protection
for holding the vibrator and forming an outer casing It is a detail enlarged view of the material of
the body. 2 and 3 are longitudinal cross-sectional views of a transducer to which means for
further increasing the pressure resistance is added. 1 ...... vibrator, 1 ', 1? ..... transducer
radiating surface, 2a, 2b ...... resonator electrode terminals, 3a, 3b ..... lead , 4 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и protective surface. Fig. B-125-Actual opening 50-57454 (2)-126-
Detailed Description of the Invention In the prior art, the transducer of the ultrasonic equipment
which is used by being dropped in the deep sea, the efficiency of the transducer is increased by
the pressure of the fluid of the medium applied according to the depth Depending on the extreme
going down. For this reason, various measures have been tried up to the present, but it is
provided in contact with the radiation surface opposite to the transmission / reception wavefront
with respect to the medium in the radiation surface of the imaging actuator which transmits or
delivers ultrasonic waves as one of the causes. Because the reflector that prevents the emission
of ultrasonic energy is compressed by fluid pressure, the air gap in the reflector is extremely
reduced, and the transmission and reception efficiency of ultrasonic waves is extremely reduced.
There is. Therefore, in order to improve the transmission and reception efficiency, from the
above point, the reflector itself can be crushed even under high fluid pressure, and the volume
reduction rate due to compression is also small, and ultrasonic wave transmission and vibration
It is necessary to make the energy less discrete. The present proposal provides a structure
including measures for coping with the above causes and improvement in productivity, and will
be described below with reference to the drawings. Fig. 1a is a longitudinal cross-sectional view
of the transducer of the present invention immersed in a medium, in which 1 is a coulometric
transducer of ultrasonic waves and 11 is a radiation surface which is intended to radiate
ultrasonic vibrations in a desired direction. , 11 are radiation surfaces on the opposite side of the
radiation surface 11. Reference numerals 2a and 2b denote electrode terminals of the vibrator 1,
to which lead wires 3a% and 3A are respectively connected. Reference numeral 4 denotes a
cable, which collectively pulls out the lead wires 3a and 5b to the outside of the transducer and is
connected to an external control device for driving the same. , 5 radiation surface protection of
ultrasound (2), n? The film is given a film thickness capable of efficiently resonating with the
vibration frequency of the vibrator 1, and is in close contact with the radiation side radiation
surface 11 of the vibrator 1, and the material is electrically insulating. , And gives a book that is
approximate to the ultrasound properties of the medium 6 to be emitted. The numeral 7 is a
protective body which also serves as a filling material for watertight protection, including the
vibrator 1 and its electrical connection portion inside, having a surface shell thickness as shown
in the enlarged view of FIG. The space between the respective parts in the protective body 7 is
filled with a balloon body 7 'of a minute diameter containing a gas and a material consisting of a
binding agent 7w for binding the balloon body 71 to each other without a space. . Furthermore,
the bonding agent 71 is made to adhere to the bonding surface 51 securely using the same
material as the radiation surface protecting film 5 so that the water tight bonding between the
radiation surface protecting film 5 and the protective body 7 is facilitated. There is. Also, even
between the cable 4 and the protective body 7, the sheath material of the cable 4 is also
different, but if water tight bonding is possible, the use of an adhesive or the like is also possible.
The operation and effect of the above configuration will be described. The oscillating voltage
applied to the vibrator (3) 4: the vibrator 1 by the lead wire of the cable 4 a, 5b excites the
vibrator 1 to generate an ultrasonic wave. At this time, if the main direction of vibration is made
to be the direction of the arrow 8 due to the shape of the vibrator 1, the ultrasonic wave is
transmitted to both of the radiation surfaces 1 'and 11; Also, since the protective body formed by
bonding and molding the balloon body 71 with the binder 7 'covers the periphery, ultrasonic
energy is transmitted through the protective body 7 and transmitted to the external medium 6
and the force Yes. Since the radiation surface protection film 5 made of a material having a
similar ultrasonic characteristic to the medium 6 is in close contact with the radiation surface 11,
the ultrasonic waves generated by the vibrator 1 efficiently pass through the radiation surface
protection film 5 efficiently. Is transmitted to the medium 6. When the fluid pressure of the
medium 6 becomes high, in the conventional case, it is provided so as to cover closely to the
surfaces of the transducer in order to prevent the divergence of ultrasonic energy from the
surfaces of the transducer other than the radiation direction. Since the reflector is a bubbled
member mainly composed of a viscoelastic material, it is extremely weak in compressive strength
and extremely compressed and reduced together with the bubbles contained in the reflector itself
against a high compressive force, and its ultrasonic wave emission prevention The fact (4) is the
fact that it comes to a state of almost no effect or nothing at all. However, if the micro balloon
body 71 of the first proposal is closely coupled to each other by using the same material as the
radiation surface protective film 5 as a binder and it is used as the material of the protective
body 7, surfaces other than the ultrasonic radiation direction of the vibrator 1 At the same time,
it is possible to expect the divergence prevention effect and the protection effect of As an
example of the constituent material of this protective body 7, water and an epoxy resin having
similar ultrasonic characteristics are used as a binder, and a balloon having a diameter of 50 to
350 It having a glassy shell is used as a balloon. The volume ratio of the former is about 404, and
the latter is about 60 cups mixed and cast-bonded. The specific weight of the plate is about 0.63
'A water pressure crushing strength is 30oK! ? In the case of using polyester resin "'t't, Qo, @ %%
resin as this binder on L, the same procedure is followed! Human pressure crush strength has
reached over 2001'l; JaL. --: The porosity contained is extremely high compared to the material
of the reflector (for ultrasonic energy radiation prevention) generally used in relation to
ultrasonic waves, for example, natural cork and the like. Therefore, the material made by
combining the balloon body 71 shown on the upper side in the present invention with the same
material as the radiation surface protection film 5 as the bonding agent 71 and filling it as a
vibrator 1 (5) 2 и 2-one particle If it is used for the protection body 7 of the material, it can
prevent the emission of ultrasonic energy in all directions except the required radiation surface
11 as well as the pressure resistance 3 strength of the material, and the ultrasonic energy
emission prevention ability. It can withstand sufficiently strong fluid pressure even if it is applied,
and moreover, by using the same material as the radiation surface protection film 5 as the
binder, the radiation surface protection film 5 and the protection body 7 It is possible to make
the water tight adhesion extremely easy and certain, and furthermore, the binder 71 which is
suitable for the electrical insulation property because the vibrator 1 is an electrode type, for
example, an epoxy resin, a polyester resin, etc. This protector 7 directly Vibrator 1 and terminal
3 (no problem at all to touch 1,3AK.
In the same way, in the case of using the vibrator Kaljl type in the implementation of the
proposal, the watertight protection treatment of the magnetic earth type vibrator of the
protective body 7 and the cable 4 and the protective body 7 and the radiation surface protective
film 5 is unnecessary. The holding method is easy, and therefore, it is possible to select a wide
range of materials different from the radiation surface protective film 5 in the material of FIG. In
one example (6) of the present proposal practice, the pressure resistance of the cylindrical shell
surface of the protective body 7 is further strengthened by the fluid pressure applied from the
cylindrical outer surface of the protective body 7 in the rough t. The same as in FIG. 1 except that
a cylindrical protective tube 9? is provided on the outer periphery of the protective body 7 and
the strength of the protective tube 9? is further added to the strength of the material
constituting the protective body 7 described above. is there. In the method of FIG. 2, it is also
possible to embed the protective tube 9b inside as shown in the 31st-character addition diagram
due to the problem of corrosion prevention and buffer to the protective tube in the method of
FIG. As described in detail above, one solution is different from the conventional configuration of
the transducer, in which the vibrator is brought into close contact with a predetermined position
on the pre-formed radiation film, and the balloon is brought into close contact with the bonding
agent by multi-layer bonding. By covering this with a protective body, it is possible to eliminate
the reflector that has been incorporated in the past, and it is possible to very easily produce a
pressure resistant ultrasonic transducer for deep sea, which is extremely industrially-producible.
It is valid.
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