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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The drawings are a side sectional view a and a front
view b of an embodiment of the present cold weather. E metal plate, small hole in the center of 4
... 3, 5 ... thin film of plastic, 6 ... outer casing, 1 ... waterproof contact part. (bノ(4ノ
[Detailed description of the invention], that an ultrasonic detection device is used which applies
the reflection of ultrasonic waves to detect the presence / absence of an obstacle for correcting a
/ the rear of a vehicle when a wheel such as one vehicle is moving backward. There is. The
ultrasonic transducer of such a device is usually mounted outside the vehicle (rear of the vehicle)
K, and when rainwater etc. intrudes into the transducer inside it, its function is reduced to 1- It
may stop. The present invention is intended to provide a waterproof type ultrasonic handset
which is sufficiently resistant to such applications and has a simple structure, which will be
described below with reference to the drawings. The drawings are a side cross-sectional view (6)
and a front view (bl in FIG. 1 in the drawings) of an embodiment of the present invention. 3 is a
plate attached to a horn KJ with a slight gap on its vibrating surface, for example, a metal disk, a
small hole opened at the center of 1ll-i plate 3, 5 a small polyester film called, for example, trade
name Mylar It is stuck on the board 3 so as to close the hole 4 o2i! A conical horn for ultrasonic
radiation, with its inlet (Throat) centered on the small hole 4 and mounted on the plate 3 7. f In
the actual use, the horn and the image pickup motor are housed in the outer casing (cover) 6 and
waterproof adhesion is applied to the junction 7 of the outer casing and the opening of the horn
2 is necessary. Now, the ultrasonic waves generated by the vibrator 1 are sent out from the small
holes 4 of the plate 5 into the horn 2 because the space between the case (not shown)
surrounding the ultrasonic transducer 1 and the plate 3 is kept airtight. Is emitted to the air from
the opening surface 2 開口 2-of the horn 2, but it is blocked by the thin 1151C even if rainwater
etc. enters from the opening surface No. 2 and the vibrator 1 is reached by the rainwater
intrusion If there is a fear that the function of the oscillator is degraded, in this case, if the
thickness of the thin film 5 is extremely thin such as about 10 μ or less in this case, the
attenuation when the super praying wave passes through it is slight and practically It was
confirmed that it was not a problem. That is, according to actual measurement d thin l! When it is
used for mylar of thickness 6μ, the attenuation by the presence of the thin film 5 in the 1m
diameter 4oxO state of the aperture 26 with the frequency of 25kHz of the ultrasonic wave 4 of
4 Fc less than 1 dB. As is apparent from the above description, according to the present
invention, as in the small hole group, the tensile strength is high and the hygroscopic property is
small, and the strength does not change even when it is wet with water. A practical method is
remarkable because it is a waterproof layer ultrasonic transducer with a good 3-character
insertion performance to prevent rainwater intrusion by a simple method of sticking a thin film.
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