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111 (Japanese 49 days [Month 111]. Patent Director] Lee 2 inventor. Japanese Patent Laid-Open
Publication No. Sho 50-713170 Japanese Patent Publication No. 50. (1975) 6.13 Internal Code
No. 732655-Specification t Name of Invention Magnetostrictive Element Electroacoustic
Transducer Magnetostrictive Element Magnetostrictive Element of Ferromagnetic Material is
Provided with a Lead-Free Part, and a Coil is Provided on This Complete-S (1) An electro-acoustic
transducer with a magnetostrictive element such that the voltage induced in the coil is added
when the ferromagnetic substance causes a dimensional change in the axial direction of the coil.
2, the scope of claims
5, Detailed Description of the Invention J, The invention relates to the electroacoustic aging with
a magnetostrictive element t containing a coil or a wound high strength body. It is already known
that a ferromagnet, for example a nickel rod, is excited in its natural vibration by means of a coil
9 around which tj'kT1 and an alternating 1 1ft flow flows, to utilize the magnetostriction
phenomenon a. It is called 音響 音響 発 信 磁 歪 前 前. It is likewise known that substances which
exhibit positive magnetostrictive properties under the effect of their magnetic permeability tlrE
on the basis of the principle opposite to that of the magnetostriction phenomenon, this increase
in the permeability makes it possible to (A coil Vt-0 city provided with a D core VC is induced. In
nuclear technology, in the case of a sodium-cooled nuclear reactor, the sound level in the core
can be detected with σJ which can often be detected in advance by the frequency spectrum f4 of
the noise spectrum in sodium. Is desirable. In particular, sodium (12 local boil VC caused noise
not to be detected unfailingly, because in this case failure to increase until melt Vt of the melt
component is increased to prevent damage to Vt% nuclear reactor In the case of local boiling,
which must be because it is sent into cold sodium by a stream of bubble r2, it condenses
instantaneously here. In this case, a very high PC high v1 peak pressure is generated in a short
time. This Qx pointed 1000 force C noticeably more compared to the normal flow sound, so
when you design the acoustic receiver 0 honeydew and its condensation noise 9 for the
frequency L / "6 of the present invention EndPage: 1lv The strain gauge is designed to be made
reliably in liquid sodium. Object of the present invention H, small size, simple and strong, and not
only can be used even when the ambient temperature is high Small sound [detect and use for
detecting boiling noise or vapor bubbles There are nine to receive such a loud noise Fjln L liquid
sound @ and get vM air acoustic cost conversion lS as a transmitter. According to the invention,
according to the object of the present invention, the strong S-characteristics of the 1B strain
element are provided with a five part, and a coil is provided at this arm part; and the
ferromagnetic material is dimensioned in the axial direction of the coil! This can be achieved by
the addition of IIr multipliers induced in the coil as it occurs, i.e. the coils are connected in series
and made up of one continuous filament. Therefore from the transformation of two strong parts.
That is to say, it consists only of a solid ferromagnetic body "d" provided with a core part and a
conductor which can be covered with a gold crucible and insulated with magnesium oxide.
It is good if it is made from magnetic core with high magnetic or wholesale value and high Curie
vortex core cobalt iron, which has strict requirement 5 + a such as air gap part and lead wJ0
connection part and good 2 half part in magnetic circuit. Furthermore, it is extremely stable
against this cono-iron iron C radiation. Therefore, at least two of the ferromagnetic materials
according to the present invention .sigma.J converter It is subjected to an axial vibration Vt
mainly to the influence of r @ and the other (/ J radiation, @ to the f converter. It is proposed to
provide a single arm and to wind the coil around the longitudinal axis CIJ of this arm. In contrast
to transducers exposed to radial vibrations, mainly against this nine. It is proposed that at least
one arm part be provided on the ferromagnetic material and coiling be performed across the
longitudinal axis r. In a transducer having a coil wound around a longitudinal axis of an arm part,
a cylinder or a prism having at least one slit provided in a part of its strong-abrasive body-its
principle- Preferably, 1tqlc. In contrast to the iIP device rL with a coil transverse to the
longitudinal axis of the hinge part, a1 ferromagnetic material and a cylinder provided with at
least two longitudinal holes V) propose a rectangular prism 1 According to another feature of the
invention, the converter according to the invention is used according to another feature of the
invention in order to use it in V1 liquids which exhibit corrosion and / or sedimentation. It is
proposed that the S-body be stored in a cladding tube provided with an opening for guiding. Ni b
液体, 液体 た と え ば 液体 液体 液体 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学
学. Further, by immersing the tile 1, it is possible to suppress the solid propagation sound of the
container wall. In order to improve the above-mentioned + (where the liquid and σ J contact in
the J converter are improved by the axial vibration), according to another feature of the present
invention, a thick bottom portion is provided on the coating w. We propose to fix the
ferromagnet at the bottom of the heart. In the radial direction Q) In order to obtain a good
contact, it is sufficient for the coating 1 vcl J to have m-d C incorporation in the cladding 1
ferromagnetic. Boiling liquid lCf converter if you want to push in, break 4 g, flat l drop on the
bottom of the horizontal! The stopping of air bubbles may occur which may cause an error.
According to another feature of the invention to avoid this Qi damage as much as possible,
according to another feature, the bottom portion C of the 1 g Ev (inclination with respect to the
111 c. To the desired nominal word of the instruction to be taken, 7 excited by uniaxial vibration
and obtained by winding r [in the same direction 18 w in the filter converter, excited by radial
vibration □ For the transducer, it is proposed to squeeze the coil direction alternately in the
opposite direction rc, □ in the liquid (/ J gas or convective foam, lead all the way through the
sonic solution, Measuring the absorption of the sound wave can be detected by VC.
To this end, according to another embodiment of the present invention, the first transducer as
the sound I # transmitter and the second transducer as the acoustic receiver are immersed in the
liquid at the position where the phase EndPage: 2 is opposite to each other. Or place in a
container containing some liquid. In this case, at least one flll will consist of a converter of the
type described above. That is, it may act as an acoustic transmitter as well as r [yz (, only as the
metamorphic device r2 * 饗 receiver described above. According to another [sigma] feature of the
present invention, these [sigma] no variations V! The lamp liquid is contained in (V) container 9
via am +, the FF is attached to the FF at the opposite position on the diameter of the container, Q)
f converter a container, for example, guiding the liquid, Because the diameter willow earth is
provided in the 4th tube, it will be possible to monitor the entire vapor bubble for the entire
cross section of the volume in principle VLl sound @ sound transmitter S in (-AC used 8E used in
charge child The good luck of time, for example, sine waves can be given. However, since
transmission of vibration from the transmitter to the receiver is related to @ wave number and
habituation, it is difficult to obtain a constant σ output 1 [l 1 l E k at a constant σ) frequency. 6)
Another α) feature of the present invention, which can shift the excitation frequency and form
an intermediate value tl over a predetermined frequency range @ VL, thereby compensating for
the error. If Vt Ek lasts the morning until the acoustic receiver (it is advantageous to excite the
acoustic transmitter with a small U or VJ pulse compared to the / J transit time, in this way the
acoustic receiver σ) There is no r2 cancellation at 3p due to interference. According to another
embodiment of the invention σ, according to another embodiment, the coil 4 of the converter
acting as an acoustic transmitter, relay spoofing is transformation t? It is recommended to
connect to a condenser that is left alone. In order to detect gas and vapor bubbles r in the liquid,
C) Absorber Qy 汐 1 Defined, it can also be carried out with 噌 -α conversion 詮. This σJ is
therefore another feature of the present invention VC based on a short and strong pulse excited
at a rate of n%, the unit's 77 working-period, ie its output capacity 8 E E ノ I li 哀 5 hours 3111
This is true. Since the fade-out process is changed by the bubbles of gas-poor steam existing near
the converter Qi, this rate is 7x, which is the basis of the amount of bubbles of gas or vapor. .
2, the scope of claims
The present invention will be described in detail by way of embodiments shown in the drawings.
There is a core 3 気 magnetostrictive device made of a ferromagnetic material made of Il r air
noise 4 F gg in the first dimension. Since the core 3 seslit is provided, two 071 cords 9 are
formed, and a coil 4.5 is wound around the batt 9 of the straw. These Q and 3 coils 4.5 are
connected in series. It is η-de-willow of the coil coil 41,5 of the front station coil stored in the
pipe headed towards the 6th floor. Magnetostrictive vote child thick bottom 2! 1ll-v 1 v This can
be inserted into the tube 9) as illustrated in FIG. In order to prevent it from becoming stuck in
this tube, it is hardened ft with a cladding tube bottom 2 (27 lower end 7- and upper W11Q,) a
guide 1 "blow 8 cesterite or the like. f When used in a converter boiling solution, in order to
ensure that the generation of air bubbles in the bottom does not stop Vh, the cone 1 formed in
the bottom of the crucible 1 Similarly to the vessel 0, it has a core 22 made of ferromagnetic
material housed in the cladding tube 21. For example, four longitudinal holes 23 are provided in
the core 22 and a dummy portion 27 is formed between the t1% and the like so as to be Vshaped. Team part 27i 'ttff two coils 24. 25 are provided, and force et al. Q No coil 24. 25 as in
the embodiment of FIG. V formed from Depending on the number of holes and the number of
coils accompanying it, depending on the size of the core 22, the case of a 16 Iul core, 4 'holes
and 2 coils are sufficient. In this case, the number of turns a of each coil is about 10, but for
simplification (shown by σ 2 in the drawing for V / J). If the converter is small and actually
made or if the fixture is qJ, the diameter of the converter is tff1ts ~ 18 + ut. Vt to detect noise in
liquid, '! "Converter 0 can be dipped directly into the liquid (l). The lead wire is placed in the
upper-side cladding tube, so it is unnecessary for its pushing and mating EndPage: 3 soft parts. In
the embodiment of FIG. 1, when used as an acoustic receiver, sound pressure is transmitted from
the bottom g2 mainly, that is, in the direction of the core 3Vc axis, and the pigeon of the
embodiment of FIG. The core 22r (radially V (transmitted in the radial direction V (transmitted in
the radial direction) is mainly transmitted from the gap v1q and Wi8). The sound of the abovementioned, that the magnetic flux change generated by the magnetostriction principle from K in
this case is 1 jll characteristic f in this case 1 jll characteristic f Very low 9 frequency design for
receiver rIW contact point resonant frequency?
For example, in the case of liquid sodium, it is possible to measure sounds and pressures of 1 N
/-or less in the range of 0, i to 1 [10 kHz] because it can be determined very high. 'This addition
as 72LrLs acoustic transmitter be obtained f 換器Ri structure Keg - can also be used as a sound
餐 receiver. In the case of an acoustic receiver, it can be applied to enhance the sensitivity of the
imaging coil 4,5 to 24.25Vc. If a stress of 1 m or so is applied to these coil cores 3.22, the coil r
(in the coil is rC so that the resulting electrons are added to the coil, as shown in FIG. In FIG. 1, a
punctuation device shown in FIG. 12.13ζy converter, while +2 J is a backscattering transmitter
120, and AC sleepiness is supplied from a one-shot searcher 16. The other is the (l) converter
131 'J sound 輯 receiver, and its output decay 8 E is amplified by the amplifier 17 and displayed
by 1 display 1 day, fi, In both (lJ conversion fm 12,13, the bubble of the vapor is uneven, the
foam control liquid 1 is inserted through the pipe 8 & L, N, rod 10.11i through which the liquid
19 penetrates. This rod 10.11. +1 can be supported by a clamping device (not shown) or by
means of a single contact. Liquid to body 19r [eg liquid sodium. Contact i-rod Q, J length 0. The
converter is determined on the outside VC / provided by the wBQi thermal insulator 2o. The
transducer is supported and fitted with 14.15. The above described poor C% sound φ
transmitter 12 acts to supply the vibration tiJI receiver 13 via the connection rod 11 with the
liquid 19 in the connection rod 10 ° v8 and the tube 8Q). Since the liquid 190 absorbs some
acoustic energy according to the gas content FC of the liquid 19, the amplitude of the output
signal of the amplifier 17 determines the content of +2 J gas in the liquid 19? ! -Can be
estimated. A diagram of a pulse cochlear pulse used as the fourth @ Htr1 oscillator 16 is shown.
For example, a 220-volt penalty source is supplied to the terminal R and the terminal p. A
condenser (in the case of an 11 rI positive half wave, the reactor 72, Drl and IF, and light to the N
unit are connected to light 9). When the capacitor C1 reaches the Zener diode 'h2Qt Zener IIIER,
* fM flows through the Zener diode N2 and the Syrinuta T1 is ignited. That is, it is weighted
through the primary winding 41 of the capacitor c10 or M8E.
The secondary winding l # of the love pressure device M1 is connected to the coil W1 of the
transmitter 12. In this coil W1 coil, a coil W2rL, a force groove 71 shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. In
order to separate in the order of the winding god order, π is used. ll″yクトル
Dr11ffサイリスタTi6! After J points, the city has a purpose to limit the current
situation in Kashiwa City. ツェナーダイオードN20. Pulse City 8 EkT! ! I 't', W pressure UJF '@
Vt no-turning? (See. The coil W1 / C of the transmission 412-よ う name of the city of Parnu 8
EO 5 ク distortion so that the friend transmission 龜 12 f nokoa 5.22 acts to spread. Core 5, 22
Support device 14μ, support slaughtering, connecting rod 10 Give an 8μ pulse. The pulse
sound squeezed by the liquid 19 to the receiver 15 L 了 L22 'VC transmission name, ノ sound
board reception 1b 150 and then V (mechanical stress is right til. This コ イ コ イ]] invites this
coil 1'iM'2 (fifth bite) / C lamp Oda. A receiver 1 '5QJ conil W2 is connected to a zero noise input
Co micrograph EndPage: 4 commercially available amplifier. In this case, the input resistance can
be increased by using the small coil resistance 1'j matched amplifier of the acoustic receiver to
increase the sensitivity in Figure 5? ': I or 21 amplifier Q, an embodiment is shown. Via the coil
W2 Krff resistance R, 1'4 of the acoustic receiver 13, a bias W1 flow is provided which produces
the necessary bias for the core C. Alternating voltage t 'Xh ground Mitter 29 (b transistor Ts1...
Generated by the receiver 13 in the coil W2). It is amplified by Ts2c. These transistors are
adjusted by the duty IIF one lighting negative feedback resistors R, 2, B and 3. コンデンサ
(’2. C5, carr high-pitched filter? -One faded costume in faded time in Fig. 6! α, conversion
false coil W2. It consists of the amplifier 17 described above, and also a 1FllEt-sweat diode N3
smoothed by a capacitor C3fC. Furthermore, this diode is limited to another diode N4QJ
threshold value II8: QJ height by means of the resistor B24. Therefore, constant electrons are
generated until this circuit (/ J output terminal 91 W coil W2 induced) reaches the minimum
value Vt. In the steamed vs'a gas bubbles in the slip stock liquid, this 9J is constant, and the time
for the king to form V and reduce the time to V
4. Brief description of the drawings First plan One embodiment of the present invention # fll? ! Show also distortion acoustic attenuation device or transmitter qJ longitudinal cross-sectional
view, drive 2 figure field yz; b 施 Example showing M4 distortion acoustic reception ^ or
transmission device (/) longitudinal cross section, Fig. 3 mouth liquid 4 is a block diagram of the
detection 1 of the gannus or the OM gas 3 bubble, the fourth plan view 1 'or the FIG. 2 111 +
acoustic transmission 6 (/ J pulse generation σ) circuit 17 J schematic diagram, 45: Circuit Q for
amplification and evaluation of the output signal σ of the acoustic receiver based on FIG. 1 or
FIG. The King's Fade, Out Time & J Measuring Circuit 9J With Lloyds. 1.21 "... Coated tube, 3.22
... ferromagnetic failure completion = 4 * 5t2'l + '25. '27 · · · · · · · (-6118) agent patent attorney
Tomimura, · nose, ~ EndPage: 55, list of documents f ζ j documents (1) request duplicate 1 (2)
specification Pl 1 (3) drawing 1 (1) Delegation-One letter each (5) Priority certificate and 8 copies
one sentence each (following) EndPage: 7 Warning: Discontinuity of Page
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