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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a conventional speaker
stand and FIG. 2 is a perspective view of a mounting bracket which is a component of the
conventional speaker stand. 3 and the following show one embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 3 is a perspective view of a speaker stand, FIG. 4 is a longitudinal sectional view of the
speaker stand, and FIG. It is explanatory drawing of each case attached. 1 7 珂 ′ '-10-real
opening sO-93 140 (2) (口 → (no \)-102-
[Detailed description of the invention] V! "Considering the specification O name Speaker stand 2
Utility model registration 01111 Upper INK concave ridge part is formed, and a long hole-like
part is formed in the central KFi longitudinal direction of the ridge part, A speaker stand
characterized in that the horn certificate speaker O-moving part is placed on the upper surface,
and the driving part of the rod is attached by a member using the elongated hole part. The idea
of aotllllrtkm ming c is used to improve the speaker stand O, which is used in cases where a horn
or a speaker (Tweime et al.) t-1 is used or a table Kll is used. The horn 臘 speaker is very unstable
when mounted on a straight II middle javelin; net or hinge because the posture lIK and the horn
portion have a round shape with a side slope. p, there is a risk that even a little vibration will
make you go down. In this case, usually, the speaker stand becomes necessitating to be placed
stably. The first ml is the horn 麿 speaker to which the conventional O speaker stand is attached,
and the fitting hole (2a) of the dispersion A life previously attached * n to the lower surface of the
horn 臘 カ ロ カ ロ ′ 厘 IO 部 portion, 菖 2 In order to fit the tip of the base metal fitting (2) in
the shape like and easy to place it on a cabinet etc., the inner diameter of the Horn company
speaker IF is also adjustable wIAK. In this mounting bracket (2) and the speaker base consisting
of the base metal A, the plating force at the O fitting portion Km is weak, the external force
changes the speaker 0IIIl to a volume 11 by external force, Even if it has been done a little, or
even if it is a little OIl, the direction is immediately changed, and it is not extremely unstable or
not 9, and the strength is required to be very large t11 at the sI joint portion, so the material O
cost is high Repetition, structure is also unexpected to keep stable It becomes coarse. This device
is made to the point as described above, and the purpose is to be able to place the grave round Ohorn 臘 speaker etc. in a stable and good condition, a hot-speaker Kto ru who provides a
platform, lj3tTK ,! . □。 -□ @, referring to IllIl 1 MT. 14+ is a CO speaker base, formed in a
substantially box-like shape, and O over II (4 m) is in the form of a 彎 -like shape in which the
center S is recessed, and its longitudinal direction Ka flame elongated hole iC4a ·) aN * Mouth 1i
(4a) 0 longitudinal direction IIs ヱ: 'jllIC41)) is formed at one end corner and a central S is not
formed. It is made of synthetic resin and can be molded integrally. Next, to this speaker stand
141, horn source Sbi caro) t-attack and explain in each case-First, Ho / 鳳 speaker 11K # i, its
drive □ 1 K (1 m) () M-R II K screw If the hole (1 & i) is shaped jilEL te) <g-$ 15 8 11 H) u, *-yll
(lb) will be facing upward. Mount Kl [1m (1m) so that the horn section (1b) of m) is on the upper
side of 駿 蕩 (4b) ° Drive the ski!
(La) 0 screw hole (1a +) K screwed, and 1-'""-"4 is formed in -7". The mounting screw is located at
the front end of the long hole (4 m +) (). Set the CO base gold, Ne y 厘 speaker tUa, its behavior Ill
(1 m), with the speaker stand-C on the upper side (4 m) with C% job) 1 point with screw-1 with
rear end face Point, 2 point contact at the front end edge, firmly fixed. In the case where the horn
11 (1k) is mounted in the right lateral direction (→ in the case where the horn 11 (1k) is installed
in the horizontal direction), the screw 9 is tightened at the central portion of the long hole (4m +)
e of the speaker stand wheel. In the case of giving a job 9 to go under 11 5fliF 'HXs under the
rat, the horn 藝 (All) is the speaker stand-j jlII (am)! ! The lower pipe meat (which is located on a
rope and is not easily fooled by its speaker stand (4) itself. The above is one example of the O
device, h ゐ, IIIK III 1 考 案 speaker stand, for example, d in the longitudinal direction at
appropriate intervals using rod members of Daikichi as appropriate! All the above pictures can
also be used. In this case, it is not necessary to make a long hole and the mounting screw can be
tightened, and the front Il corner end of the drive portion (1 &) of the front horn speaker 11 and
the rod of the rod member The installation is very stable at O, and the installation is very stable.
The method is as follows. The screw rod is attached to the bottom of the driving part (1 m) of
horn sleeve * 111 beforehand. It is also possible to lock in the speaker stand icth ′ ′ ′ ′ ′
′ ′. As "*" * y @ is "°", mounting to the speaker base is quickly performed as "t 1 A. IEK J" i I i
"" 1 HI tea * o 彎 sat: unl. Also, it is possible to use a large 1 □, □ as a wedge-shaped III-shaped
portion in the longitudinal direction. 1) As described above, as above O, WKII * O 彎-郁 is formed,
and Oi-No is formed with a #i long and long square-walled long hole-like Ill. The speaker of the
horn 鳳 speaker can be mounted on the O speaker stand O (mounted, and a long hole can be
used and attached with a tightening at material as far as it can be attached, the horn 枢 speaker
pivots Ig (1 m Iimlie 2 A (Steel holding 15tL, 41% BJO attachment) is stabilized, and the vertical
angle of horn 蕩 can also be fixed by changing the position of the tightening member in the O
slot. lllll lOii is fully achieved even O o · Also, by forming at least one corner in the longitudinal
direction wio w speaker @ o w w @ at least one corner central WK @ missing part 111 (acid part)
p% play-no-track speakers in the lateral direction Can be held stable.
A simple m-light 111111a conventional oxt- * base sm 211 on the 4s plane is a perspective view
of a base fitting O # that is a component of a conventional speaker base. @S-The following shows
an embodiment of the ζO device, ll5sIlI is a perspective view of the speaker stand, 籐 4 is a
longitudinal sectional view of the speaker stand,! Is is a symbol · · · · · · (H) 取 attached the
speaker to the speaker stand] in each case O theory □ is an illustration. □ □ utility model
registration applicant Pioneer Corporation, Ki agent Shu Yu wet field '· ·' 42 knee 'f: j · to -1 u' 'yo
□] 22 n' = 1 'u (' '4 (1 + (jLiJL) 佳 4 °, 4a song track → 1. a1a03 ':: "71--y: yK,% # (a) one-piece Y
self Ia + dovetail (mouth →: 111 :: (ha) 1 lb----pa ° 1 ■ □ 93 140 / * utility model Registered
applicant Pioneer stock group 41 generation ゝ All field show fist, 5 5, -4 □ ~,-\ \ 11 address
change notification 1 s 4, 4 ^ Showcase of the Patent Office Secretary Saito ei am 9 肱 1 case t1p
year Application for registration of utility model JII 7 p 7 p No. 2 Name of the device 4 person 1
43 relationship with the case where the address was changed Applicant Old address Tokyo
Metropolitan Ota Ward Omori Ward 4-15 15 No. 5, 'l' e “Pa” Meguro-ku, Meguro-ku, Meguroku, 1-chome, No. 4 (501) Pioneer Corporation
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