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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an enlarged perspective view showing an
example of a conventional pickup, FIG. 2 is an enlarged longitudinal sectional view showing an
example of the pickup according to the present invention, and the third is the present invention.
FIG. 4 is a schematic perspective view showing another example of the cantilever according to
the present invention, and FIG. 5 is a schematic perspective view showing another example of the
pickup according to the present invention. FIG. 3 is a piezoelectric element, 11 is a cartridge, 14
is a cantilever, 14b is a cantilever, one free end, 15a, 151) is a conductive thin layer, 16 is an
insulating layer, 18 is a ground lead, and 19 is an out lead It is. Fig. 1 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 1 · · · · 1
50-99. 02 (2, ') Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 5-4
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present discussion, II #, relates primarily to
piezoelectric pick-ups that can be paired with video disc gold. First, prior to the description of the
present invention, an example of this type of pickup that can be swept away by the craftsman of
Motoichi will be briefly described. 1st TgJ This is an enlarged documentary showing the point Ill.
1 Kk, +1) # # i pickup as a whole, f 21 is a strip elastic piece) cantilever, (3) its IIN は? ! IKQ et al.
(1 photo-piezoelectric element, this piezoelectric element, 3) is, for example, a charge of nickel
W11 $ 1 (5 m) and (5 b) Because it is coated, (6) is a thousand-second-shaped diamond stylus
joined to the lower surface [(511) 1 1 1) 夛, (bird) is that city! (5b) A ground-side lead wire that
can be drawn out by soldering, (Protect) indicates an out 1 lead 1 extracted and extracted from
the f pole (5 a) on the upper surface, respectively. king! If the market pole (5b) of the dumplings
(3) and the stylus t6) are used, and one complete hardenable wood material is used, it will be
coated with epoxy resin, and further KFE'fW, element 1.3). Including the free end W6 (2a) and
the base of the stylus 16 with the plane of (5 硼) and the cantilevers (of the 21: v1 end (2a) and 1 spacing apart), The whole of the piezoelectric element 3) is cut and surrounded by a semihardening insulating resin or the like. 8) is the molded body. By the way, such a king one-element
type pickup 1 (bin, make a groove on the rotary disk with a stylus 16) to make a strange tray
song, and to change its ¥ R 変 by the piezoelectric element 13) K. The lead is introduced into the
regeneration system by means of an earth-lead machine (m) and an external lead <Jt> K. For this
reason, it is necessary to introduce the above-mentioned electric signal to the regeneration
system 1, and it is also necessary to connect the other ends of the lead machines (J,) and (J,).
Therefore, if it is possible to derive the signal of the piezoelectric element j field by using the
cantilever 2, it is extremely useful to reduce the number of operation steps. It is already known.
The object of the present invention is to remedy such a drawback, and it is intended to supply the
electric signal of the earth lI and the electric signal to the regeneration system of the device
through the punch and par. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described with reference to
FIG. 2 with reference to FIG. The same reference numeral m is attached to the corresponding part
of the second rlll C * and the 1151, and the duplicated explanation is omitted.
11 shows the pickup as a whole, 1 嬬, and this Vitter-Up +1) is built by integrally forming the
piezoelectric element +34 and the stylus (6) etc. with semi-hardening @ green tree 11 w + 81
such as an epoxy resin etc. Kyf & / A ′ ′ f 14 () @ 11 (1 “) 1 ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′
′ 07 ‒ 5-of the 9790 carts that have been installed and equipped with a damper fi! Support
from IK. 幡 indicates a spacer. A spring with a thickness of 60 to Ton (15 *) (15k) made of a thin
figure (3 [made and its 2 upper and lower layers are conductive thin layers, for example, 9 ru)
For example, the middle layer is made of epoxy resin or the like and has a temperature of 820 to
50 Jl. For example, as shown in FIG. 1113, the method of manufacturing such a cantilever a 接着
is bonded using the aforementioned thin 9 g um-spring material, 材 (17 m) and (17 b) IL such as
a curable epoxy resin. This layer is a fine layer to which the resin can move up. After K * is
completely cured and the three layers are integrated, it is obtained by K * ing to the required
medium size, eg. If such a method is adopted, it is possible to make a cantilever having a medium
size and 3 layers) as a harmful bird and 11 in quantity. The free end (14b) of the cantilever α ◆,
the piezoelectric element I and the stylus (when joining with the pole, the electrodes (five
sections) and the free end II (14k) As described above, the semi-hardenable epoxy resin MK) as
described above, it is molded for 1 h, but in advance the electrode of the piezoelectric element
(Ssi (tb) K # i each has an earth noble, a ho; D-poles 111, one end of 111 is soldered, and these
call-pieces are pulled out to the mold Nll1 after mold body (8), and the free ends of these lead
pieces are respectively spring-loaded spring body (15霞), (15b) K solder. Thus, piezoelectric
elements (both types of power! The electrical signal of l 1 (5aχ (5b) can be derived by the
cantilever 1. As described above, according to the present invention, the structure of the
cantilever ◆ is different from that of the conventional single metal, and has a three-layer
structure in which conductive thin layers are formed on the top and bottom 1iIK of the insulator
OQ. Conductive thin layer, that is, the ground side drawn out from the electrodes (5 &), (5b) of
the piezoelectric element 43) on the spring body (15g), (15b), the out-score, solder the free end
of 090 Therefore, the cantilever (I4 can be made a part of the signal circuit.
In addition, since the width dimension of the cantilever 1 is large with respect to its thickness
dimension, lateral deflection in stylus tracing can also be regulated. The fourth threshold shows
another example of the cantilever according to the present invention, and this cantilever 121) is
made of an insulating material such as epoxy and the like, and the upper surface K of the
insulator ■, eg, beri, ram-steel (8 μ'μ # 5 alloy A spring body η consisting of (goods) made of
insulating material and bonded. In this case, the width dimension of the cantilever is, for example,
0.2 m and the thickness dimension company 80 s to 130 J1 degree. The fifth south shows
another example of the pickup according to the present invention, and the pickup (a) of this
example is each lead ridge αυ derived from the electrodes (5s, 5b) bonded to the upper and
lower surfaces of the piezoelectric element 131. , A! After the free end of J is as close as possible
to the piezoelectric element +3) and the cantilevers e under spring e (15a), (15b) K soldered, the
electrode (5a) of the piezoelectric element (3) With the desired spacing from the face, the other
end (14b) of the cantilever (14) is fully corresponded, including the other end (14b), the base of
the stylus (6) and the lead @ 11.0 啼, for example a whole tube eg epoxy The resin (8) K is a
round one with a round shape. The structure of the pond is similar to that of the first
embodiment described above. On the contrary, it is possible to obtain the same effects and
effects as those of the above-mentioned embodiment of @ 1. I can tell you K. (Φ 1 鳳 9 夛 ゝ 、
1 Further, it goes without saying that various other configurations can be made without
departing from the spirit of the present invention without being limited to the above-described
example. Brief Description of the River Surface No. 1-shows an example of a conventional pickup, and Fig. 82 shows a main part enlarged longitudinal sectional view showing an example of
the pick-up according to the present invention. Figure 4 schematically illustrates a rod-like
enlarged perspective view, Fig. 4 a line-wise enlarged perspective layer showing an example of
the cantilever of the invention according to the present invention, and a fifth flash shows an
example of a main part enlarged longitudinal view showing an example of the place of the bitter
up according to the present invention -It is a figure. 13): Piezoelectric element, a rare cartridge:
α ◆: canna lever, (14b): free space of cantilever, (15: hot), (11b): conductive thin layer, row 1
edge 1, pole: earth contact纏, 111 is the out l ダ ー t 啼. ; Utility model spine applicant Sony
Corporation Inc. substitute 昏 ((7); B! ! Ward, r, paste warmth ~ 8 ~ 1 9 e 91 ~ 72 · 綜 number n ,.
0, I agree. F Q: Perspiration f! Chida · · ·-first issue · 5 劉-+ N \ ward <2 · *, v 77 '-· · · · ·-1 recitation
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