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3 Patent applicant address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Oda Kadoma address 1006 Name
'(582) Representative of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Shoji Matsushita 4 Agent 〒 517
Osaka Kadoma city Osamu Kadoma address 1006 ■ Japan Patent Office 0 51-32602
specification 1, name of the invention
Converter for video disc cartridge
3, Detailed Description of the Invention The invention 紘 Video disc playback cartridge k. A
conversion base to be used, which is related to the shape of a piezoelectric ceramic, for example,
is a turtle which is intended to provide a conversion element excellent in mechanical-electrical
conversion efficiency. A video disk record in which a television video signal and an audio signal
are recorded as a mechanical signal, it is inevitable to miniaturize the track width and miniaturize
the track width as the reproduction time is extended. At the same time, depending on the
difference of the side system in the reproduction frequency band が recording, an appropriate in
band of 1 usually between 0.1 MHg and 10 MHz is selected. The cartridge used for normal
hoarse;-On the reproduction frequency of the cartridge in the do-Since it is 隈 紘 100 KHs @
degree, the cartridge company in the above reproduction differs from the conventional
configuration #i. The stylus that reproduces such a frequency band and the mechanical-electrical
conversion device are self-contained within this required frequency band! It is well known that it
has no mechanical electrical resonance frequency. Fig. 1 a9b shows an example of the cartridge
for video playback and the configuration thereof. In the figure, 1 is a video disk record. Stylus% 2
to be fitted to the record groove 紘 a conversion element for converting mechanical vibration
given through the stylus 1 into an electric signal, 8 is an adhesive for bonding the two, 4 is an
elastic property for the conversion element 2 Elastic support to be supported? It is bonded to the
deformable element 2 or less by the adhesive 6 at the supporting body and also fixed to the arm
7 by the adhesive 6. This 5iia 紘 Curve EndPage with the above-mentioned ご 構成 Page: 1 Page
Page Page Page Page Page に 関 す る に 関 す る に 関 す る セ セ セ 9 9 9 以下 以下 9 Do. Fig.
2a takes the shape of the large-size one-cylindrical plate of the conversion element 2 and
measures the diameter, thickness and thickness of one identical material at a constant value of
the # vibrational wave number of which element. It is an example. In FIG. 6A, ten companies have
set piezoelectric materials 11 and 12 companies, for example, electrodes which are sufficiently
thin as compared with the thickness τ as in the case of vapor deposited electrodes, and
polarization processing is performed between elements 10 and electrodes 11e12. Fig. 3 awb is
an example of the case where the conversion element is in the form of a square plate, which is
measured under the same conditions and processes as in Fig. 2. Here, 16 represents a
piezoelectric ceramic material-13, 14 electrode. The frequency band may be selected to a
frequency equal to or less than the resonance layer wave number 1i1. t
Here 21i Ib and K. FIG. 3 b K shows the critical shape of the above element for the respective
upper frequency limit. As apparent from the figure, the shape is extremely small and has many
manufacturing difficulties. The processing line in the form of a cylindrical plate at 41 is nearly
impossible with conventional piezoelectric ceramic processing technology. Therefore, in general,
a mineral square pillar 8 is used. O FIG. 4 afb is the gate of the cartrief 6 of the embodiment of
the present invention. In the figure, a glass pipe 21 as a 2O support arm is an adhesive for
bonding the ceramic arm 23 and the arm 20 of the kernel. The element 2s has electrodes 22924
on its main surface-it is polarized in the direction of thickness T between the electrodes 22 * 24,
and further has electrical output terminals 27 * 2a. Then, the stylus 26 is adhered by the
dynamic element 2sK11 and the conversion element 26 is configured. In the above configuration,
the glass pipe 20 is set so that the mass of the adhered nine parts is sufficiently small relative to
the ceramic element 2a, and the contour resonance of the pipe 200 cylinder at 4I is sufficiently
large as that of the ceramic element 2a itself. Do. The weight of the style 2 # 26 #i is set
sufficiently smaller than that of the ceramic element 23. Further, when the mass of the lead wire
27 m 28 is made smaller than that of the ceramic element 23, it becomes clear from K that the
lowest resonance frequency of this cartridge can be made almost equal to that of the ceramic
element 23. In this state, the ratio doff of the electric output to the mechanical power when the
ratio of the thickness T to the side of the square surface of the electric element 23 is changed as
shown in FIG. The best conversion is shown when the ratio of the two is equal to the ratio of the
frequency constant N of a rod with a sufficiently small cross section to the frequency constant Ns
of a sufficiently thin square plate, that is, T / L = N, / NB. It became clear. Moreover, it was clear
that it is practically preferable in the category IB represented by the following formula. 0, 7 Nas /
N 8 'T / L' 1-4 N 337 kJBm-***-@-1 As described above, the present invention is adhered to this
element in comparison with the piezoelectric ceramic element used. When the mass of the wheel
is selected to be sufficiently small, it is possible to obtain a cartridge having a very high
conversion efficiency, as compared with the case of using a square-pillar-like ramic element to
observe the shape shown by 弐). In addition, by using an element having a shape shown in the
formula 1, in its allowable shape shown in FIG. is there.
4. Brief description of the drawings FIG. 1 asb is a front view and a side view showing one
configuration of a video disc record reproduction cartridge, FIG. 2 and FIG. 3 a and FIG. A graph
showing the relationship between a ceramic element formed into an inherent plate shape-square
column plate shape and the diameter D (−side L) and thickness T when the resonant shoulder
wave number of the element in this shape is constant, 4 and the plan view, and FIG. 6 is the
change in the ratio b @ f′′f of the ratio of the electrical output to the mechanical power in the
case of the round case by changing the ratio of one side of the square face of the ceramic
element of FIG. : 2--paring is shown in the figure Q1091g-251 · · · fist · fist dragon ramic element.
Name of agent Attorney Nakao Toshio Nakao or one person, () 911 Figure 112 Figure rtpm Itb)
Figure 3) IT (μM) (b) 4 vl J (a) (b) Figure 5 T / L EndPage: 36 Inventors and Agents Other Than
the Above (1) Inventor Name! 轟 韮 龜 11 Address same place (2) Agent address Osaka
Prefecture Kadoma city Ogata Kadoma 1006-4-EndPage: 4
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