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l · Name of invention ultrasonic transmission / reception ^ ■ Japanese Patent Application LaidOpen No. 51-39073-specification 1, name of the invention 1, name of the invention ultrasonic
transmission / reception tool
20 shots 1 person Affii Mf 102 crystal store / address (where) Japan Ferrite Co., Ltd. Name
convex convex MWtr etc 2) 49-11108 J [phase] Japan Patent Office
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention also characterizes the sensitivity
(hereinafter simply referred to as directional sensitivity) of the ultrasonic transmitting / receiving
tool at an equal distance which is shifted by 40 ° from the front sensitivity and the position of
the heel. Although there have been conventionally available material related to ultrasonic
transmitting and receiving tools (for example, Japanese Patent Publication No. 37-455, Japanese
Patent Publication No. 47-36419, etc.), a specific method for making the front sensitivity very
good, or directional sensitivity There is no mention of how to control An example of an ultrasonic
transducer using polarized piezoelectric ceramic as shown in a sectional view in FIG. 11 is one in
which a cone 4 is attached to the front of the vibrator ACOUST! C! AI、I!! NG Engineering
NBCBR Engineering NG) The reason for the complexity of the vibration system (the directional
characteristics of the ultrasonic signal emitted from the vibration body) is that, despite the fact
that the excitation signals have the same phase, EndPage: 1 where the displacement is in
antiphase on one side of the same oscillator, ie, the first purpose and (-good front sensitivity
characteristics (sensitivity over -60 dB / V / μbar), second purpose The front sensitivity
characteristic is suppressed to the conventional level, and the directivity sensitivity is increased
by 15 dB or more. In other words, to improve pointing sensitivity. A third object is to set the
directional sensitivity to 13 dB or more higher than the frontal sensitivity. For these purposes,
beautiful experimental samples have been prepared to provide the present invention. The
following figure will be explained in detail. As is well known, in ultrasonic transducer using
transducers such as ceramic, those having good transmission efficiency are compatible in that
they have good reception efficiency. Is described in terms of the reception characteristics, but as
a means for achieving the above three objectives, we first show in cross-sectional view the
ultrasonic transducer used in the embodiment in FIG. FIG. 12 shows the results of measurement
of the exterior fixture 2 having a board provided with holes in the front and the support fixture 3
thereof, using the measurement circuit shown in the diagram in FIG. On the basis of this
characteristic value, we will investigate the conditions of the exterior fixtures with a board on the
front mentioned above as a function. Now, a specific example for obtaining the frontal sensitivity
which is the first object, -60 dB / V / μbar (hereinafter simply referred to as dB) will be
described. An outer diameter 12% and a thickness 0.4 with an adhesive 7 having elasticity on a
base 8 made of an insulating material! The cone 4 is joined with the adhesive 1 to the front of the
diaphragm 5, and a vibrator provided with a polarized ceramic transducer 4 is joined to the rear
face, and then With plasticity lead, Tran, ie, B & K Co. (BRUEL & KJAKR) Co., Ltd. Oscillator B,? To
obtain each characteristic, add O よ 送信 コ ン デ ン サ コ ン デ ン サ 送信 コ ン デ ン サ コ ン デ
ン サ コ ン デ ン サ コ ン デ ン サ に 整合 「Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω.
In this method, the base characteristics, that is, the characteristics in the bare state without
attaching an exterior tool 2 'S3, etc. were obtained as shown in FIG. This characteristic value is
only 1 514 B in front and 1 73 dB in directional sensitivity. The characteristics for the case
where the hole diameter of the disc (hereinafter simply referred to as φ and the writing <−) =
2λ as shown in FIG. 11 in this material is compared to the naked ones with <−56, 5 dB as
shown in FIG. Can be improved by 4.5 dB. Next, for φ> 2λ, no significant improvement in the
characteristics is observed. In particular, when the value of 裸> 3λ is large, the gap does not get
close to the naked characteristic. Characteristic curves in the case of φ = 1−λ and φ−1−λ
are shown in FIG. 4 as in FIG. From the results, the former shows that the 4.3 dB latter is
improved by about 1 dB about 0 dB. The second objective is to reduce the directivity
characteristics within the 5 dB width of the front sensitivity. If it is one 714 B, more than
directional sensitivity and one 65 dB. In order to obtain an ultrasonic transducer having the
above frontal sensitivity, it is necessary to take account of the above-mentioned φ as well as d in
the same figure, that is, the gap distance between the end face of the vibrator and the front face
1 of the disc. An example of the relationship with frontal sensitivity only has already been
announced (Electronicity. Ceramics VOL 2191 November 95x) has not announced “T 'h O * o 3
regarding directional sensitivity. Those that achieve this purpose are those with d = / and λ,
which starts as shown in FIG. 4 above. The frontal sensitivity is not less than the directional
sensitivity -65, 1 dB, and the polarity is shown in Fig. 52. 0EndPage: 2 frontal sensitivity-02, 4
CLB, directional sensitivity-68, 1 dB, and so on. 65, 1aB, and the difference with the directional
sensitivity becomes smaller, but the second purpose is not satisfied. The third goal is a
characteristic value whose lower limit is 3dB lower than the frontal sensitivity. That is, what
meets this purpose is set as the above-mentioned φ = λsd− / sλ. The frontal sensitivity is -
2 LaB, and the directional sensitivity is -68, 0 dB. Furthermore, the difference between
the front sensitivity and the pointing sensitivity is reduced, or conversely, the point that the
pointing sensitivity exceeds the front sensitivity is also determined. 03 First, φ = / λ d-/ λ, φ-/
λ (1- /, λ The difference with the frontal sensitivity disappears with 844 and the sensitivity is 1
73 dB, which is the sensitivity that can be practically used. Further, in the case where it is
designed as φ-ζ λ d =-λ, Fig. 9-71, 0 dB. Under the condition that ??-?, d =%? At the end of the
first input, as shown in Fig. 10, the front sensitivity is extremely deteriorated and is -74, 0 dB. It
is understood that it becomes difficult to put it to practical use.
As an example, the vibrator of the ultrasonic transducer described above is formed of ceramic in
the same manner as the cone and the resonance plate, but the same tendency is confirmed in the
bimorph type which does not use the resonance plate. Furthermore, in the case where a hole
other than a true circle is provided in a board, that is, for a hole formed by substantially two or
more types of φ, such as a polygon or a double circle, two or more objects of the present
invention It coincides with the case of polymerization and in the predetermined position space.
Also, on the implementation side, values for d are listed, but if it is set to φ, which is the
limitation of the present invention, it is free to select d. The ultrasonic transmitting / receiving
tool satisfying the first object of the present invention is about IQdB as compared with the
conventional type in the case where the transmitting side or the receiving side can freely turn its
direction to a predetermined direction. There is an effect that can be made high sensitivity. On
the other hand, if this first purpose transmitter and the third purpose one are used as a receiver,
that is, a general home television receiver with fixed receiver side, and the transmitter side freely
as a portable controller. It can be used for what the radiation angle of a sound wave is chosen.
The angle from the viewable front of the television often reaches 40 degrees or more, so the
third purpose, ie, a receiver with good directional sensitivity, is necessary. The remaining second
purpose is to supervise the room using ultrasound.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIGS. 1 to 10 show the reception sensitivity of the ultrasonic
transmitting and receiving tool according to the present invention. FIG. 11 shows an embodiment
of the present invention in a sectional view. 1 is an adhesive 2, an exterior tool 3 having a hole in
the front panel, an exterior tool support 4, a cone 5, a resonance plate 6, a ceramic transformer
3-7, an adhesive The agent 8 and the insulating base 9 indicate terminals respectively. · Fig. 12 is
a diagram showing the receiving circuit of the ultrasonic transmitter-receiver in a diagram. 0
Patent applicant Japan), Wright Inc. representative Yamanomoto Shinnosuke · EndPage: 324 Fig.
2 Fig. 3 Fig. 3 411 図 Fig.5 囚 6 (Axis off 1 コ δδEndPage: 4
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