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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of the pickup
according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is an enlarged longitudinal sectional view of the main
part of the same, 4 ° 4a is an elastic piece, 5 and 5a are spacers respectively , 6 is a
piezoelectric material, and 7'ts for reproducing. Figure 1 Figure 2-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a bitter-up for the
reproduction of high density mechanical brass discs, and in general, in the reproduction of disc;
The first groove fluctuates up and down. Moreover, in a high-speed disc record, the frequency
caused by the vertical fluctuation of the groove becomes very high, and the contact between the
playback needle and the hook is always constant i, the playback signal is disturbed, and
sometimes the drop There was a drawback that out-of-date occurred and information was
significantly lacking. In order to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks, the present invention
is intended to keep the contact state between the groove and the regenerating needle constant at
all times without the influence of the fluctuation of the vertical direction of the groove. This will
be described using FIG. 2 and FIG. As shown in FIG. 1, the present invention comprises a damper
(2), an arm +31. The elastic piece (4) (4 m), the spanner 51 (k), the piezoelectric material (6), and
the reproducing needle (7) are structured. One end of an arm made of a conductive metal such as
an aluminum pipe is elastically fixed to a base 111 via a damper 2 made of an elastic body such
as rubber. Therefore the arm (J can tilt in any direction and its tip can vibrate in any direction.
On the other hand, at the threshold of a smoke-like elastic piece (4) (41k) consisting of a thin i
plastic plate coated with a metal with good conductivity on the surface, a spacer (turning plate)
of equal thickness made of solid-insulating material These elastic pieces + 41 (0) are fixed in
parallel to form one vibrator. The elastic piece + 41 (4 m) Fi, a metal cylinder, or an elastic body
having conductivity such as a thin conductive plastic may be used. One end of the metal-coated
surface of the elastic piece (4) is electrically connected and fixed to the free end 4 of the arm (3).
On the other hand, electrically connect one electrode (-) of the piezoelectric material (6) to the
end B of the elastic piece (the elastic piece (4 m) facing the 4) opposite to the arm (3) of the
metal coated surface Fix it. The other electrode (6b) of the piezoelectric material (6) and one end
C of the metal-coated surface of the elastic piece (4) are electrically connected by a lead (8). The
playback needle (7) is firmly fixed on the piezoelectric material (8b) with a braided sword or the
like. The portion thus constituted by the regeneration needle (7) and the piezoelectric material
(6) is referred to as a power generation unit. The lead wire (9) is electrically connected to the arm
side end of the coating surface of the elastic piece (0), and is fixed to the arm (3) through a
terminal (or the like) made of an insulator.
I is a lead, which is electrically connected to the support end of the arm (31). The other (3) end of
the lead layer 191al is connected to the external head amplifier. Therefore, the common line of
the voltage generated by the piezoelectric material (6) is connected to the head amplifier through
the electrodes (@@ input terminal (8), elastic piece (4), arm (3), lead wire ■, The generated
voltage is sent to the head amplifier through the electrode (-), the elastic piece (4 m) and the lead
(-). In the present invention, by adopting a configuration such as the upper V, the damper (2) acts
when the frequency is low with respect to the vertical fluctuation of lll 111s, and the arm (3) tilts
and follows the vertical weir- Therefore, when the frequency of the up and down fluctuation
increases, the arm mass will move to the arm tip #i, and the vibrator consisting of elastic pieces
(lift (-) and spacer @ C1 will It deforms like a point chain and follows up and down movements of
a high frequency groove well, when the elastic piece (4) (sac) is parallel, so the power generation
part is in the original state. The contact angle between the groove and the regenerating needle
(7) is always one run, where the frequency of the vertical movement of the groove is low-in the
case of tracking by the arm declination The arm length is very long compared to the vertical
displacement of the groove 2) Because, the contact angle - of change is almost negligible.
Therefore, the contact angle d is always constant against any upward and downward movement
of the groove, and can always keep a good contact state without causing disturbance in the
reproduction signal, and the absence of information Ilt. It disappears. Since the elastic pieces 4)
and (41) operate to conduct electricity, it is not necessary to lead the lead wire to both electrodes
(611) and (6b) of the piezoelectric material, and it is difficult to move the needle tip due to the
influence of the stiffness of the lead wire. You can do nothing. The damping action can be
performed by injecting a viscous material such as oil into the space E formed between the elastic
pieces 14+ (4 m), and the urge to keep up and down the groove can be made still better.
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