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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view of a conventional
electromagnetic receiver, and FIG. 2 is a sectional view of an embodiment of the present
invention. 13 ----- tears elevational terminals, 13-0 ...... terminal mounting seat, E · · · Bankukaba,
14-0 ...... insertion accommodation hole, 14-1 ..... · Edge of the insertion receiving hole, 14-2 · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · outer rim of the back cover, 10 · · · · · ·. 11 昭 2 2-83-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is the construction of the
IIW handset KIl. Conventionally, the structure of this type of handset is as shown in FIG. 1, in
which 1 is a diaphragm, 2 # i armature, 5 is an inner @, 41-an inner bottom plate, 5 outer poles,
6 coils, 7 permanent Magnets, 8 permanent magnet ring rings, 9 external connected electrons.
10 frames, 11 back forces, <, 12 elil! It is a board. The configuration of the magnetic circuit is as
follows: -II + 0 of the frame 10 by superposing the inner pole bottom plate assembly in which the
outer pole 5, the coil 6, the permanent magnet 71 permanent magnet holding ring 8 and the
inner pole bottom plate 4 are crimped to the frame 10 As a result of caulking -a, the variation of
integrated dimension H of each part can not be absorbed, so q! r Parts are required to have high
dimensional accuracy, which is an expensive factor. tft diaphragm 1. The first exhaust chamber A
formed by the outer electrode 5 and the wall surface of the frame 10 and the second exhaust
chamber B formed by the inner electrode bottom plate 4 and the back cover 110 wall are
simultaneously formed by caulking the south 12-a of the heat retention plate 12 Since it is
configured, there is a need to simultaneously perform the pressing of each part at the end 12-a
clearance 12 of the protective plate 12 at the same time, and the like. For this reason, there is a
disadvantage that the process of connecting and wiring the lead wire of the coil 6 and the
external connection electron 9 requires man-hours. 2-The present invention provides a freestanding seed on the bobbin to solve all the drawbacks of the present invention provides an
electromagnetic receiver configured in # 1 that can simultaneously configure the magnetic
circuit and the second exhaust chamber B using the elasticity of the back cover It is The present
invention will be described in detail with reference to the drawings. Fang 2 is an embodiment of
the present invention, in the bottom plate 4 is to insert a terminal mounting seat 15-0 formed
with a bobbin 6-OK shadow in a pair of through accommodation holes 4-1 of the tiger pair,
Permanent magnet retention shown in Figure 1! ! External connection seed 9 which is not
necessary for the ring 7 and the freestanding tide arranged in the terminal mounting seat-> 15-0
instead of the back cover 1. And a dish-shaped back cover 14 for forming an acoustic chamber is
used, the other part 15-2 is an external connection part, and is integrated with the bobbin of the
coil 6 at one end 15+ of the self-standing insulator 15 The barb part Φ15-1 of the coil lead wire
of the four child 16 does not come in contact with the permanent magnet. At the center of the
seven-character insertion back cover 14, there is one insertion receiving hole + 4-0 in which the
feeder terminal mounting seat is inserted and received. The magnetic circuit is composed of a
frame + QK outer pole 5, a coil 6 integrated with the terminal 15, a permanent magnet 7 and an
inner pole bottom plate assembly in which an inner pole 51- ° is crimped to the inner pole
bottom plate 4 The outer edge 14-2t of the frame 10 is crimped with one steel portion 10-a of
the frame 10 so as to press the inner electrode bottom plate 4 by the edge 14-1 of the insertion
holes 14-0.
In order to absorb variations in accumulated dimensions due to stacking of the parts before the
back cover 14 is crimped, the gap between the outer edge 14-2 of the back cover 14 and the
caulking part 10-a of the frame 10 is suitable. Since the relative height of the inner edge 14-1
and the outer edge 14-2 of the back cover 14d is fixed to be able to be fixed, it is necessary to
deform the bottom of the pack cover 14 to form a magnetic circuit. Empowered. With such a
configuration, the dimensional accuracy of each component constituting the magnetic circuit is
relaxed, and the pressure contact force of the back cover 14 utilizes elastic deformation. Since
the permanent magnet 7 can withstand sufficiently without damage 2, the conventional
permanent magnet protection ring 8 can be used as a construction cost. Further, since the pack
cover 141 is a component of the magnetic circuit assembly, the second # air chamber B is
configured simultaneously with the magnetic circuit. 1AFi A simple 4-tolerated second exhaust
chamber B is formed outside the position of one child 15 and can be a self-supporting terminalcapable I-KFIIE of a bin. As described above, in the present invention, the bank cover is shaped
like a bowl having * in the center, and the elasticity of the back cover is used to simultaneously
configure the magnetic circuit and the second exhaust chamber. It is possible to reduce the
number of parts and to reduce the number of parts. And it is S that the price reduction effect is
large, for example, it can simplify knees.
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